Upcoming K Dramas in 2021 You Won’t Want to Miss


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K-pop has become a rage everywhere in the world, including India. And with that, the influx of K dramas has also increased. People are going gaga over it. That explains the higher viewership of K-dramas on streaming services, such as Netflix. Kingdom, a Korean Zombie thriller, became one of the most-watched shows on Netflix in 2019 and continues on.

With the onset of July, fans of Korean dramas are expecting new K-dramas as well as new seasons of existing shows. Netflix had made a few announcements regarding the same. So without further ado, let’s track down all the upcoming K dramas that are about to air from July. These are some of the most anticipated Korean Dramas of 2021.

1. Kingdom: Ashin Of The North

Release- 23 July, 2021

‘Kingdom’ is a hugely successful Netflix original series. It is a historical horror upcoming K Dramas, mixing elements of ancient history with zombies. The show is one of the most-watched 2021 Kdrama lists in recent times. So much so that the makers announced the third season in 2019.

Ashin Of The North, however, isn’t a new season. It’s a special episode that is a spin-off prequel to the show. The episode will follow the character of Ashin, played by Korean superstar Jun Ji-Hyun. Ashin is a woman who is a fierce warrior and knows the secret behind the resurrection plant that causes the zombie apocalypse.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North, main Trailer gives a hint of a Season 3 also in future!

Ashin of the North will again be a mix of horror, zombie, and martial arts. Park Byung-Eun will star as Min Chi- ruk. The episode will come out on July 23 on Netflix.

2. The Devil Judge-

Release- 3 July, 2021

The Devil Judge’s official teaser. Watch Here.

The Devil Judge is an upcoming K Drama that portrays a dystopian South Korea. The country has become an oppressive state, destroying the lives of many families. Citizens of the country are desperate to fight back and want to take over the regime. Amidst all this, a man named Kang Yo-han decides to fight for justice. Kang is a high court judge and turns his courtroom into a television show where he punishes evil men.

The show will start airing in July onwards only on Viki streaming services. The Devil Judge stars Ji Sung along with Kim Min-Jung and Park Jin-Young.

3. You Are My Spring-

Release- 5 July, 2021

Watch the trailer of the latest K-drama, You Are My Spring. The show will be out on Netflix.

You Are My Spring is a brand new Netflix original K-drama. It is a murder mystery cum love story where two characters fall for each other in extraordinary circumstances. Kang Da Jung is a newly employed woman struggling with the traumas of her childhood. Joo Young Do is a psychiatrist who helps people deal with their mental health.

Both their lives get intertwined when they get involved in a murder case. Seo Hyun-Jin and Kim Dong-Wook star as the leads in the show. You Are My Spring will start airing from July 5 only on Netflix.

4. The Witch’s Diner-

Release- 16 July, 2021

The Witch’s Diner is Tving’s first original Korean show. Tving is a Korean streaming service that is gaining mass popularity. Coming back to the show, it’ll be an eight-episode show.

The show is based on the popular novel ‘Welcome to the witch restaurant’. In the show, Zo Hee-ra is a witch who serves food in a restaurant and grants people a wish. Only they have to give something in return to her.

Famous Korean actress Song Ji- Hyo stars as Zo Hee-ra in the show. The series also sees Nam Ji-Hyun as the restaurant owner. The show will begin airing from July 16 onwards.

5. Police University

Release- 26 July, 2021

Police University is a detective thriller upcoming K Dramas in 2021. It stars the popular Korean actor Cha Tae-Hyun as a veteran former detective, Yoo Dong-Man, who teaches in an academy. He is a good teacher and meets Sun- ho who is a hacker.

They both become good friends and before they know it, they are solving a case together. Police University is one of the most anticipated K-dramas of this year. The show will air on July 26.

6. The Road: Tragedy of One

Release- 21 July, 2021

This again is one of the most anticipated K-dramas of this year. It’s a high-society drama about a bunch of characters who learn to deal with their emotions and come-of-age. It focuses on their desires and the shame that is associated with them.

Set around the people of ‘Royal the Hill’, an exclusive residence where only the rich live. Among them is Beak Soo-Hyun, a public anchorman who is a ruthless man. The Road stars popular faces such as Ji Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah, and Kim Hye-Eun.

7. Hospital Playlist Season 2-

Release- 2 September, 2021

Watch the trailer of the upcoming second season of the Hospital Playlist.

Since the release of the first season of Hospital Playlist, it has become a hugely successful show. Fans of the show have been asking for its second season for quite some time now and Netflix has finally listened to their screams. The second season of Hospital Playlist will be debuting on Netflix in the latter half of this year.

The show is about five doctors who have been friends since they were undergrads. All five of them come from different walks of life. So what is it that binds them together? Their love for music. So much so that they all start a basement music band together. The show follows their journey as they all go through many ups and downs. The show star popular Korean faces such as Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, and Jeon Mi Do.

8. Cliffhanger

Release- 23 October, 2021

Cliffhanger is a mystery thriller about a bunch of park rangers who work to save people from danger. The show is highly anticipated because of the actors as well as the creators. Jun Ji-Hyun plays Seo Yi-Kang, a top ranger navigating Mount Jiri National Park.

Her partner is Kang Hyun-jo played by Joo Ji-hoon. Apart from these two, Sung Dong-li and Oh Jung-Se. Cliffhanger has been written by acclaimed screenwriter Kim Eun-hee, the genius behind the hit show Kingdom. Lee Eung-bok is set to direct the show. His previous work includes hit K-dramas such as Goblins, Descendants of the sun, and Dream High.

9. Royal Secret Agent-

Release- 21 December, 2021

Watch the trailer of Royal Secret Agent here.

The show is set in the Joseon era and focuses on Sung Yi-gyeom who is a government employee. One day the police officials find him gambling and as a punishment, he has to join the secret service.

His job is to find the corrupt practices of the police officers and report them. The show is about his journey as a secret government agent. He also meets Hong Da-in, a female inspector who helps him in this mission. The show stars popular faces such as Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Tae-hwan.

10. The Silent Sea

Release- Latter half of 2021

The Silent Sea is one of the most anticipated upcoming K dramas of 2021. It will be a space adventure series about a bunch of astronauts and their adventures in outer space. Netflix announced the show last year.

The show is said to be one of the most expensive and star-studded K Dramas ever. It is based on the popular short film ‘The Sea of Tranquility’ by filmmaker Choi Hang Yong. He is said to be directing the show also.

The Silent Sea has a great star cast with popular stars such as Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon appearing as the leads of the show. With all this, the show is one of the hottest Korean shows in the making.

With all these great titles and more, the upcoming K Dramas of 2021 is set to have another great year. Fans of K-dramas couldn’t be happier. Keep coming back to us for more such news in entertainment!


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