Are you also facing iPhone 15 Pro issues like Overheating, Scratches, Camera Dust, Fingerprints, and Battery Drain


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Recently, Apple unveiled its iPhone 15 series, which includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. Notably, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models are constructed with titanium, a material known for its enhanced strength and lightweight properties compared to the stainless steel frames used in previous iPhone models.

However, following the release, social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) have been inundated with reports of iPhone 15 Pro issues users are facing with the iPhone 15 models. Many users have voiced concerns about the devices easily acquiring scratches and dents from minor falls, in addition to discovering dust accumulation in the camera lens.

Furthermore, Apple’s latest iPhone offerings were swiftly criticized for various design and technical problems soon after their launch. Tech enthusiasts took to social media to share their grievances, citing concerns over durability tests, inconsistent coloring, and other perceived defects in the new devices. Despite these iPhone 15 Pro issues, the demand for the latest Apple iPhones remained high, evident by long queues at stores worldwide.

iPhone 15 Issues – Overheating

The iPhone 15 series has taken the smartphone market by storm, but not all the attention has been positive. Customers who eagerly pre-ordered their iPhone 15 during the initial launch week have now had the chance to familiarize themselves with their new devices. However, concerning iPhone 15 Pro issues have emerged regarding the iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.0.2—it tends to run unusually hot in certain scenarios.

One such scenario is during charging with a 65W USB PD GaN charger. Surprisingly, this charger, which has been perfectly fine with previous iPhones, Android flagships, laptops, and other gadgets, now causes the iPhone 15 Pro Max to heat up significantly. The heat can become uncomfortable when holding the phone without a case. Even with a case on, the heat is perceptible. Although using a 15W USB PD charger reduces this heat, it substantially slows down the charging speed.

The second scenario involves the phone getting warm during prolonged usage sessions, particularly while switching between chat apps and watching reels on Instagram. What’s perplexing is that this occurs without gaming, charging, or being plugged into a power source. The heat seems to concentrate on the right side, running across the bottom of the camera island. The cause of this excess heat during what seems like regular usage remains elusive.

Korean YouTuber BullsLab conducted thermal camera tests on the iPhone 15 Pro Max after a benchmark run, confirming elevated temperatures in a specific heat zone. This aligns with the experiences of users, even without engaging in intensive benchmarking or gaming.

A tech user, @VadimYuryev, carried out a comparison GPU 20-minute Stress Test on the iPhone 15 Pro Max & S23 Ultra. Here’s what he discovered.

iPhone starts at a higher FPS but quickly throttles down lower than S23U. The iPhone temperature was higher at first but throttled down S23U. the 3rd observation was that the iPhone 15 Pro Max display dimmed a bit after 20 minutes of stress test. Check out the heat distribution comparison too

Efforts have been made to reach out to Apple for an official statement regarding this heating issue. The community eagerly awaits further information and hopes for a potential resolution from Apple to address this concern. While some users have had no heating problems, the prevalence of this issue raises valid concerns and sparks discussions about the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro series.

iPhone 15 Pro issues – Discoloration

Some users have reported a temporary discoloration or fading of colors on their iPhone 15 Pro models after using them without a case. This caused initial concern among users, but Apple has acknowledged the issue and provided a solution. Users were worried whether this discoloration was a permanent problem or simply related to smudges and dirt.

A report by 9to5Mac identified the cause of this issue, attributing it to the usage of iPhone 15 Pro models with dirty or oily hands. Such residues can temporarily affect the color finish of the titanium frames used in these models. Interestingly, this problem was also observed in the Apple Watch Ultra, which also features a titanium body.

It’s essential to emphasize that the iPhone 15 Pro’s core structure continues to feature glass on both its front and back panels. However, a notable alteration is the shift from a stainless steel side frame to a new titanium frame, renowned for its increased strength and lighter composition. This titanium frame imparts a brushed effect to the phone, departing from the previous shiny finish.

What Apple has to say?

The discoloration iPhone 15 Pro issues are indeed temporary and can be resolved. Apple has recognized the problem and offered a solution. They updated their ‘Cleaning your iPhone’ support page to address this, explaining that the natural oils from the skin might temporarily alter the color of the outer band on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The suggested solution is to wipe the iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth to restore the original appearance. Users have confirmed the effectiveness of this solution. Furthermore, using a case has proven to eliminate this problem.

Apple also advises users to disconnect all cables before initiating the cleaning process and stresses the importance of refraining from using any cleaning solutions. Additionally, the company cautions against the use of compressed air for cleaning purposes.

The future approach from Apple regarding the coloring process for its titanium-body iPhones is awaited. Even though the discoloration is temporary, it can affect the device’s aesthetics, prompting curiosity about potential adjustments to the coloring process.

iPhone 15 Pro issues – Scratches

It would suck to buy a $1200+ phone to have weird discolorations and spots on it. Gradients in color may be tolerable but certainly, discolorations and scratches on the Titanium make it look like a defect. Do remember that Titanium isn’t as scratch-resistant and color coating will strip the finish.

Few iPhone 15 Pro units shipped with defects

According to a tip from an insider named Majin Bu via Wccftech, some iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices are displaying defects straight out of the box. Certain units are exhibiting issues, such as the titanium frame lacking color application or having unevenly applied color.

Furthermore, some devices are facing problems like display misalignment, camera lens dirt, screen scratches, and signs of damage in various areas. These reports suggest that the issue is widespread across units intended for the US, Chinese, and EU markets.

A Foxconn employee reportedly indicated that the initial batch of iPhone 15 Pro series phones might experience such problems, and it appears that these concerns are materializing. Majin Bu shared images depicting these defects, showcasing display misalignment, lens dirt, screen scratches, and signs of damage, including bubbles and discolored squares.

Even some premium resellers have noted defects such as uneven gaps in the back glass, wobbly OLED screens, long scratches, and substantial bubbles under the glass, particularly in iPhone 15 Pro units. Interestingly, similar issues are also seen in certain iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models. These problems seem to surpass what was experienced with the iPhone 14 Pro models, as highlighted by the reseller.

On Reddit, a few complaints have emerged regarding iPhone 15 series devices arriving in less-than-perfect condition. One user reported purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro Max, only to find it with three cracks in the rear panel when unboxing.

If you happen to receive one of these defective units, it’s advisable to contact Apple promptly and arrange for a swift replacement. To minimize the risk of receiving a faulty unit, one could consider waiting until Apple and its contract manufacturers address the issues on the assembly line. However, it remains uncertain if an official public statement addressing these concerns will be released.

Have you encountered any iPhone 15 Pro issues since the day you got one?

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