PUBG New State Release Date, Pre-Registration And Leaks


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Krafton is all set to release a sequel to its hit mobile game, PUBG. Yes, you heard it! PUBG New State release date is around the corner. The gaming company had made the announcement of its ambitious project earlier this year, informing about the new state and a new map called Troi 2051.

The makers are launching the game with the tagline “beyond Battle Royale”.  The title will be launch as a free-to-play experience on Android and iOS. In other words, it will not be paid but players will have to spend money to buy in-game content like skins, weapons and future expansions.

In addition to Troi 2051, PUBG: New State also teases advanced mechanics and graphics. This has what kept most players on the edge of their seats and the hints of extensive gaming experience have skyrocketed their interest. Scroll below about the latest news on the PUBG New State release and its latest leaks!

PUBG New State Release Date 

Krafton had announced that they are looking to release Troi 2051 in the second half of 2021. However, the palpable interest generated has made the players wish for an earlier release.

PUBG New State Release Date has been strongly rumoured for October 2021. With the iOS pre-registrations beginning from July, the PUBG New State release date for September 2021 cannot be ruled out. Krafton didn’t tell the exact release date but we think it’ll be somewhere around the first week of the month. Also hopefully the new state will release on both iOS and Android at the same time. 

Anyhow, this news is nevertheless exciting for PUBG players as they’ll experience the game very soon. Who knows Karfton might release a PUBG New State beta version soon! Watch out for this space!

PUBG New State Release Date in India

Krafton has not revealed any plans about its future plans of PUBG New State in India. The reason behind the move is to prioritize Battlegrounds Mobile India releases. The BGMI iOS users are still waiting to hear from the makers. They are still holding to the promise of getting a version soon.

BGMI Android player base recently crossed over 1 crore downloads. Be assured that the wide user base in India will push for the PUBG New State India launch soon.

Pubg New State Pre-registration

Krafton unveiled the preregistration for PUBG New State on February 25, 2021. It is already available on the Google Play Store. But the option was open for Android users and offered a limited duration vehicle skin to players who opted to pre-register. It garnered 20 million-plus pre-registrations across the globe excluding 3 regions. The company has yet not opened in its biggest user bases in India, China, and Vietnam. Also, keep in mind that these figures across the globe are only for Android users.

Android users can pre-register for PUBG New State from Google Play Store.

Krafton recently announced the start date of pre-registration for PUBG New State on iOS devices. It is sometime in August and continues to exclude India, China and Vietnam countries. The link is in the tweet enclosed below

Keep an eye on the post for the PUBG New State iOS pre-registration date.

Any pre-registered user will be able to directly register once launched. The version will have all the latest features, maps, vehicles and skins.

What will be PUBG New State download size?

It is difficult to predict the download size of the game since it is in the pre-registration phase. However, it is anticipated that the PUBG New State Mobile should need around 2 GB of space. Keep more than 2GB free space in your device with regular updates after launch coming your way.

Will PUBG New State Mobile run on 2GB RAM?

Practically speaking, PUBG New State title can easily run on 2GB RAM. But, for the ultimate gaming experience, it is always better to have 3GB and more RAM size.

Android games will need to have a minimum Android v6.0 or above. iOS players need at least iOS 10 or above to play battle royale seamlessly.

Pubg New State Leaks

PUBG has been releasing ‘Field Trips’ videos about the New State. These videos are basically an insight into the world of the New State. The videos are headlined by none other than Krafton’s publishing director, Brian Corrigan. So rest assured that these leaks are taken from a reliable source. Let’s move on and see what the Troi 2051 map has in store for us. 

You can watch the PUBG new state field trip from here.

About Troi 2051-

Pubg New State is a futuristic update of the game. It’s set in the near future and has a lot of cool, new features and gadgets. The Troi 2051 map is the highlight of the new state. It is a massive, futuristic, 8х8 map that is completely different from anything you have seen before. The map has many great locations that you’ll be fighting in. Let’s have a look at some of the locations in Troi 2051.

Pubg New State Locations-

1. Exhibit Hall-

The exhibit hall is set at the heart of the Troi map. It has a wide, open-air center and the whole building looks like a bull’s eye from the top (Brian’s words not ours). The center will have many floors where you can set camp or go for an out-an-out bloody battle with another team. It’s perfect for either of the two. 

2. The Mall- 

The name says it all. It is a huge building with wide spaces and an open roof. This is similar to the Exhibit Hall in some ways but the mall is built for positioning and stealth gameplay. There are many stores in the mall that provide players with different ideas to defend or attack. This is one of the hottest locations on the map and therefore all the more challenging. 

3. The Laboratory-

Now if you think the above two locations were special, wait till you see this one. This is a highly advanced location with four levels of intense enclosures and corridor warfare. This location will require a lot of collaboration with teammates and creative thinking. The most exciting part of the laboratory is the center area which has bullet-proof glass. So to kill your enemies, either you’ll have to find them first or they will.

4. Trailer Park-

This is a location that used to be a trailer park and has tons of trailers parked in isolation. Here players will find many bunkers and spaces to set camp. However, the trailer park can get messy because it’s a cramped space. This is why there is a huge ramp build in the middle of it, using which you can safely exit the location. 

Now let’s move onto vehicles!

Pubg New State Vehicles-

1. The Volta- 

The volta is an all-electric speedster that can get you in the safe zone as fast as possible. This car has an electric transmission and a stealthy engine. One of the distinctive features of the volta is that using the boost will suck the battery dry. Also in the new state, the blue zone is a magnetic field. Meaning that driving through it will discharge the battery very fast. All we’d say is, drive the car wisely!

2. The Vulture-

The vulture is a beastly motorcycle with a strong engine and a powerful boost. This vehicle is a slow-moving beast at first, but once you switch on that boost, it’d go fast as a bird. Again, using the boost will drain the battery. So keep an eye on the fuel gauge while riding this beast.

3. The Tram-

The tram is one of the highlights of the Troi 2051 map. If you are severely wounded and need a place to heal, the tram is made for it. You can safely travel by tram till your health comes back to normal. While you are inside the tram, you won’t be harmed unless someone else is inside, or there’s an ambush waiting for you. So be careful!

Now let’s quickly look at some of the new utilities the Troi map has. 

Pubg New State Utilities-

1. The Drone Shop-

The new map has drone credits. Once you collect it, you can swap it for any weapons, meds or items you want. The more drone credits you have, the more items you can get. But here’s the catch! Your items will be delivered by a drone and drones aren’t stealthy at all. So watch out for the vultures who have an eye on your items.

2. Dyneema Armor-

This is a strong armor that has an added protection against 5.56, 9 mil, and .45 ACP ammo. However, there’s a trade-off. The Dyneema armor is vulnerable to 7.62, 300 Magnum, and 12-gauge ammunition. 

3. Customization Kit-

Troi map has a customization kit to upskill your weapon and ammunition. You can do it all according to your own will. The customization kit is scattered around the map and is shaped like a toolbox. 

That’s all we know about the PUBG New State leaks. We’ll keep updating you on this.


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