What do you need to know about MEAN stack?


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Today there is a set of software that is known by the acronym MEAN (formed by MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS). It is designed to stack or compile these technologies to develop web applications using javascript as the only programming language on the server, client, and database.

In recent years you can see the ubiquity of javascript in web applications. There are reasons for this. It is a simple programming language, universal and adaptable to all platforms. The profile of a programmer who owns a MEAN stack is increasingly in demand in companies, as it can solve problems in different areas. Mean Stack allows you to get incredible web applications, but first of all, you need to know its beginning and what it consists of.

Back in 1995, Brendan Eich, who was at Netscape at the time, created a language called Mocha that was renamed several times until it became JavaScript.

Before JavaScript took on its modern form on the server side, an implementation was released with Netscape Enterprise Server at its birth. Shortly after its birth, it was standardized under the name ECMAScript. Through this, we can understand that JavaScript is an implementation of ECMAScript.

Thanks to the HTML specification, at the time limited in terms of user interaction, JavaScript became what helped add effects and interactions to web pages.

Javascript is now gaining popularity in most languages ​​also because it runs on the client side running in the browser.

Now that we have learned a little history of JavaScript creation, we can move on to Mean.


MongoDB is an open-source document database engine that offers excellent performance and scalability. Document databases such as MongoDB dispense with the complex schemas of traditional relational databases, sacrificing referential integrity for performance, scalability, and ease of development.

There are no tables, rows, or fields in MongoDB, only documents. They have indexes, but these documents are independent of each other and contain all the necessary information about the object they represent.


Express is a framework for node.js applications that contains countless methods, utilities, and middleware, in general, to make our development more stable and faster. It is very important to achieve the correct functioning of the final application.


Angular is another framework, this time dedicated to the part of the client that allows you to create single-page applications, that is, applications that do not need to reload the page. The simplicity it brings to the programmer is that it organizes the code in layers, thus avoiding endless lines of code. This is a project currently maintained by Google, open source, and in full swing.


When Node.JS came out in 2009, it revolutionized everything. Based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine, it quickly gained popularity in the developer community as it was based on JavaScript and its dependency manager was Npm. Npm is a typical package and dependency manager for node.js. Some of the advantages that make Node.JS irresistible are that it allows for asynchronous programming and is modular, lightweight, and fast.

Now you know what MEAN is and what its main features are.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
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