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Everyone would like to be the strongest player. Moreover, each of us is subconsciously sure that it will be so. But the game is dynamic, and while you are pumping, the rest are doing the same.

It is possible to become the strongest player. But, alas, only in theory. In practice, even if you succeed, on the same day, hundreds of other equally “smart” players will go to find out everything about you and the reason for your success.

It’s an endless chase that captivates every day, according to some reports, about 8 million people around the world.

Let’s get back to the heart of the question posed in the title, simplifying our goal a bit.

What will help us on the way to our goal of becoming a better WoW Player?

1. – Choose a class capable of killing any other class.

2. – Choose professions that can help us in this.

3. – Understand the talents and invest points optimally, depending on the style of play and characteristics.

4. – Rock the character to the maximum level.

5. – Dress him in top things and equip him with top weapons, hang the best spells, and insert better stones.

6. – Learn to squeeze everything out of your class.

7. – Deal with all other classes to know who and what can resist you.

8 – Use wow booster by to provide boosting of the wow services.

Choose a class capable to withstand any other class.

Unfortunately, many scold the balance, saying that it doesn’t exist, and it’s as if it can’t be, that the strange policy of Blizzard is to blame for everything, then someone will be uplifted, then someone will be nerfed. There can’t be a 100% balance of power between classes in this game. This is just unreal. These classes are too diverse, there have been too many patches since the game was released, and there are too many other opportunities for character improvements.

Due to the variability of the WoW, it is quite difficult to give an unambiguous answer to which class is an “imba”. The most universal advice would be to analyze all existing classes and consider their strengths and weaknesses, tactics of use, abilities, and all related characteristics. And, of course, a lot of practice.

Choose professions that can help us with this.

Any profession in WoW has bonuses that give a plus to the character.

From the miners:

  • Herbalism – the ability to heal yourself every three minutes.
  • Skinning is a plus for a critical strike chance.
  • Mining – increased stamina.
  • The rest:
  • Enchanting is a lot of pluses in a large selection of improvements to any armor, and any weapon, for all classes without exception.
  • Tailoring – Cloth clothing and linings for magic classes.
  • Blacksmithing – Mail and plate armor, melee weapons, and the ability to make a stone socket while wearing your gloves.
  • Leatherworking – leather and some chainmail armor. All kinds of overlays for armor and drums improve the characteristics of the whole group.
  • Jewelcrafting – stone statues that heal their creator, a bunch of gems, and other jewelry.
  • Alchemy – a huge number of different potions, elixirs, and tinctures. The effect for the alchemists themselves of elixirs and tinctures has been increased to 2 hours.
  • Engineering – various ingenious devices of dwarves and goblins, among which, of particular note, a large selection of bombs. Trinkets, flare guns for gloves, speed boots, mind control goggles, a parachute for cloaks, and gadgets are more for fun and convenience than aid in combat.

Based on all this, mining is more suitable for the role of professions for an “imba” fighter, since the results of all the others can be bought separately, if necessary. Exceptions are a socket under a stone at a blacksmith, a statue of a jeweler, and an engineer rocket launcher on gloves, as the best improvement on them to increase DPS.

Deal with talents and invest points optimally, depending on the style of play and characteristics.

The task is not easy, as there can be many options. But there is the Internet, and there is information. Good or not, by searching thematic sites about your class, you can find the most popular builds for PvE / PvP, and even separately those that can be used for faster and easier pumping.

Upgrade your character to the maximum level.

If this is your first character, you can only dream of the role of a cold-blooded killer of all living things. Finish it up, get a thousand other times with a rake of varying severity and sharpness on your head, explore the world, quests, factions, and all kinds of currencies, and learn to act more or less well in duels with other classes.

Dress the character in top items and equip top weapons.

Someone says that the best items, a gun for arena points, and top trinkets from new instances will not help a noob, but still, it is more difficult to kill an overdressed character than a green-blue one. Good items and weapons are the main goals of any player.

To find out what are the best things for their class, you can just scour the Internet for the presence of relevant sites and use them correctly. As a result, you will receive information – where, from whom, and with what chance, you can find this or that thing.

Learn to squeeze everything out of your class.

Without knowledge of your class and good practice, even the best sets may not be of much use, since any truly handy, albeit undressed character will have an advantage over you, thanks to a good reaction, the ability to take the course of the battle on himself and many other tricks that the guys from Blizzard have been working on for years.

Practice, practice, and more practice. Look for add-ons specifically for your class, among them there can be so useful that you will be surprised how you managed without them before.

Deal with all other classes to know who and what can resist you.

A curious player will immediately go to the thematic forums with the question of how to kill one class with some other class. Yes, this practice makes sense, but only for the very, very beginners. As a rule, such instructions only work in some ideal and abstracted from the real game conditions that you most likely will never see. That is why such practices often do not give you the desired result.

That is why we again have to return to the banal, but always effective advice – practice. Practice is your best and most reliable comrade on the battlefield.

Consider WoW boosting services from professional players

All of the above techniques and tips can help any player to achieve considerable success in WoW, but this does not negate the fact that this process will require a lot of effort and time from you.

Not every player has the opportunity to devote most of his free time to his favorite game.

Objectively, the easiest and most effective boosting method is to use boosting services from professional players.

The most important thing is to find a proven wow booster because scammers can just steal your money.

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Thus, the recipe for WoW success sounds quite simple: learn all the classes, choose and master the most effective profession, learn how to work with talents and points, upgrade your character and equip it, and also practice a lot. However, all this is easy only in theory, in practice, difficulties will await you at every corner. That’s why never forget about WoW boosting services. Boosting the WoW will help you get only the most exciting and interesting experience from the game, and will take care of all the problems. WoW booster by Leprestore is your trusty comrade in any challenge our favorite MMO can prepare. Good luck in battle!

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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