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Everything you must know about PUBG Mobile Beta APK!

PUBG mobile beta APK is a mobile app for PUBG online games. It is very easy to download and play since it’s a simplified version.

What is PUBG?

The abbreviation PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battleground, designed and developed by Tencent Games. Designed as an online multiplayer game, it has become a rage in the gaming industry. Because of popularity and the developer has developed a mobile version which has gained greater success.

PUBG MOBILE online game popularity has really skyrocketed. It is the market leader in the mobile gaming industry. Many Android and iOs users have it downloaded on their phones with a prime chance of having played it each day or discussed it with a friend.

It’s very easy to play. It displays a warm zone map and instructions on how to navigate across it, and very friendly for beginners.

How to play PUBG?

PUBG mobile beta Apk a battle royale game where you play with up to 100 other players online, each hunting and battling for weapons, clothes, and medical aids in the vast field which decreases in size as the game progresses. The game is over when only one player survives the battle. The player left standing is the winner, who then goes around the field gathering resources.

PUBG beta version

The beta version is the better one. In this one you get to know and even play with updated features before they are released to the official App, but not without a certain level of instability.

Additions to the Beta version

  • It has additional modes apart from the normal standard game mode
  • With 4-on-4 team deathmatch games available, you fight against hordes of zombies
  • There is a provision for you to drive different vehicles
  • From the Setting menu, you can customize the graphic details
  • They develop the Beta version with the ability to customize game controls
  • You can have live voice chat with buddies via smart phone’s inbuilt microphone.

4 easy steps to install PUBG Mobile Beta

Installing PUBG Mobile

The game is all over now. It was first installed on PC and Xbox. Android and iOS that only china is everywhere. Anyone can now try the beta version on iPhone and Android devices.

How to Install PUBG Mobile English Beta APK?

To install PUBG mobile beta APK on smartphone devices kindly follow the following steps.

STEP 1. To get started you have to download the APKPure .apk file onto your mobile. Click on Download button

STEP 2. On successful download, click on”Install”

STEP 3. Click “Open”.

STEP 4. Once the game is installed, log in with Facebook credentials.

Winning the Game

The game brings you to a battlefield. They release several people to an island. The last standing player is the winner. To win, you must find weapons and kill the people you see or get killed.

There are two tactics to winning the battle.

1.    A rampage killing Spree

This is the best tactic since it wins more rewards. You start the fight without a weapon. They have to go through the buildings to find guns and a first aid kit. After acquiring weapons, you can start hunting for other prayers and kill them.

2.    Hide until time is ripe to attack

In this tactic, you hide with a weapon and wait for a player to come close before you fire. It’s the safest option, although the field electrifies those who have not reached certain areas. It is less risky, though the player earns fewer rewards.

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