Google surprises Pixel 4a users with Android 14 November update rollout


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A couple of days ago, Google started rolling out its monthly Android 14 November security update to eligible devices. Traditionally speaking, the Android 14 November update rollout brought enhancements and bug fixes to the Pixel devices. It was the first official update for Android 14 with a November security patch.

It brought fixes to pending issues of green tint on AOD and also the security vulnerabilities in various segments including framework, system, Statsd, and DNS Resolver. It also fixed the multi-user glitch that popped up in the Android 14 update.

What came as a surprise was Pixel 4a users reported receiving the new November security build too. Despite Google initially scheduling the August 2023 update to be the final one for the device, the arrival of a new build with the November Android update has caught many by surprise.

Google surprises Pixel 4a users with Android 14 November update rollout

This unannounced update, labeled as Android 13 build TQ3A.230805.001.S1 with a November patch date, has provided a pleasant surprise for Pixel 4a owners. It demonstrates Google’s commitment to providing continued support and updates for their devices, even beyond the initially communicated end-of-support date, which is great news for users.

If you have not received the update, it can be checked manually too. It normally rolls out region-wise. The final Pixel 4a November update can be downloaded by heading straight to Settings>System>System Update.

Google surprises Pixel 4a users with Android 14 November update rollout

Though Pixel 4a is not scheduled for Android 14 update, it received the latest November security patch that is likely to address defects.

The update is likely to be the last one for models Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 before the sun sets on them. As per Google, the Pixel 5 was eligible for an October 2023 update. On the other hand, the Pixel 4a 5G model was anticipated to get the November 2023 patch. However, Google has decided to roll out one more final update to units before it stops supporting them.

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