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Pixel 6 & 6 Pro users report HSBC banking app compatibility issues! No ETA for its fix!

Since the beginning of November, HSBC banking app compatibility issues have been reported by Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users. The HSBC app both personal and business have not been found to be working. The normal transactions on the app as well as paying up invoices are all held up. The woes of the newbie Pixel 6 owners is getting endless. Some have been acknowledged by Google and the fixes are in work but for some, we are yet to hear.

Adding to that list is the recent one by Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro 6 users using the HSBC banking app. They are finding that they are not able to download the HSBC app from PlayStore. It is not recognizing Pixel 6 running on Android 12 and throws an error message – ‘Your device is not compatible with this version.’

It is understood that none of the HSBC apps worldwide is working with the Pixel 6. The apps for Australia, Hong Kong (the Hang Seng bank, a local subsidiary of HSBC), Singapore and a whole lot of others are affected. The issue is getting attention on possible platforms be it Twitter, Reddit or Google Forums. The error message appears somewhat like the image below

Pixel 6 & 6 Pro users report HSBC banking app compatibility issues! No ETA for its fix!

Those who already had the app running on the earlier devices are unable to log in. Some reported having the HSBC mobile app installed from the PlayStore but an update released around 10 days ago ruined the experience. Check out a few such complaints below

The below complaint and many similar to this one rule out the compatibility issue due to the Android 12 update. HSBC app is found to be compatible with other Pixel devices!

Doesn’t work on Pixel 6 Pro. It’s working on my Pixel 4 XL running android 12, but quits immediately on my new Pixel 6 Pro. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, didn’t fix anything. Not sure how I’m going to get one time code from now on.

HSBC UK has acknowledged the HSBC banking app compatibility issue by tweeting. But it has not given any time frame to fix it and release a stable version. However, they have confirmed that it is being fixed on priority.

It has been found that the HSBC banking app compatibility issue on Pixel 6 has arisen after it released a beta version more than 6 weeks ago. Teh same was found to be working on Pixel 5 but one couldn’t open the beta app on Pixel 6. The regular old stable version 2.39.0 has been found to be working for many. Chances are that the last version pushed has compatibility issues.

In a recent reply to an aggrieved user, HSBC UK support has advised users to switch to a physical secure key. In other words, users can order a Physical Secure Key (keyfob) and use this until the HSBC banking app gets sorted. This is only till the time a stable version with the fix is rolled out. It will help users to access their accounts online.

It’s certainly not acceptable for a bank like HSBC operating at the global level to restrict customers for more than 20 days. Their daily operations have been hampered with too much dependency on the HSBC banking app for security codes and more. More so the lack of commitment to when there will be a resolution. This has led many to believe that sorry HSBC, I will be banking elsewhere in future! What do you say?

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