What’s the age of major characters in The Dragon Prince and when are their birthdays?


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With the early release of The Dragon Prince Season 5, fans are inquisitive about the age of the main characters. We all know that during the first five seasons, the main characters have aged as time progressed in the show’s timeline. Let’s get into the details of how old are the major characters in The Dragon Prince and when are their birthdays in the canonical timelines of the show.

Age of major characters in The Dragon Prince

It is a pretty common trend for any animated series to not disclose the age of its characters. However, in one of the tweets, The Dragon Prince’s official Twitter account tweeted detailed ages, heights, and birthdays of all the revealed characters back in 2018.

Given the significant two-year time skip between seasons 3 and 4, and the one-year timeline for The Dragon Prince Season 5, here are the updated ages of the main characters and some mythical creatures in The Dragon Prince animated series. The details include the characters’ ages as of the new chapter, which is presumed to be season 5, and their respective birthdays. Here’s a breakdown of the information:

  1. Callum: As of season 5, Callum is 18 years old, and his birthday is on July 15. Throughout the series, his age has progressed from 14 in seasons 1-3 to 15 in “Through the Moon,” then to 17 in season 4, and finally, he reaches 18 in season 5.
  2. Rayla: In season 5, Rayla is also 18 years old, and her birthday falls on July 31. Initially introduced as 15 years old in seasons 1-3, she ages to 17 in season 4 and becomes 18 in season 5.
  3. Ezran: By season 5, Ezran is 13 years old, and his birthday is on March 19. In the series, he starts at 8 years old in Book One, ages 10 in seasons 1-3, then becomes 12 in season 4, and finally, he turns 13 in season 5.
  4. Claudia: As of season 5, Claudia is 20 years old, and her birthday is on June 16. She debuts in the series at 16 years old, progresses to 19 in season 4, and reaches 20 in Season 5.
  5. Soren: In season 5, Soren is 21 years old, and his birthday falls on January 19. He starts at 17 years old in Book One, becomes 18 in Seasons 1-3, then ages 20 in Season 4, and finally, he turns 21 in Season 5.

When it comes to mythical creatures like Bait, Azymondias (Zym), and Aaravos in The Dragon Prince, official sources and guidebooks may provide limited information about their ages and other specific details. Here’s what is known about the ages of the mythical creatures:

  1. Bait: Bait’s age is unknown, but his birthday is on June 26.
  2. Azymondias (Zym): As of season 5, Zym is 3 years old. His age is tracked from being a few weeks old in seasons 1-3, two months in “Through the Moon,” 2 years old in season 4, and finally, he reaches 3 years old in season 5. However, his exact birthday is not revealed.
  3. Aaravos: Aaravos is estimated to be approximately 5000 years old, and his birthday is on November 14.

Here are the Zodiac signs

• Aquarius: Harrow
• Pisces: Ezran
• Aries: Viren
• Taurus: Runaan
• Gemini: Claudia
• Cancer: Bait, Callum
• Leo: Rayla
• Capricorn: Soren

Few more facts that might interest The Dragon Prince fans

• Callum is 4 years, 8 months, and 4 days older than Ezran.
• Rayla is 11 months and 14 days older than Callum.
• Rayla is 5 years, 7 months, and 17 days older than Ezran.
• Claudia is 1 year, 1 month, and 15 days older than Rayla.
• Claudia is 2 years and 29 days older than Callum.
• Claudia is 6 years, 9 months, and 3 days older than Ezran.
• Soren is 1 year,4 months, and 28 days older than Claudia.
• Soren is 2 years, 6 months, and 12 days older than Rayla.
• Soren is 3 years, 5 months, and 26 days older than Callum.
• Soren is 8 years and 2 months older than Ezran.
• Rayla’s horns add 1″ to her height
• Runaan’s horns add 1 1/2″ to his height
• King Harrow wears 2 Y2″ heels in armor.
• Ezran has 3″ of fluffy hair.

The Dragon Prince is aimed at a teenage audience and has age ratings of PG in the UK (Parental Guidance suggested) and Y7 in the US (Suitable for ages 7 and up). Common Sense Media ranks the show suitable for ages 10 and above, with a four-star rating. The series is praised for its positive messaging, LGBTQ+ representation, and positive role models.

Although there is some violence and weapon use during battle scenes, it is not graphic, and death is not depicted in a graphic manner. While some adult characters may display questionable morals, the three young protagonists embody altruism, honesty, and integrity.

Parents and kids have both given The Dragon Prince a five-star rating, indicating that the show is well-received by families worldwide. The show’s mild CG violence and semi-scary villains shouldn’t deter families from enjoying it as a household favorite. Overall, it is considered a suitable and enjoyable series for children and teenagers exclusively on Netflix.

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