Why is the back button not working on Facebook for Android only?


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The latest update to the Facebook app has become a source of frustration for the Android community due to a malfunctioning back button. Users have reported that contrary to the previous behavior, pressing the back button while using Facebook for Android no longer takes them back to the previous page.

Android users who are facing back button issues on the Facebook app are compelled to use the app’s own back button as an alternative. Interestingly, this issue is not specific to devices from a particular manufacturer, as reports of this problem have come from users of phones made by Samsung, Xiaomi, and Google.

Why is the back button not working on Facebook for Android only?

The frustration among affected Android users is understandable, as the back button is a fundamental element of the user navigation experience and reflexive behavior, and its malfunction can significantly disrupt the user experience. It’s expected that users will eagerly anticipate a fix or resolution to this issue from Facebook’s development team in a future update.

Why is the back button not working on Facebook for Android only?

This issue didn’t exist in previous versions before v439, and it’s not a problem in v438. As a result, users have had to resort to using the app’s built-in back button, situated in the top-left corner of an open Facebook post, to navigate back to the previous page. This change has understandably frustrated Android users who are accustomed to a smoother navigation experience.

What is the back button not working issue on Facebook for Android?

The issue with the Facebook app’s malfunctioning back button has caused significant frustration among users, disrupting the typical navigation experience. Normally, when users open a Facebook post, they can return to the previous page using their phone’s default navigation method, be it physical buttons or gestures. A single tap or swipe usually accomplishes this. However, the problem now requires users to perform a long press on the back button to trigger the desired action. For those using gesture-based navigation, there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward workaround.

Initially, many Pixel users had started reporting the back button not working on Facebook for Android. However, for users on Moto, OnePLus, Samsung, and Xiaomi are also reporting the glitch for the Facebook app only. None of them reported the back button issue with any other app.

Reports about this problem have been emerging on Reddit for several days, with some Facebook users confirming that the back button issue is also present in beta versions of the app. The good news is that the beta channel tends to receive more frequent updates, making it likely that an upcoming update to the v440 beta will resolve the back button issue. Switching to the beta version could be a practical solution. Alternatively, users can revert to the previous v438 version, which doesn’t exhibit this problem.

The exact cause of this issue remains unclear, but it was first noticed as early as Friday and its pretty certain that the issue is with Facebook. Some speculate that the problem may have been triggered by an update quietly released by Facebook. This wouldn’t be unprecedented, as the social media giant has introduced features in the past without providing prior notice to users.

Why is the back button not working on Facebook for Android only?

The issue appears to have emerged after a recent update to the app, which raised the version number from 438 to 439. Testing has confirmed that the back button functions correctly in version 438, but the glitch becomes apparent in the newer version 439. Unfortunately, this problem is not limited to users employing the traditional 3-button navigation system; it also affects those using gesture-based navigation.

How to fix the Facebook back button not working issue?

Many users from around the world have encountered this problem and attempted various fixes, including restarting their phones and uninstalling the app, all without success. Some have reluctantly turned to using the app’s own back button as a workaround, even though they find this approach unintuitive.

As of now, Facebook has not responded to address the complaints on Twitter, leaving users waiting for a resolution to the issue and hoping for a fix in the next app update.

Nevertheless, several workarounds have been suggested by various sources to address this problem. Here’s a recap of the suggested workarounds:

  1. Logging out and logging back in: Attempt to resolve the issue by logging out of your Facebook account within the app and then logging back in.
  2. Updating the app: Ensure you are using the latest version of the Facebook app by updating it to the most recent version available in your device’s app store.
  3. Close other apps: Close any other apps that might be running in the background while using the Facebook app to minimize potential conflicts.
  4. Uninstall recently installed apps: If you’ve installed other apps around the same time as when the back button issue started, consider uninstalling them to check for potential conflicts.
  5. Long-press the Facebook app back button: Try pressing and holding the back button within the Facebook app for at least four seconds. This extended press might trigger the back action.
  6. Restart your device: A device restart can sometimes resolve software-related issues, including those related to the back button.
  7. Review navigation settings: Verify that the navigation settings on your device are configured correctly. Ensure that gesture-based navigation, if in use, is set up as intended.
  8. Contact Facebook Support: If the problem persists, consider reaching out to Facebook Support for assistance and to formally report the issue.

It’s important to note that these workarounds may not work for all users, and the underlying cause of the problem likely lies within the app itself. Affected users will be looking forward to an official fix from Facebook in a future app update to fully resolve the back button issue.

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