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3 Altcoins That Intrigue Many – Filecoin, Arweave and HUH Token

Filecoin and Arweave are two similar concepts that both have native currencies. Filecoin and Arweave currencies have performed well in the past and could do so again depending on if their service is in demand and seen as a future solution to many problems. HUH Token hopes to replicate or exceed the success demonstrated by cryptos like Filecoin and Arweave.

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that has impressed many potential buyers and continues to provide information that makes their holders excited for the launch. They are currently in presale and will be launching in the coming days. As a result, it could be one of the last chances to purchase during the presale to receive the maximum returns from this token.

Filecoin allows anyone to rent out their unused storage space on their computer to anyone who may require it. Filecoin is a decentralised protocol and is therefore not owned or run by any one person or organisation. Its native currency’s price often mirrors the interest in Filecoin.

There has been extreme interest in the project in recent days as the price has recently skyrocketed once more. The argument for Filecoin is that it could save money for many as they will not be required to purchase physical computers or storage systems, they can simply use the unused space from Filecoin.

Arweave uses a new type of technology called block weave. It uses this technology and proof of access to provide permanent and low-cost data storage like none before it.

As a result, Arweave claims only to cost a fraction of other services like Filecoin and that they can reach up to an impressive 5000 transactions per second.

In addition to this, Arweave claims to have a scalable infrastructure and therefore, it will remain serviceable for the foreseeable future.

Both Filecoin and Arweave have seen increases in market value, indicating that the need for safe, reliable and secure storage is high and could be a future solution to many issues. The returns early investors have made from these cryptocurrencies is incredible, and many will be looking for a new opportunity to generate additional profits.

HUH Token could be that opportunity; their presale has almost come to an end. Meaning the last opportunity to join their project at the first possible point of entry is nearly gone. 

HUH Token have stated that their token has the potential to create generational wealth for anyone. This is a statement that is feasible when the features of the token are examined.

The cryptocurrency that keeps on giving through both a dual currency distribution referral system and holders continue to gain additional HUH Token as others buy and sell it.

The referral system generates BNB when others use your referral code and make their first purchase. This is an excellent feature as BNB is a widely used cryptocurrency that is the native coin to one of the biggest exchanges in the crypto world, Binance. Therefore, the BNB produced will always be useful and when BNB and HUH Token are increasing in value, holding them both in a wallet will increase the value of a portfolio by far more than owning one. 

HUH Tokens will also continue to be placed into your wallet over time as more people buy and sell them. The small fee attached to each purchase and sale will be reallocated to every HUH Token holder’s wallet as more HUH Tokens.

This increase in tokens will then increase in value as the market value begins to rise, providing you with essentially passive income that is always benefitting you. 

Filecoin and Arweave are excellent projects that solve real-world issues. While doing so, they have produced some great returns for their investors. This will be the main interest of those willing to buy and hold these coins/tokens.

Moving forward, HUH Token has many vital features that could also return buyers incredible amounts of profit if they can join the token at an early low price. Waiting too long could stop potential buyers from receiving large profits, just as buyers sold bitcoins for tiny amounts instead of the astronomical price tag it holds today. 

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Website: https://huh.social

Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN

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