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Choosing the best television services made easy

Having television and an air conditioner at your house facilitated a get-together of your family members. It used to bond the people together. Nowadays, with the arrival of OTTs, the function of television has reduced significantly. You can even watch live sports without cable. However, if you have elders at your home who are still not comfortable in the digital world, then you might think about choosing the best television service for your loved ones.

Did you know how many types of television service providers exist? To select an impressive television service, you first need to know a great deal about them. The service providers are basically of four types- cable, fiber, streaming, and satellite.

Types of Television services

What is a Cable TV?

The providers who use coaxial cables to provide service are known as Cable television providers. You need a technician to come and fix the cable box and then provide you with a stable connection. This service is the most reliable one among all other services. Also, many cable companies have an additional boon of home phone and internet services. So, who doesn’t like to avail of these offers!

Some of the top companies are Cox, which provides about 75 to around 140 channels; Spectrum provides approximately 200+ channels, and Xfinity delivers around 10 to above 220 channels.

Satellite TV

If you want a seamless wireless television connection, then satellite TV is the best for you. This requires a satellite dish for easy transmission, and you can get its service nearly everywhere. If you reside in any rural area, then this might be the best option for you. However, bad weather harms it, leading to signal loss.

If you are a sports fanatic, close your eyes and opt for DirecTV, which has a long list of sports channels. Otherwise, the most reliable and cost-effective connection is DishTV.

Fiber Optic

As the name suggests, Fiber-Optic TVs use plastic cables or thin glass, which transmits programs through infrared rays. It provides much higher bandwidth and makes good use of technology.

AT&T U-Verse TV having packages worth $19 per month, offers 15 to around 550 channels. Verizon Fios having packages worth $25 per month, offers 15 to 560 plus channels, and Frontier Fiber, with packages at a relatively higher price of $74.99, offers around 155  to 375 channels.

Digital streaming

This particular television service can only be accessed if you have a smart TV. Only then will you enjoy the subscriptions of various streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., on your television.

The most important advantage of streaming is that you can curate your favorite channels all by yourself. On the one hand, you can enjoy streaming platforms while paying for your favorite TV channels on the other. So, this provides you with better freedom and enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Thus, after you have decided on your budget and listed down your daily requirements, you can easily pick up any of the television services that fit the best for you.

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Audrey Throne
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