4 Ways To Upgrade Your Smoking Experience


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The effects of smoking cannabis concentrate pave the way for an ultimate experience that brings forth various benefits such as an awesome sensation, as well as a pain relief for others. There are various ways on how you can smoke your concentrates and in each of these methods, you can still further enhance your experience. This article lists down some of the ways on how you can upgrade your smoking experience.

Upgrade your Gear

  • Electric Nails

One of the primary things that you can do to upgrade your smoking experience is to level up your gear. For instance, if you are using a traditional dag rig, then you can enhance it with an electric nail. There are various types of electric dab nails for you to choose from. Some go for a quartz enail that quickly heats up. This proves to be beneficial if you intend to smoke and take a hit instantly.

There is also the option for you to go for a ceramic nail that tends to hold the heat for a longer period. Thus, you get to enjoy a longer time of use before you entail the need for a reheat. A titanium nail will give you the best of both worlds because it can heat up fast and in parallel, maintain the heat for a longer time. Titanium nails are also durable, which means that they last longer.

  • Electric Dab Rigs

Apart from electric nails, you can also consider getting an electric dab rig that will allow you to heat your nail using electricity.

Though they work like traditional dag rigs, the main thing is that the blowtorch is replaced by a battery. The great thing about e-cigs is that you can customize their temperature settings, allowing you to fully extract the key constituents in your dab such as the terpenes.


Apart from upgrading your gear, you can also accessorize thoughtfully to upgrade your smoking experience. In this case, you need to think about some of the accessories that should never be without your rig such as a dabbing tool. You can also consider the use of a grinder if you intend to smoke herbs.

Some other types of accessories will protect your piece from immediate wear and tear, as well as those caused by mirror shocks that can travel through your piece. These mirror shocks that are brought about when you put your piece down on a hard surface can cause hairline cracks within your pipe. In this case, a silicon mat is a great accessory that you can use to prevent this from damaging your gear.

Go for Lower Temperatures

Another thing that you can do to upgrade your smoking experience is to go for lower temperatures. While you may need to heat your nail until it is visibly hot, you still need to cool it down because the latter is likewise a critical part of the process. When you dab on an extremely hot nail, the concentrates usually combust, creating an unpleasant inhalation experience. In this case, you may encounter chest pains and even a loss of balance.

Maintain Clean Practices

Finally, make sure that you always maintain clean practices because this alone can already enhance your smoking experience. For instance, always use gloves to ensure that your concentrates are not contaminated. In case you choose to handle the wax with your bare hands, your fingers can become slimy or sticky, eventually contaminating the dab.

Additionally, make it a habit to clean your rig regularly because this will pave the way for higher-quality hits. You will also get a more flavorful and robust smoke with a clean rig. The best part is that if you clean your rig regularly, the cleaning process will be easier as you have less dirt to eliminate. The longer you keep from cleaning your rig, the more tedious the cleaning process will eventually be.

To upgrade your smoking experience, you can level up your gear or even accessorize thoughtfully. There is also the option for you to smoke at a lower temperature and of course, maintain clean practices such as wearing your gloves and cleaning your piece periodically. All these are geared towards ensuring that you garner a seamless smoking experience that is leveled up than your expectations.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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