Top Phone Plans for College Students in 2021


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Students do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on communication services. However, they often use the Internet and communicate on social media, so they need a lot of traffic per month. For such needs, special phone plans are needed. And today every student can choose the best one for himself.

Criteria for Selecting Phone Plans

A student phone plan must meet a number of criteria. Then it will be considered good and profitable. Here is a list of criteria:

  • Small monthly fee. Most students can allocate a small amount of money from their budget to pay for cellular services. The cheaper the better;
  • A large amount of traffic. Students need mobile Internet for study, listening to music, watching entertainment, and educational videos on the network. At least 3 GB is required for a month, but 10 GB or more is better;
  • Unlimited services. It’s good if the traffic to social networks and messengers is not wasted. It’s even better if you can watch YouTube videos and make video calls without restrictions. We can also add unlimited maps and mail to the list;
  • Few minutes and SMS. Modern students practically do not send SMS messages – their communication is concentrated in social networks. For calls, WhatsApp and Skype are most often used. Therefore, packages of minutes and SMS should be small so as not to pay for what the client will not use.

What are the 5 Best Phone Plans for Students in Year 2021?

Read below the information about the phone plans, consider the basic characteristics, and select the best plan for you.


In the US, the mobile plan FreedomPop includes 200 minutes, 500 SMS, and 500 MB of LTE high-speed internet each month. In Spain, the subscriber receives 100 minutes, 300 messages, and 200 MB. In the UK – 200 minutes, 200 messages, and 200 MB.

This traffic is enough to check e-mail and periodically correspond with friends through WhatsApp. But if you go online every day, and at the same time watch videos and listen to music, then you will need more data. All traffic in excess of the established limits will have to be paid separately.

In addition, FreedomPop offers unlimited calls and SMS within the country, free incoming calls from 60 countries, special promotions “Bring a friend and get free 4G traffic as a gift”.

Scratch Wireless

Scratch Wireless offers plans that charge you annual fees rather than monthly fees. Their smartphone data plan allows you to pay $ 89 per year to connect to Wi-Fi for voice, data, and text transmission. Scratch Wireless operates on the principle “Wi-Fi first of all”. This means that the operator relies on Wi-Fi for everything and switches to cellular only when Wi-Fi is not available.

Meanwhile, their cellular plan allows you to pay as little as $ 69 a year to get your device connected to Sprint’s network.

Red Pocket

Red Pocket Mobile is a California-based mobile virtual network operator. It has gained great popularity today due to the fact that it offers users affordable tariff plans for both text messages and calls. The operator supports networks such as GSM and CDMA. It also supports the most common networks in the US (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint).

Users can choose from 4 available monthly plans. 3GB of data and unlimited minutes and text messages costs $ 20. If you need more gigabytes, you can opt for a $ 30 package and get 10GB of data, a $ 40 package – 22GB, or $ 45 – 30GB.

Annual plans from this operator are also profitable.


MintMobile is a small cellular service provider operating on the larger T-Mobile network. As practice shows, its cellular data plans are particularly competitive among others, which is made available thanks to its unique pricing system.

The MintMobile plan gives users the ability to pay in advance for several months. You can choose to pay for three months, six months, or a full year of service, which is very beneficial and convenient.

MintMobile plans start with 4GB of data traffic. This is not a high figure, but you should understand that the operator offers the lowest price per month compared to other modern operators. You get unlimited conversations and text messages, as well as a mobile hotspot that will come from your monthly data limit.

Project FI

Project FI is a mobile operator from Google. Service prices start at $ 20 per month with payment for each gigabyte of data used. The $ 20 base rate includes unlimited on-net calls, unlimited messages worldwide, and low-cost international calls. Internet traffic must be purchased separately at $ 10 per gigabyte.

At the beginning of the reporting period, the user needs to choose how much data he intends to spend. If the actual expense turned out to be less than the planned one, then Google will reimburse him the cost of the remaining package, if more, it will add the cost of the data spent to the next month.

So, we have considered the top 5 best phone plans for students in 2021. Choose the one that suits you best and benefit from its use!

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