World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic: How long does it take to level in TBC?


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World of Warcraft is the first MMORPG game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The Burning Crusade is their first expansion model. Just like any other game, World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic TBC also has its own ranks and levels set up. Every TBC player naturally has the ambition to reach the highest level of rank. But do you know how WOW TBC power leveling works? Or how long did it take to level in TBC?

Relax even if you don’t know. Because we will give you TBC leveling guides here.

Let’s get started.

How much time does it take to reach level in TBC?

If you want to level up your character in WOW TBC without spending money, then you came to the right place. We will provide you the necessary information on how the TBC power leveling works. And how much time it will take.

So, without any further delay, let’s check it out.

Complete quests

It is very natural for every gamer to complete quests while playing a game. In fact, it is the most fundamental rule of every game.

It might take a lot of effort and time to reach the highest level of TBC by just completing quests. But it will give you a lot of experience through the journey.

Also, the majority of the TBC boosted characters don’t have strong gear and are weak in performance. Because they lack game-play experience.

So, by completing all the quests, you will be much stronger than them. And you will have the best gears equipped with you.

Learn profession

It is a set of skills that is concentrated on trading. A profession can greatly help your TBC leveling process. For example, if you are injured in the game, then you can use a first aid. Because you know it contains medical materials that are useful in an emergency situation.

You can also summon weapons and gears effectively or trade the collected materials in exchange for gold. You will get to know this information by learning professions.  

Form a group with other players

Forming an alliance with other players will reduce a lot of time & trouble for you. Generally, this will help you to get rid of enemies more easily and quickly.

Many quests are easy to complete by soloing but harder quests require partners to complete. Some players may be reluctant to form an alliance but it is beneficial for all the group members.

Because after completing a quest, all the members will receive an equal amount of rewards. You can simply group up with your friends or join a guild for it.

Go for dungeon farming

Dungeon farming with your group is another alternative method to boost up your character. But make sure your dungeon partners are dedicated and serious like you.

Also, make sure if they are willing to invest enough time in the game and are rightfully experienced in game-play. And it will be quite much to ask from an average player. Because sometimes even experienced players struggle to cope-up and choose to leave the alliance.

It happens because there is a huge difference between acknowledging the dungeon farming strategy and applying it effectively. It is also hard to maintain cooperation with other partners.

Speaking of time, in wow TBC it is quite easy to level up 60-70 by dungeon farming. It might only take you 20-40 hours to reach the level. But the time might vary because of a lot of factors.

Still, it is more effective than other TBC boosting methods. Dungeon farming also offers a good amount of gold and gear. That is really helpful to boost further.

Reduce time by using hearthstone

Playing in the burning crusade classic consumes more time than the modern world of warcraft. So, setting the hearthstone accordingly might lessen your precious time.

Sometimes quests can be wide and long to claim rewards, or kill enemies. This type of quest requires a long time and energy. And using a hearthstone will enable you to minimize the time while returning to the quest hub.

Kill enemies between quests

Leveling in TBC will take you on many long journeys. On the way, you might encounter a lot of enemies. Make sure to kill the random enemies if you get the chance. It might not give you a lot of experience but eventually, every bit of XP matters in the process of wow TBC leveling.


So, we’ve provided as much information as we could gather. We believe you understood the whole procedure of leveling up the burning crusade classic.

We have also provided information on how much time it might take to reach the final level (level 70). But you don’t have time and you want to level up as quickly as possible? Well, we also have a solution for that. Let us tell you the quickest method and actually how long it takes to level in TBC.

The answer is simple: spend as much money as you can. The leveling time will depend on the amount of money you are spending. It is like larger the amount quicker the leveling. So, we assume we could help you by providing this information.  

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