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Blockchain certifications help you learn blockchain technology and related specializations. Find more about the best blockchain certification courses for you now.

The journey of blockchain technology since its inception as the underlying technology for Bitcoin has been phenomenal. Many organizations, individuals, and governments have planned the adoption of blockchain to transform conventional business processes and systems. As a billion-dollar industry, blockchain could offer easy access to promising career development opportunities.

However, a blockchain certification could improve your career prospects by a considerable margin. You can explore many benefits of blockchain certifications, such as skill development and recognition by employers. The following post helps you find the top-rated blockchain certification training programs you must try in 2022.

Best Blockchain Certifications for Your Career 

The global blockchain market stood at almost $4.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach around $70 billion by 2030. Decentralized applications are gradually taking over the mainstream tech landscape, with DeFi solutions, NFTs, and the metaverse gaining momentum. Therefore, the need to learn blockchain is more about discovering the path to a lucrative career in blockchain. You can make the most of career benefits for certified blockchain professionals with the following certifications. 

  1. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Are you looking for blockchain certification courses that offer professional recognition for beginners? You can choose the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification to learn about basic blockchain concepts. The certification proves your knowledge of everything that makes up the blockchain ecosystem. 

In addition, you can also learn about the basics of different enterprise blockchain development platforms, such as Hyperledger Fabric. CEBP credential also deals with the use cases for blockchain in supply chain management and its applications for digital transformation. 

  1. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The demand for blockchain professionals focuses primarily on blockchain developers or professionals capable of creating new blockchain solutions. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification is a comprehensive tool for building your skills and knowledge in blockchain architecture concepts. 

It is one of the top blockchain certifications for understanding the best practices in preparing enterprise blockchain platforms. At the same time, the CEBA certification course also helps in learning about the methods for translating client requirements into technical features.

  1. Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert credential is also another popular entry in the best blockchain certifications for expanding the scope of your knowledge. Blockchain security is a formidable concern for many organizations and individuals working on blockchain solutions. 

The assets staked in different blockchain-based platforms are always subject to profound concerns arising from their vulnerabilities. The CBSE certification helps you learn the skills required for identifying security threats at different levels of blockchain solutions. Most important of all, the certification also proves your fluency in vulnerability assessment and threat modeling best practices. 

  1. Certified NFT Professional

The Certified NFT Professional is another top-rated blockchain certification you should pursue in 2022. Non-fungible tokens have offered significant utility and value-based advantages in recent times. As a new class of digital assets, they have claimed considerable attention from the blockchain and crypto community. 

The CNFTP certification helps you learn everything about NFTs in detail, starting from their origins to information about popular NFT collections. You can also develop the necessary skills for creating your own NFT projects, thereby helping you become a professional NFT expert. 

  1. Certified Metaverse Professional

The metaverse is another prominent technology highlighted as the next big thing in the decentralized digital landscape. The Certified Metaverse Professional certification helps you learn blockchain concepts used for creating immersive, decentralized metaverse experiences. 

You can identify how the metaverse is related to blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens. The certification training course is also an ideal instrument for learning about the potential of the metaverse and the technology behind it. CMP certification also helps candidates learn about the ideal routes for interacting with the metaverse.

  1. Certified Web 3.0 Professional

The Certified Web 3.0 Professional certification is a credible choice among blockchain certification courses to prepare for the future of blockchain, the internet, and digital technology. Learn about web3 and the use of blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, and cryptocurrencies in creating the new decentralized web. The overview of web3 use cases in the certification training course can also help learners improve their expertise in practical aspects of web3. 

Bottom Line

The final impression regarding the top-rated blockchain certifications from 101 Blockchains suggests favorable news for career growth. You can identify the best blockchain certifications for your career with a clear outline of your career goals. At the same time, it is also important to review the content of a certification training course before finalizing your choice. Invest your time in research on blockchain technology and the available career options before you pursue certifications. Find the best blockchain certification course that suits your career development goals.

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