5 Tried-and-Tested Security Tips for Mobile Gamers


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As the mobile gaming sector continues to eclipse virtually every other aspect of the entertainment industry, security is a growing concern. Hackers, identity thieves, and cybercriminals now target mobile gamers with increasingly sophisticated methods.

So, it is important to understand security best practices for mobile gamers, in order to keep safe and enjoy the very best that mobile gaming has to offer. Read on to find out how to do just that.

1. Use Secure In-App Payment Gateways 

If you are playing mobile games that require in-game purchases or wagers, such as on most online casinos in 2021, then always use a trusted payment gateway. The payment gateway you can use is your only way to make deposits on a mobile casino or withdraw your winnings.

That’s why you should only choose the top ones that allow you to make deposits and withdrawals via secure gateways such as PayPal. If a mobile casino only allows you to make payments via a niche payment platform that you have never heard of, maybe steer clear. 

2. Know How to Spot Fake Apps

One of the most effective ways to keep safe when playing mobile games is to steer clear of fake apps. According to some studies, popular app stores like the Google Store have thousands of fake apps, most of which contain some form of malware.

So it’s imperative that you only download apps from trusted developers. Check the spelling on the app description to make sure it all makes sense and be wary of thousands of five-star reviews – no app is that good. 

3. Check Your Permissions 

All apps require certain permissions from the mobile user in order to function. However, be wary of invasive app permissions that could be a ruse to steal data and money. Many apps might seem fairly benign but could send you a pop-up box asking you to allow the app to monitor all of your activity or access your passwords. Always check what permissions an app wants to access before you use it. 

4. Read the Reviews 

As with anything in the digital world, online reviews can tell you a lot about the security of any mobile gaming application. The actual app reviews in the Apple or Google Store might be a good place to start.

However, you should go beyond this. See if you can find in-depth reviews from industry experts or public opinions on social media. Remember, app store reviews are prone to manipulation and should not be your only source of information. 

5. Install an Antivirus App 

Finally, you should consider installing an antivirus application. Many people assume that smartphones are unlikely to be hit with viruses or malware, but this is not true. By downloading a mobile gaming app without protection software, you could be infecting your phone with something serious. Download a popular mobile antivirus app to get that extra layer of protection and the peace of mind you deserve. 

By following these tried and tested steps, you can enjoy 100% safe and secure mobile gaming today. 

Parth Singh
Parth Singh
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