Tips and Tricks – How to Pair WowMouse with an iOS/Android/PC/MacOS Device


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CES 2024 recently concluded in Las Vegas, presenting the latest technological advancements. A noteworthy unveiling from the event is introducing an innovative app designed for smartwatches called “WowMouse.” Tailored specifically for smartwatches equipped with Wear OS, this application transforms the smartwatch into a practical “floating mouse” for computers. The technology likely utilizes the smartwatch’s accelerometer or gyro sensor to accurately interpret finger and hand movements, as a video demonstrates.

While the app is promoted to be compatible with smartwatches running Wear OS 2.0 or later, reports from overseas media indicate potential issues with the original Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2. On a positive note, it has been reported to function effectively on devices like the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 6.

The Wow Mouse app, accessible for free on the Google Play Store, can be installed on your Wear OS smartwatch, enabling control over a variety of devices with Bluetooth connectivity. This encompasses headsets, smart lights, phones, tablets, computers, and more.

Effectively, the app empowers Android smartwatches to manage a diverse range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, eliminating the need to navigate through various device volume buttons. It introduces convenient features, such as the ability to dim smart lights directly from the watch.

With the Wow Mouse app, functionalities akin to the DoubleTap feature on the Apple Watch have been expanded to offer even more capabilities. Additionally, the developer Doublepoint has collaborated with Qualcomm, ensuring compatibility with upcoming smartwatches set to be available shortly.

Although practical compatibility might currently have limitations, the idea of a smartwatch serving as an “air mouse” via Bluetooth holds promise, suggesting a potential solution that could eliminate the need for a separate mouse.

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How to pair WowMouse with a device?

Pair WowMouse with an iOS/Android/PC/MacOS Device

  1. Install WowMouse on Play Store
  2. On your Watch, Tap on Settings>Connections>Bluetooth>ON
  3. On-device, Goto Settings>Add Device> Bluetooth> Watch Model shows up
  4. Select the Watch
  5. Pairing request received on Watch
  6. Confirm the pairing request on both Device and Watch
  7. On Device Goto Accessibility>Assistive Touch>ON
  8. Adjust Sensitivity as per your requirement
  9. Open WowMouse app on Watch and the mouse gets working on the device
  10. You can disengage WowMouse by tapping on the mouse icon

Users have started reporting the ease of use of WowMouse with few hiccups though. The most frequently reported issue is the pairing of SmartWatch with the device. It’s a very interesting and promising concept and initial reports suggest that it can target a fantastic target customer base for Android users for the simple reason of it having more overall freedom with 3rd party hardware that could allow for very great usage.

For reporting issues and getting updates on fixes, one can join the official DoublePoint Discord Channel


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