10 Best Anime Movies on Netflix


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Anime movies can tell amazing stories while being incredibly beautiful. Although 2020 was a disappointment for many anime fans in terms of delayed timelines, this year is looking better. We have come up with a list of the 10 best anime movies that you can catch on Netflix this year. The next time you have a few hours, you should see one of them and learn why it is so great.

1. Flavors of Youth

Flavors of Youth is a film that will leave you wondering about the bigger picture all throughout. The anime film shows you three vignettes about people going about their lives and overcoming tragedies that occur throughout them. Each character has to deal with the idea of shortcomings in their lives and how to overcome them. The character animation is so-so, but the backgrounds are stunning. This film is worth the watch!

2. A Whisker Away

Do you like supernatural love stories that will keep you guessing? Then this is the film for you. In this story, a young girl falls in love with a boy who does not like her. She manages to acquire a magical mask that lets her turn into a cat to spend time with him, and he loves and confides in the cat.

The story takes many turns from then on. It’s no small wonder this is a popular film on dating sites for anime fans. People on such an anime-based dating service will understand the main character’s trouble at finding love and getting someone to feel the same way. If you have met an anime-lover on a dating site, then this is a great first-date movie.

3. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a bit of a controversial anime that not everyone will feel comfortable with. It features a suicidal high school student who has been ostracized throughout his school years because of his past. We won’t spoil the story for you here, but it can be a tough one to watch for people who are prone to depression and have personal regrets.

4. In This Corner of the World

World War II is starting to become more real to the citizens of Eba, a small town outside of Hiroshima. This movie shows a very human side to WWII and the aftermath of the horrors inflicted upon people. This film is so good that it has to be considered a must-watch at this point, even if you have to watch it on an anime streaming service.

5. Penguin Highway

This highly supported anime video follows Aoyama as he deals with a few unusual circumstances. First, penguins are invading his town, following a path called the “Penguin Highway” into the woods. Aoyama tries to uncover the truth of the situation while dealing with an unrequited crush.

6. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

A group of sixth-graders loses a classmate in an accident, and young Jinta Yadomi can’t get over it. Not helping matters is that he has an encounter with the girl’s ghost years later. Both he and the girl have to come to grips with her death together.

7. Brave Story

This manga was adapted into a movie that had to cut out a fair amount of the plot. A young man named Wataru has to adapt to changing circumstances in his life, such as his parents splitting up, new kids appearing at school, and an encounter with a ghost. The story is bittersweet and engaging.

8. The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

Senpai and Kohai, a senior and junior at the university, can’t seem to cross paths after Senpai decides to tell her about his romantic feelings. The movie is a romance at heart and keeps you guessing about when or if they will meet up and get to talk. It’s a sweet, satisfying movie.

9. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

If you need a long film to watch, then you have found it. This story picks up after The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series and has the viewer follow another supernatural story. The story occurs in the week before Christmas and deals with new disappearances and problems.

10. Paprika

What happens when a doctor uses a device to view and infiltrate other people’s dreams? That is the question that Paprika tries to answer. The movie continually gets more complex and bizarre, and dreams and reality get harder to separate. This is a good one to watch if you like the “weird” anime.

Anime movies can run the gamut from political thrillers to university love stories. You can utilize this list of anime films to find all sorts of incredible films to watch for you and your friends. Just make sure you pick a movie where the topic isn’t going to ruin the mood.

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