Why is the catchy Skibidi Toilet song in the YouTube series going viral on TikTok?


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Skibidi Toilet, the new YouTube series, has captured the attention of millions of viewers since its launch in February 2023. It has quickly become the definitive war epic of the year, surpassing other renowned productions like Oppenheimer and the forthcoming Napoleon biopic.

The show’s unique and frenetic storytelling style keeps audiences engaged and on their toes. With its unpredictable plot twists and clever humor, Skibidi Toilet offers a fresh and entertaining experience. At times, the series also delves into more unsettling themes, adding depth to its narrative.

Set in a world where evil toilets have taken control, the story revolves around a relentless struggle between these titular villains and their adversaries, a group of revolutionaries known for their unconventional hardware heads, such as TVs, cameras, and speakers. Each episode showcases the back-and-forth nature of war, as one side gains an advantage, only to lose it in the next, portraying a poignant commentary on the cyclical and repetitive nature of conflicts.

The YouTube Shorts clips of Skibidi Toilet resemble mobile games and have garnered millions of views, with some earlier clips reaching over 100 million views. The creator, known as Alexey, has gained more than 20 million subscribers on his channel, DaFuq!? Boom!.

Now in its 15th season, Skibidi Toilet continues to escalate its intensity, becoming even more bombastic and captivating with each installment. The series presents a thought-provoking exploration of the consequences of war and the resilience of those who fight against tyranny.

In summary, Skibidi Toilet has become a viral sensation, attracting millions of viewers with its peculiar animation style and complex storyline. While it has gained popularity on various platforms, it’s essential to note that the show is not suitable for children due to its unsettling nature and themes.

Skibidi Toilet’s popularity has extended to TikTok, where users create their own versions of the series. However, some limitations have led to unauthorized accounts and impersonation of the creator, causing concerns about content authenticity.

Despite its growing popularity, there are mixed opinions about the trend, with some TikTok users expressing weariness and oversaturation of the Skibidi Toilet content.

What is the Skibidi Toilet trend on TikTok?

The viral YouTube Shorts series, created by DaFuqBoom, features a random human head inside a toilet bowl (referred to as a “toilet creature”) making erratic movements while singing a remix of the Turkish song “Dom Dom Yes Yes” by Biser King. The song, popularized by “tummy dancer” Yasin Cengiz on TikTok in 2022, sparked its own trend of creators moving sporadically to the catchy bop.

Now, the chorus of the song with the onomatopoeic phrase “brr skibidi dop dop dop dop yes yes” has taken on a life of its own, being used by creators like DaFuqBoom to create unsettling and unique content.

The viral inception has resulted in various creators using this distinctive audio file to produce their own content, contributing to the ongoing popularity and reach of the “Skibidi Toilet” trend.

With its offbeat and quirky style, “Skibidi Toilet” continues to captivate audiences and leave its mark on internet culture.

What is the viral Skibidi Toilet song trending on TikTok?

The original Skibidi Toilet song is titled “Dom Dom Yes Yes” and is sung by the Bulgarian singer Biser King. The song was posted on YouTube a year ago and has gained significant popularity, amassing 15 million views on the platform.

“Dom Dom Yes Yes” starts off slowly but takes an unexpected turn after the beats drop, and the singer begins singing the catchy phrase “Dom Dom Yes Yes.” The song’s unique and outlandish beats may seem unusual at first, but it quickly becomes catchy and grows on listeners.

The song’s popularity soared on TikTok after Turkish belly dancer Yasin Cengiz started posting videos of himself dancing to its tunes. One particularly humorous video featured Yasin moving his belly to the catchy beats of “Dom Dom Yes Yes” as a waiter brought him a huge meat sub.

Since then, “Dom Dom Yes Yes” has been featured in numerous TikTok videos, but it gained international fame and earned the nickname “Skibidi Toilet song” after its association with the Skibidi Toilet trend. The song’s simple yet catchy lyrics are sung as: “Tr-r-r, shtibididob dob, dob, dob, dob/ Yes, yes, yes, yes/ Shtib, shtibidid/ Shtibidi, dabudu, dabudu, dabudu / Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

The song’s infectious rhythm and amusing lyrics have made it a popular soundtrack for various online trends and memes, contributing to its widespread appeal and recognition on social media platforms.

The Skibidi Toilet YouTube Series has a video game

The popularity of Skibidi Toilet has led to the creation of a video game called “Skibidi War – Toilet Attack.” Published by Influencer Apps LLC, the game is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. In this mobile game, players are tasked with shooting down hordes of invading Skibidi Toilets on the map, adopting a traditional top-down shooter style of gameplay.

But the gaming excitement doesn’t end there! A PC game titled “Skibidi Battle – Toilets Attack” is also in the works and is scheduled for a Steam launch later this year. According to its description, the PC game promises frenzied multiplayer action, innovative single-player gameplay, and the infectious rhythm of the Skibidi dance, enhancing the gaming experience for fans of the trend.

With the transition from a viral trend to a video game, Skibidi Toilet is expanding its reach to a broader audience, offering players the chance to engage with the whimsical and entertaining world of Skibidi in an interactive and engaging manner. It seems that the popularity and creative potential of Skibidi Toilet continue to grow, capturing the imagination of both creators and players in various forms of media.

Is there a Skibidi Toilet TV series in the making?

As of now, there is no official Skibidi Toilet TV show in development. Listings for Skibidi Toilet on IMDb primarily consist of the existing animated shorts available on YouTube.

While the YouTube series has gained significant popularity, it’s currently comprised of short episodes that run for only a few minutes each, resulting in just a few hours of content across more than 50 episodes. As a result, it remains unclear how the show would translate to a longer, 30-minute TV format.

The appeal of Skibidi Toilet lies partly in its off-the-wall and absurd nature, making it easily digestible in its current short format. Extending the episodes to longer durations may challenge the show’s appeal and viewer engagement.

Despite this, Skibidi Toilet has become an internet phenomenon, capturing the attention of millions of viewers, and its popularity shows no signs of diminishing anytime soon. Whether or not it transitions to a TV show, the quirky and entertaining world of Skibidi Toilet continues to leave its mark on internet culture.

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