POCO M3 low WiFi signal reported after MIUI 12 update- A New Tatter in POCO’s Cap


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Compiling a recipe that’s doomed to fail is often easier than one makes it out to be. However, realizing the implementation of the said recipe is a much more arduous task. So, based on this current analogy of mine, it can be ascertained that the POCO M3 is the “recipe” and the oblivious buyer is the lamb to the slaughter. This article covers the recent complaints regarding the POCO M3 Low WiFi Signal. Keep reading on if this piques your interest.

POCO M3 Low WiFi Signal Connectivity

Of late, users of the POCO M3 have witnessed a sharp drop in the acceptable range required to access their Wi-Fi network. A distance of a few metres that was previously acceptable is now liable to poor signal strength. The consequent internet barrage extends to both Twitter and Reddit forums.

There are accusations levelled at the lack of sound manufacturing of the devices which others indicate as a mere software glitch.

Solutions are being sent helter-skelter with few having any actual significance. One user claims to have fixed the issue by making use of XiaoMiTool V2, which might be a little frustrating for the layman. Regardless, if you plan to check out the ins and out’s of that method scroll down to the XiaoMiTool V2 method.

A “Mi”xed Bag of Ideas- Poco M3 signal problem

This post on the Reddit forum along with one another is the principal founts of most of the tried and tested solutions. A post on Reddit blames the update patches – MIUI 12.0.6 and 12.0.7 to be the root cause behind Poco M3 low WiFi issue.

An issue similar to Poco M3 low WiFi cropped up on several devices with the succeeding patch updates doing nothing to resolve it. Using the global version of the MIUI interface didn’t work either.

Reset the Wi-Fi Settings

Having poor connectivity issues could probably indicate that your Private DNS is switched on. While having a DNS activated does boost your privacy much like a VPN, it does come with a patchy network. Speaking of VPNs, temporarily deactivating them might also do the trick.

Damaged Hardware

User Grand_Huckleberry109 points out a possible hardware defect in the Wi-Fi antenna of the device. Furthermore, the repaired device had regained its original signal strength.

The contact pads where the Wi-Fi antenna met the motherboard were replaced with newer solder to facilitate a better connection between the two. Besides, having a conclusive testimonial to its efficacy adds to the legitimacy of this claim.

While the solution is a bit tricky, it isn’t impossible by any stretch of the imagination. Besides, finding a repair shop that’s willing to help shouldn’t be difficult.

Even so, the contributor did include a disclaimer regarding the possibility of damaging your device. Maybe it’s about time you fished out ‘ye olde Manual and “Warranty Void” instructions. It’s better to consider this option as the final alternative after all else has failed.

ROM installation

Earlier we did mention an M3 user who supposedly used the XiaoMiTool V2 to repair their handset. Given that the connectivity issues started cropping up after the MIUI 12.0.7 update, we might as well consider the majority of cases a software bug. I would like to give POCO the benefit of the doubt when it comes to build quality, hopefully, that doesn’t come to bite me back.

Using the latest XiaoMiTool V2 20.7.28 is recommended to resolve the MIUI 12.0.7 issue. There lies a dedicated forum as well that you could check for answers or support during the installation process.

Further support for TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is also provided. TWRP helps reset the stock recovery of the device. Besides, you could also add several other installation files which can be used in conjunction with the MiTool ROM. As for the link to the XiaoMiTool ROM Download Page, here it is.

Step by Step Installation Guide

  1. Back-Up Phone Data in advance. Better be on the safer side of things.
  2. Using the Mi Unlock tool, unlock the Bootloader. Link
  3. Use the XiaoMiTool ROM Download Page link included above.
  4. Unpack the ZIP file using WinRAR
  5. Switch the device off and Re-Boot to FastBoot mode (Vol – and Power)
  6. Connect to PC via USB-C, and run the FastBoot script according to the Operating System of your PC.
  7. Re-Boot, the initial process may take a while…
  8. That’s pretty much it.

That’s pretty much all we’ve got on our end. However, the question remains as to whether POCO will address the Poco M3 low wifi issue in their own official software release. Until then, bide your time. Do leave a comment down below if the solutions did work for you. For more similar content visit our website.

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