Tips on How to Use Reels Hashtags in 2023


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Reels on Instagram are a novelty that not everyone is familiar with, and that’s a mistake. This section allows you to quickly promote your profile or services, and it’s not hard to do. You can even make a quality video on your phone, given the weight of digital technology nowadays. 

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels are another factor to consider. Let’s talk about all the features of this way of promotion in this article. Those who think hashtags are outdated we guarantee you are wrong, as they have become even more relevant than before. 

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are specific tags in Instagram, which are expressed in different symbols and words, through which not only the Reels but also ordinary photos can be promoted. They can be found in all social networks and they perform the same function. To write a hashtag, you must use the # symbol and then start typing numbers or letters.

A hashtag combines thematically related posts and helps you find the information you need faster. However, not everyone knows how to use them correctly, as it is important to understand that hashtags are different. They are divided into popular, medium-used, and not popular. However, this does not mean that you should choose only the most popular ones. It all depends on many factors that need to be taken into account. There are different types of hashtags: trending, branded, geographical, contextual, and promotional. Each type has its own peculiarities and effectiveness. 

You can go online and see a list of the most popular hashtags. For example, such hashtags as #Instagram, #like4like, #follow4follow were used a few years ago and are very high-frequency, but they will not guarantee success and high views. However, it is important to use a hashtag that is relevant to your topic. Then the chance that your target audience will see the published content increases. 

If you promote your business through Instagram Reels, you can create your own unique hashtag. This will help you stand out, sort out certain content, and organize and promote it. If you are creating a challenge, be sure to add a hashtag to it as well.

What functions do hashtags perform?

Hashtags are used by a large number of people for a reason. They see the results. Also, the use of hashtags should be considered positively for several reasons:

  • They increase coverage. 
  • People looking for the necessary information, topic, or video, use hashtags, so the likelihood that your video will see the target audience increases. 
  • Increase the number of sales, again, because they reach more people. 

The most important advantage is that it’s all free. You do not need to pay someone to promote, and with the selection of appropriate hashtags can deal with it yourself. 

The number of hashtags is not as important as their quality. Look at similar hashtags to see what hashtags your competitors or colleagues are using. Use the same hashtags, and supplement them with your imagination and theme words. If you do not yet have a viral blog and refer more to the small ones, it is better not to use high-frequency hashtags because they may not be noticed. Find the golden mean, which will bring maximum results. 

If you post similar videos to each other, use different hashtags anyway. In some cases, Instagram may perceive the constant copying of the same words in the description as spam, so do not take the risk. 

Create a unique hashtag and organize a promotion that will help other users to promote this hashtag. This way, you can promote not only your content but even your own hashtags. This is another method of promotion that will not become superfluous and is already used by many popular people and companies.

Reels algorithms in 2023

Algorithms are complex mechanisms that are not fully known to any ordinary user, but everyone tries to understand them and follow some tips. The Reels algorithm is quite simple, as it is customized for each user. What you see depends not only on hashtags but also on what you watch and like. If you want to be included in the recommendations, you should pay attention to whether your content is entertaining, as this is determined by artificial intelligence as one of the main factors. Hashtags should be short and concise, conveying the essence of your video.

The technical characteristics of the video are also important. Quality content is gaining popularity, and sometimes effects and music from Instagram help. You can reach an additional audience by sharing the video on a page (for example, in a story). Take care not only of the quality of the video but also of the materials it’s made of. Choose the right font and other details to make the overall picture look aesthetically pleasing. Together with hashtags, these tips will work effectively in 2023.

Even if you have a small number of subscribers, don’t doubt that you can get into the recommendations. In 2023, Instagram will especially support such accounts, which is considered an advantage. The more people who watch the video from start to finish, the better.

Shoot content in a vertical format. Avoid using watermarks from other social networks, as this can reduce your impressions. Try using different hashtags and track your results with Instagram Analytics, which is easy to understand and benefit from. This service is available to every Instagram user.


After you’ve done the video, be sure to explore other promotion chips, among which there are many free ones. As for hashtags, you also need to approach them responsibly. For starters, study Instagram’s policy and don’t use signs that may violate it. Certain appeals, foul language, etc. are forbidden. 

For efficiency, we recommend that you analyze the topic of your account. Follow one theme and choose hashtags accordingly. You can find a list of descriptive characters on the Internet. There is no exact recommendation on the number of hashtags in one Instagram video to fetch likes. On average, you can put from 10 to 30 words that reflect the theme of the video you shot. Try different hashtags and track their effectiveness through metrics such as reach, views, reactions, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it on Instagram, many apps make it easier to do so. You can also find programs that pick up hashtags, and many users already use them regularly for different blog purposes. The easiest way to popular hashtags is to ask on the Internet, where the main page will immediately appear with options that are relevant in 2023. 

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