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A considerable portion of the PMP exam is devoted to situational questions. So, if you are going to face the PMP exam, it is pretty evident that you will have to face many questions from this section.  Most of the candidates have problems in facing these situational questions because they need more time to be solved as they involve a lot of reading and understanding.

 These situational questions Require a lot of time to be understood and then finding the correct answer also becomes a hectic task. You must use all the project management skills you have learned to arrive at the final judgment while solving these questions.

Essential tips to solve the situational questions in the project management professional certificate examination

  1. Read the question

Situational questions cause a lot of problems for the candidates. They are multiple-choice questions, and they test the ability of the candidate to apply theoretical expertise to real-life using project management-related skills. Hence, reading the question becomes an integral part of solving these questions. Often two options for these questions look very probable to be the answer. Still, if you carefully go through the questions and understand the basic terminology, you may arrive at the answer quickly.

  1.  Filtering the vital information from the questions

These situational questions often give much information that is not required to extract the answer. To avoid grabbing the extra information from these questions, it is advised to go through the parts that give you the precise knowledge and may help you get to the answer. These questions are very lengthy and tricky; they present you with the situations and then demand your reaction to that particular situation. So, if you have the correct information required to solve that question, you might avoid the tricky part of this question and arrive at the answer quickly.

  1.  Identifying the keywords

The project management professional examination is different from the other exams in the way that the questions do not highlight the important keywords like not, also, or, etc. Hence it becomes essential at your end to identify these critical keywords and proceed to solve these questions further. These keywords can change the question’s meaning; hence, the answer you think is correct might not be so.

  1. Eliminate the wrong answers from the choices available

While solving the multiple-choice questions, it is essential to eliminate all the answers you are sure about that are not the answer to this question. By doing this, you land yourself in a situation where you have only two or three choices available to choose the answer to that question. Further, you can eliminate more choices by looking at the options and determining whether they are related to the question in any way or not. You may often arrive at the answer through this method even if you are not aware of the solution to the question.

  1. Use project management professional examination simulator for practice

To pass PMP exam with PMP dumps is a good idea, but going through the PMP exam simulators and solving the question with proper time management can help you create an exam-like situation at your place and train you to act better at the time of the examination. This can be followed for different examinations as well. You might practice these situational questions while preparing for the exam and solve thousands and thousands of questions; still, at the end of the day, if you cannot keep your mind calm and focused while sitting in the examination, you will not be able to solve the questions correctly. The only way to practice keeping your mind calm at the exam center is by going through these exam simulators.

  1.  Do not overthink the situational questions

A common practice of the candidates appearing in this exam and those who faced problems with these situational questions is that they overthink a lot about a particular question. Many times, the question could be very straightforward, and the answer might be straightforward too, but due to your thinking, you might land on a wrong answer. Hence it would help if you practiced this habit of not overthinking the questions and not messing up with the answers to the easy questions.


Hence, situational questions are the most challenging part of the project management professional certification exam. Still, if you follow specific tips and prepare in a certain way that makes you more aware of these questions, you might have an easy time solving these questions. Also, if you go through the essential tips mentioned in this article and regularly practice them throughout your preparation, they might ease your task more.

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Komal Singla
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