Email Marketing Tools: An Emerging Marketing Strategy


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Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages and offers to potential customers. These emails often contain online catalogs, promotional offers, and advertisements for products and services provided by the business.

Email marketers often use email marketing tools to enhance the service of sending commercial messages. The use of these tools helps in speeding up the process of marketing through emails. The relevant information is automatically transferred into the tool, which then sends it out as an email. This saves time and effort that would have been otherwise spent on typing out the email itself.

Email marketing services enable businesses to send out emails to customers quickly and efficiently. A majority of these services also provide analytic reports that help measure the effectiveness and performance of certain campaigns and then make appropriate changes accordingly.

Email marketing services provide companies with a broader range of tools to make email messages more attractive and appealing to customers. These services can be custom-made according to the specific requirements of companies.

Email Marketing Tools

Marketers of all sizes use email marketing tools for different reasons. Some of them are given below:

1. Outlook Toolbars

The new toolbar allows marketers to access a wide range of Outlook Email functions, including tracking new emails and creating mailing lists.

2. MixMax

This is a new free email marketing tool that enables marketers to schedule meetings online with the click of a button from their Gmail or Google Apps accounts.

3. InboxAlly

It is an email deliverability tool. With InboxAlly, you can send mass emails without landing in a spam folder. The tool helps drastically increase the open email rate. Moreover, you can keep track of the engaged emails in real time.

4. PowerInbox

The tool helps in managing contacts faster by creating contact lists. It also provides information about the location of contacts through Google maps. It helps perform actions like translating emails, adding contacts to the Gmail mailing list, and saving emails as drafts.

5. GetResponse Email Marketer

This tool allows marketers to send email newsletters with an unlimited number of subscribers, execute A/B testing for creating effective email campaigns, measure the results of email marketing campaigns, and send transactional emails.

6. Active Campaign

The tool provides features like creating autoresponders quickly, managing contacts better with custom tabs for contacts, scheduling subscription forms online on websites or blogs, tagging subscribers based on their actions, and tracking conversions using Google Analytics, among others.

7. MailChimp

MailChimp provides many features, including sending automated welcome emails to new subscribers, creating landing pages quickly and easily, promoting coupons and deals on websites and blogs, designing customized email newsletters, and measuring the results through reports.

8. iContact

The tool allows marketers to design email templates with a drag-and-drop editor online without prior designing knowledge, schedule emails, and newsletters, and track and measure results.

9. Campaign Monitor

The tool provides features like sending transactional email messages to customers, managing contacts better by adding custom tabs for contacts, creating QR codes quickly, and creating HTML email templates that can be used on all devices.

Advantages of Email Marketing Tools

The main advantages of email marketing tools in business are listed below:

  • They allow marketers to send personalized messages to customers in their own words. It is an essential benefit of using email marketing tools.
  • Another significant advantage is that they save time and effort by allowing quick creation of emails, newsletters, autoresponders, etc.
  • Email marketing tools help track and measure the results of email campaigns before making changes to improve them further.
  • They also provide analytic reports about which marketing efforts result in increased sales and revenue, improved customer relations, etc.

With email marketing, a business can target the exact people who are most likely to buy from them, which is a huge benefit over other forms of advertising. If you want more success in your business, the use of email marketing tools is a must.

The convenience of email marketing tools makes them a valuable resource for marketers, who can use these tools to design and send emails to customers. Email marketing services provide companies with the required custom-made features based on the specific requirements of the company.

People nowadays prefer to receive information on their email address than through snail mails. However, business owners need to be careful while sending out emails and pay attention to legal issues like spamming.

Suppose the owner wants to get more capability for their business by using email marketing tools. In that case, he has to ensure that the tool provides features like sending transactional emails and managing contacts better, also, that it is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge.

Online tools can be accessed anytime and anywhere using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Thus they save time and effort for marketers, which they can utilize in other vital business areas such as customer service etc.

Email marketing tools also allow marketers to get immediate feedback from customers about improving products and services. If you are planning to use email marketing tools for your business, you may look for tools that allow marketers to design emails with editing software online (without prior designing knowledge), schedule messages, and follow the progress of campaigns through reports.

Final Words

In conclusion, email marketing tools save time and effort for marketers and provide them with several benefits. They allow marketers to personalize messages to customers in their own words, create emails, newsletters, autoresponders, etc., quickly, track the progress of campaigns, and get feedback from customers. In addition, they offer analytic reports about which marketing efforts are resulting in increased sales and revenue, improved customer relations, etc.

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