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Video game designer is the profession of the future

Canadians are big fans of video games and online gambling. If the love for these forms of entertainment is anything to go by, then the skills of video game and slot game developers must be in high demand. However, it is somewhat difficult to predict the future of game design as a profession.

The iGaming industry has proven that the most critical aspect of producing superb products is the design phase. Even if your concept is solid, it’s crucial to execute it flawlessly from start to finish, which is what video game designers do. In this article, we explore how video game design is possibly the profession of the future.

Michelle Thomas, a passionate iGaming writer, discusses the evolution of video game designs and the possible future for video game design as a profession.

Game Design: A Brief Overview 

Gaming has been a trend for as long as man has enjoyed competitive entertainment. Whether in Canada or anywhere else, the joy of playing and winning a jackpot slot remains the same. However, what we knew as the best gaming a decade ago is nothing close to today’s trend.  

As long as people play games for fun and entertainment, there’ll be a growing industry. The urge for entertainment is fundamental to human existence and will continue to be so. This reality in itself is good news for aspiring video game developers and gaming enthusiasts.

With the advent of smartphones in the early 2000s, gaming has evolved from amusement with the likes of Xbox and Playstation to being much more. Smartphone games are now part of the gaming business.

The smartphone gaming industry is now a huge deal because of games like Candy Crush, eSports like PUBG Mobile, and even mobile casino games.

Gaming goes beyond entertainment

Recently, gaming has been used in numerous aspects of daily life, including learning new skills, placing bets on sporting events, participating in fantasy sports leagues, and enhancing concentration.

At the moment, the growth in the game development industry is driven by two major sectors: sports betting and gamified learning. From 2018 to 2023, the gamified learning market is expected to experience a CAGR growth of 32 percent year on year. Additionally, the sports betting app is expected to experience a CAGR growth of 14% YoY from 2019 to 2026.

As previously mentioned, many different aspects of the gaming industry are expected to grow faster than the entire industry. The speedy growth will be attributed to the benefits that game development will offer other sectors. For example, gamified learning is set to change how people experience education in the near future. 

Online Gambling and Game Design

The Canadian online gambling industry is fast-growing, just as the rest of the gambling world experiences tremendous growth. Slot machine design, for example, is evolving side-by-side video game design. The introduction of new technologies like VR and AR is cutting across all forms of gaming, and developers are gaining new skills to keep up with demand.

With more gamblers buying into the latest realities in the gambling world, the demand for game developers is set to become higher than the supply. Hence, if the future is to be predicted by current trends, it is safe to say that game developers could earn ten times their present worth in less than half a decade from now.

Game development: The world’s most promising industry

Children appear to learn better when fun, so gamified teaching in schools will likely become a global trend. Real money casino Canada players enjoy playing 3D competitive poker on mobile, just as eSports lovers enjoy VR gaming. Similarly, the world of sports betting is becoming even more gamified now than ever.

All of these and more point to the fact that video game development is the future industry, and more people should look at finding a job in the game development market.


Video game developers are more likely to learn new skills to keep up with demand. Hence, the future is full of possibilities.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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