iPhone 16 SE rumored to be integrated with iPhone 16 series


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According to recent rumors, Apple is considering introducing the new iPhone SE aka iPhone SE 4 as part of its 2024 lineup, potentially within the iPhone 16 series. Speculation suggests that the “iPhone 16 Plus” may also be rebranded as the “iPhone 16 Plus SE,” based on leaked information from China via leaker Majin Bu.

Based on the information sources, it seems there’s speculation swirling around the merging of Apple’s iPhone 16 lineup with the SE lineup. According to a reported table, there’s talk of an iPhone 16 SE and a 16 Plus SE, potentially aimed at the lower end of the market. These models are said to feature a dynamic island design, single-camera setup, 60Hz display, and reduced battery capacity.

According to tipster @MajinBuOfficial on X (formerly known as Twitter), there’s speculation that the upcoming iPhone SE could adopt design elements akin to the iPhone 16, such as the Dynamic Island and a vertical rear camera layout.

Echoing prior assertions made by display analyst Ross Young in 2022, it’s believed that the physical dimensions of the iPhone SE 4 will resemble those of the iPhone XR. While the non-Pro models of the iPhone 16 series are expected to boast dual rear cameras, the iPhone SE is likely to maintain a single rear camera setup.

Recent reports also suggest a significant redesign for the next iPhone SE, potentially incorporating components from the iPhone 14 chassis and the potential inclusion of Face ID. Additionally, rumors are circulating about the possible integration of an OLED screen in the device.

As for the launch timeline, it’s projected that the next iPhone SE will debut sometime in 2025, offering users an approximate timeframe for its anticipated release.

In the mid-market segment, the more enticing iPhone 16 is positioned, boasting a 120Hz display, dual-camera setup, and improved battery life. At the top tier, the pro models are offering high-end features.

However, there’s skepticism about the validity of this information, with caution urged against taking it as fact. It’s mentioned that ongoing tests are being conducted for an iPhone model featuring a dynamic island design, reminiscent of the iPhone XR, and color options similar to the iPhone 15.

In addition to the information provided, it’s worth noting that renders of the iPhone 16 SE have been shared by graphic designer Jia. These renders offer visual insights into the speculated design changes and enhancements expected with the upcoming model. While these renders provide an artistic representation, they are not official and should be viewed as part of the ongoing speculation surrounding the iPhone 16 SE.

If these rumors are accurate, the iPhone 16 series would consist of five models:

  • iPhone 16 SE
  • iPhone 16 Plus SE
  • iPhone 16
  • iPhone 16 Pro
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max

Additionally, it’s expected that the standard iPhone 16 will feature a 120Hz display upon the introduction of the iPhone 16 SE. Reported specifications include for which Majin does not have a credible source:

iPhone 16 SE rumored to be integrated with iPhone 16 series

Regarding lineup composition, there’s a question about the necessity of having both a 16 Plus SE and a 16 Plus model, suggesting that focusing on a single iPhone 16 SE model might be more sensible to avoid confusion. There’s also anticipation that a new name might be adopted to differentiate it from previous SE models.

However, there are two primary concerns regarding the integration of the iPhone SE with flagship smartphones:

Price Differentiation: It’s unlikely that the “iPhone 16 SE” and “iPhone 16” would be offered at the same price. Even with differences in storage capacity, consumers are likely to prefer the model with better specifications if priced similarly. Maintaining such parity would make one model redundant within the lineup.

The reasoning behind potentially offering an iPhone 16 Plus with reduced capabilities also suggests that consumers seeking advanced features would opt for the pro line, while the basic iPhone 16 could appeal to a wider audience. This strategic approach is likened to tactics seen in other industries.

Timing of Announcement: Traditionally, the iPhone SE series is announced every two to three years. Integrating it into the annual iPhone 16 series release cycle could present challenges. The pricing of the iPhone SE relies on technology reuse to keep costs down, making it difficult to release a new model annually while maintaining its affordability. Simultaneously launching flagship and budget models could impact sales timing diversity and complicate management strategies.

In the meantime, there have been reports by MacRumors and it’s believed that the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 4 will incorporate the Action button first introduced in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro models. This addition is expected to introduce new functionality to the device. Additionally, the iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to retain a single-camera setup with a flash, distinguishing it from higher-end models that typically offer multiple camera lenses.

In comparison to the Apple iPhone 14, the iPhone SE 4 is speculated to offer a superior value proposition. This is primarily due to its inclusion of features such as the 48MP camera, Action button, and USB-C port, which are reportedly absent in the iPhone 14. As a result, the iPhone SE 4 may provide users with enhanced capabilities and modern conveniences at a more affordable price point.

In summary, while the information is speculative and should be approached with caution, it sheds light on potential changes in Apple’s iPhone SE 2024 lineup and the strategic considerations driving such decisions.

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