How to get Unlimited Free TikTok coins in 2023!


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If you belong to Gen Z or the ‘millennial’, you are well aware of TikTok. But if you are a newbie to free TikTok coins, hang in here! You are on your way to knowing everything about this dominating force of entertainment and how you can earn free TikTok coins by simple hacks. But let’s first have an understanding of TikTok coins and let’s get closer to why you are here.

What are TikTok coins?

To put it rightly, having money in your bank account may seem enough, but TikTok coins definitely won’t. Just like every app has its trademarked currency, so does this one. The in-app currency is paid for with real money. You can purchase virtual gifts to appreciate any content creator’s work or return a favour. If you are in alignment with the concept of ‘twitch tipping’, you ought to enjoy the exchange of gestures.

Interestingly, you can buy a gift for your preferred performer and show love in ways you like. You could also sprucely trade these coins for diamonds. And this, in turn, can be interchanged for actual cash. A clever way to make some side money, isn’t it? In the real sense, TikTok coins let you have fun and monetize to a certain extent.

How to buy TikTok coins?

I know you are an eager beaver, so let’s start with the basics. It’s no rocket science. Here’s a simple guide on how to buy TikTok coins.

These coins can be bought only within the app, which is a no-brainer. The value of the coins may fluctuate depending on the exchange rate. As an underpinning, about 100 coins should cost $1. And you can buy up to an amount of 10,000 at a time. 5000 TikTok coins should cost you about $66.99 and 7000 coins will cost about $129.99. Simply follow these eight-step procedures.

  1. Open the app on your device, head to the lower menu, and tap on me. That’s your profile.
  2. You will spot the ellipsis on the top-most right corner. Tap on it.
  3. Once you are there, select the balance option. It should be the fourth option.
  4. You will evidently discover the recharge option.
  5. Multiple price options will appear for convenience.
  6. At the time of payment, you will get a couple of alternatives to select. If your Google Pay or Apple pay is already activated, nothing is more easy-peasy. Or else you choose to pay from your credit card.
  7. Like any other payment, you are most likely to get notified.
  8. Check your TikTok coin balance and get ready to roll

Here is a list of different TikTok coin purchase options and their corresponding prices.

  1. 65 Coins for $0.99
  2. 330 Coins for $4.99
  3. 660 Coins for $9.99
  4. 1321 Coins for $19.99
  5. 3303 Coins for $49.99
  6. 6607 Coins for $99.99
  7. 16500 Coins for $249.99

Each option gives users a different value for their money, depending on how many coins they want to purchase at a time.

First-time users will get a Welcome Pack on purchasing Coins during TikTok live content!

The Welcome Pack is a special offer for users who buy Coins for the first time while watching TikTok live content. Here’s what the $0.99 Welcome Pack includes:

  1. 65 Coins: The initial purchase includes 65 virtual Coins.
  2. 45 Extra Coins: On top of the 65 Coins, users receive an additional 45 Coins as a bonus for purchasing the Welcome Pack. So, in total, they get 110 Coins.
  3. 80% Discount on Unique Gift: The Welcome Pack offers an 80% discount on purchasing a unique gift. This means users can get a special virtual gift at a significantly reduced price when they take advantage of this offer.
  4. 24-Hour Badge: When users purchase the Welcome Pack, they receive a badge that appears next to their TikTok name for 24 hours. This badge likely signifies that they are a first-time buyer or have received the Welcome Pack.

Additionally, the payment options available for purchasing these Coins include:

  1. Bank or PayPal Account: Users can link their bank account or PayPal account to make the purchase.
  2. Credit Card: The option to pay with a credit card is available for users who prefer this method.
  3. Google Pay: For Android users, they can use Google Pay to complete the purchase.
  4. Apple Pay: For iOS users, they can use Apple Pay to make the transaction.

These payment methods provide users with a convenient and secure way to acquire Coins and enjoy the benefits of the Welcome Pack while interacting with TikTok live content.

How can I get free TikTok coins?

The methods for getting free Coins on TikTok are not guaranteed and may vary in their success. TikTok relies on the sale of Coins to generate revenue, so providing them for free is not a common occurrence.

While some users may have reported success with certain methods to obtain free Coins, it’s essential for users to exercise caution and be aware that the outcome is not guaranteed. TikTok’s policies and promotions may change over time, and what worked for some users in the past might not work for others in the present.

Besides acquiring them with real-world money, you can smartly earn some free TikTok coins by watching videos and following users to redeem some coins. To run you through, here are a few apps that can help you in getting free TikTok coins.

TikTok Gifts from fellow TikTokers

How to get Unlimited Free TikTok coins in 2023!

One of the ways to receive Coins on TikTok is through gifts from other users. TikTok allows users to send virtual gifts, which are often purchased using real money, to content creators as a form of appreciation or support for their content. Creators can then convert these gifts into actual money.

While receiving gifts can be a way to obtain Coins without spending money directly, it requires time and effort to create engaging content that encourages viewers to send gifts. Creators need to build a strong and supportive community to increase the likelihood of receiving gifts.

However, it’s essential for content creators to evaluate whether the time and effort invested in creating content solely to receive gifts are worth the value of the Coins received. While some creators may find this rewarding, others might find it more practical to directly purchase Coins if they need them for specific purposes.

Moreover, relying solely on receiving gifts for obtaining Coins might not provide a consistent or predictable income, as it depends on viewer generosity and engagement. Therefore, content creators should strike a balance between creating engaging content and exploring other options to acquire Coins if needed. Ultimately, it’s crucial to enjoy the creative process and build an authentic community of supporters on TikTok.

Join TikTok Challenges

Participating in TikTok challenges to earn free TikTok coins can indeed be a way for content creators to potentially receive Coins as tips from viewers. TikTok challenges are viral trends or themes that gain popularity on the platform, and they often involve users creating videos following a specific format or theme. If a creator’s video stands out and is well-received by the TikTok community, viewers may choose to send Coins as a form of appreciation or support for their entertaining content.

The dynamic nature of TikTok challenges means that new trends emerge frequently, and creators have the opportunity to jump on these trends to gain visibility and engagement. The challenges can vary widely, from fun and light-hearted ones to more serious and creative ones.

As mentioned, some past challenges, like the milk crate stacking challenge and the cinnamon powder challenge, became popular for a time and attracted a lot of user participation. These challenges can generate excitement and interest on the platform, leading to increased engagement with users’ videos.

However, it’s important to note that the success of receiving Coins through TikTok challenges depends on various factors, including the quality and creativity of the content, timing, and the creator’s existing audience. Not every challenge will result in Coins being sent, and creators should focus on enjoying the process of participating in challenges and connecting with their audience, rather than solely aiming for monetary rewards.

By making in-app purchases

earn TikTok Coins through in-app purchases. TikTok offers various coin packages that users can purchase with real money. These coins can then be used to support content creators or purchase virtual gifts to send to other users during live streams or on their videos.

To make in-app purchases for TikTok Coins, follow these general steps (please note that the exact steps may vary depending on your device and app version):

  1. Open the TikTok app: Launch the TikTok app on your mobile device.
  2. Access the Coins section: Look for the “Coins” section or the gift icon in the app’s main navigation or profile section.
  3. Choose a coin package: TikTok typically offers different coin packages at various price points. Select the package that suits your needs and budget.
  4. Payment method: TikTok allows you to make in-app purchases using various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Select your preferred payment method and complete the purchase.
  5. Receive your Coins: After a successful purchase, the Coins you bought will be credited to your account, and you can use them to support your favorite creators or send virtual gifts during live content.

By making in-app purchases for TikTok Coins, you are supporting both the platform and the content creators you admire. TikTok creators can convert these Coins into real money and receive financial support for their content creation efforts.

Join Live Stream events on TikTok

Joining Live Stream events on TikTok does not directly earn you free TikTok coins. TikTok coins are primarily obtained through in-app purchases, where users can buy coin packages with real money.

However, during TikTok Live Streams, content creators may receive gifts in the form of TikTok coins from viewers as a way to show support and appreciation for their live content. Viewers have the option to purchase TikTok coins and send them as virtual gifts to creators during the live broadcast.

As a viewer, you can participate in TikTok Live Streams, engage with the content, and interact with the creators during the stream. While you don’t earn free TikTok coins for joining the live event, you can support the creators by purchasing coins and sending them as gifts during the live stream.

Increase TikTok Followers Count

TikTok coins serve as a way for users to support their favorite content creators on the platform. If a content creator can consistently produce engaging and entertaining content, and successfully grow their TikTok followers, they are more likely to receive Coins during live content.

Building a dedicated and supportive audience is key to receiving more Coins as viewers appreciate and enjoy the creator’s content. When followers are invested in a creator’s videos and want to show their support, they may choose to send virtual gifts in the form of Coins during live streams or other content.

To create a steady flow of content and grow TikTok followers, content creators can consider the following strategies:

  1. Consistency: Posting content regularly helps keep the audience engaged and returning for more.
  2. Quality: Ensuring high-quality videos with unique and creative ideas can attract more viewers.
  3. Engagement: Interacting with followers through comments, duets, and other interactions helps build a stronger connection with the audience.
  4. Trend Awareness: Staying up-to-date with TikTok trends and participating in challenges can boost visibility and reach.
  5. Collaboration: Collaborating with other creators can introduce the content to new audiences.
  6. Call-to-Action: Encouraging viewers to like, share, and follow can help increase engagement and reach.

If users come across any offers or methods claiming to provide free Coins, they should be cautious and consider the legitimacy of the source. Scammers and fraudulent entities often try to take advantage of users seeking free benefits, so it’s crucial to stay vigilant and protect personal information and payment details.

By TikTok Coin Hacks

TikTok coin hacks and third-party apps that claim to generate free coins are not officially supported by TikTok and are considered violations of the platform’s terms of service. Attempting to use these hacks or tools to obtain coins for free is not only against TikTok’s policies but also unethical and can lead to severe consequences.

TikTok actively monitors and takes action against users who engage in such fraudulent activities. Users who are caught using these hacks or third-party apps may face temporary or permanent bans from the platform.

Coins are the in-app currency used to support content creators and show appreciation for their work. Attempting to obtain them through unauthorized means is essentially stealing from both TikTok and the creators who rely on these coins for their earnings.

TikTok Coin Adder

Before you begin, there are three things you need to look into – Enable the wifi & cellular data, turn off the low power mode, and allow automatic downloads.

  • You are all ready to log onto –, popularly known as TikTok Coin Adder.
  • Put on your TikTok name and tap proceed.
  • It will take a few seconds for your account to load and process.
  • Once that’s done, you will discover several coin options to choose from. Don’t be shy to be greedy. You are definitely selecting the one with the maximum options.
  • Tap on add coins and give it some time to sync.
  • Once you proceed, you will be redirected to further downloads. You will be asked to download two apps out of a few options. Choose wisely.
  • Create a username on both the downloaded apps and get started.
  • Find your TikTok account raining coins.


  • Evidently, you need to begin by downloading the Apkoz app.
  • When the search bar pops up, swiftly look for TikTok coins and get started.
  • While the information gets processed, all you have to do is sit back and watch.
  • You will then be asked to install two apps.
  • Once you are done with that, the process remains the same as mentioned above.
  • Sign up and spin. Little would you know, while you are at it spinning, your coins are getting accumulated.
  • Don’t believe me? Head straight to your TikTok account for a pleasant surprise.

It’s important for users to understand that using such tools is not only risky but also undermines the integrity of the platform and harms the community as a whole. Instead, users should support their favorite content creators by purchasing coins through legitimate means or engaging with their content in a genuine and authentic manner.

Is it safe to get free TikTok coins?

The good news is that numerous websites will swear by giving you thousands of free TikTok coins. But the harsh truth is, are they safe? Are they trustworthy? Well, some may be, but some are indeed a scam. Bitterly, some of the apps or websites can hack your TikTok account and gather all your personal information. It can get even worse. Your banking and credit card information can be leaked as well. I am not assuring such relentless circumstances, but yes, there are high chances of it.

Let’s get real. Any system will have to hack your TikTok database to add the coins. Sleepover the act.

How to hack TikTok coins?

There is no surefire way to hack TikTok coins, but there are multiple ways to get them for free. You can do that by downloading some suggested apps, playing along with the purpose, completing surveys, watching and downloading TikTok videos and thereby getting coins in return.

While ‘hack’ may seem like a rather offensive activity, not in this case, here it is all about how to get free TikTok coins. Don’t be amazed to get an untiring list of sites making tall claims about helping you ‘hack someone’s coins’.

Although to put things straight, that’s possible only when an account is hacked. If that sounds fairly gripping, drop by my blog – How to Hack TikTok Accounts in 2022 easily in simple steps!

How to use TikTok coins?

Your coins are unabashedly only yours. So if you are slightly puzzled about how you can begin using them, it’s not neck-breaking. But there are some things you must be well aware of.

Firstly, these bought TikTok coins are non-refundable. Secondly, they come with a set of limitations. You can go through the T&C to dig deep. Thirdly, they are stored in your wallet.

So, what are you waiting for?

These TikTok coins are one way to encourage the performer and make them feel recognized. However, users under 18 years are restricted to this exchange of emotions and feedback.

Every gift purchased via these TikTok coins varies in price. Once you purchase any, the amount will get deducted from your wallet. Every gift can be converted into Diamonds by the receiver for cash. Simple, isn’t it?

The more you tip, the more credible you are to get a shout out. It works as an assessment loop. Ever wondered if that’s how the top TikTok users function? It’s a clever way to motivate the streamer to outperform and the spender to gain immense recognition. And that’s why we are not surprised that TikTok has surpassed Instagram and become the world’s top downloaded app.

One Last Thought

In a nutshell, TikTok has the most actively engaged users. It has also become a global phenomenon because it allows the posts of users with no followers to go viral. The crowd-favourite has reached the numbers because it’s the most entertaining and addictive social platform. The who’s who is on it and is trending for various reasons. Some saw the road of fun and fame, but unfortunately, some did not.

The app has massive potential, and your keen eye has already seen it. It’s all about using it wisely. Just like a coin, it has the two sought-after sides – The Good and The Bad. All you have to do is follow the Math and indulge in it like any other social stage.

Coming back to where we started, how to get free TikTok coins by simple hacks? You are all familiar with the easy ways of getting the free TikTok coins. But, is it the right thing to do? I would love to know your take on it.

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