Is Tinder Select download available for free?


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Tinder has launched an “ultra-premium” service feature known as “Tinder Select” as part of its high-end service. This ultra-premium offering is available to a very small percentage of users and comes at a steep cost of $499 (£409/Rs 41,000) per month or $6,000 (£4,925) per year. Bloomberg was the first to break the news about the Tinder Select download. The revelation follows Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, confirming earlier that they would be introducing a deluxe product designed for Gen Z users sometime in the fall.

Subscribers of the Tinder Select download feature can now initiate conversations with users they haven’t matched with previously, expanding their networking opportunities.

Moreover, Tinder Select members will enjoy enhanced visibility, with their profiles being showcased to the app’s most desired users, potentially leading to more connections and interactions.

What are the eligibility criteria for Tinder Select 2023?

The key selling point of Tinder Select isn’t solely its features but rather its exclusivity. Tinder makes it clear that this premium product will be available to an extremely small percentage—less than 1%—of its users. Members can opt to exhibit their elite status by proudly displaying an exclusive SELECT badge on their profiles.

To qualify for Tinder Select, users must meet the criteria set by the company’s “5-point Select Screen.” In other words, demonstrate high levels of activity on the app and meet specific profile criteria, such as having a verified photo, a detailed bio, listing five interests, sharing a minimum of four images, and specifying the kind of relationship they are seeking.

In other words, to be eligible for Select membership, your Tinder profile needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Five Interests: Provide information about five interests on your profile.
  2. Four Pictures: Upload a minimum of four pictures to your profile.
  3. Bio with 15+ Characters: Include a biography with a minimum of 15 characters.
  4. Indicate Relationship Goal: Specify the type of relationship you are seeking.
  5. Photo Verification: Complete the photo verification process to confirm your identity.

Meeting these criteria is essential to apply for Select membership on Tinder.

Successful Tinder Select applicants can showcase an exclusive Select badge on their profile, highlighting their privileged status. However, users have the option to hide this badge if they prefer.

What are the features of Tinder Select?

This premium Tinder Select 2023 subscription offering follows Match Group’s acquisition of The League, an app targeting career-focused individuals. The success of The League served as an inspiration for the creation of Tinder Select, which is an augmentation of existing Tinder plans. Match Group executives anticipate that this feature will have a substantial impact on revenue due to its exclusivity and potential to enhance connections with the highly sought-after users on the platform.

Tinder Select adds extra features to the existing subscription plans, which begin at a starting price of $24.99 per month.

Specifically, Tinder promises heightened visibility for Select users, showcasing their profiles prominently among the highly desirable users on the app.

Additionally, Tinder Select profiles will now appear unblurred in the “Likes You” section, even if the viewer isn’t subscribed to Gold or Platinum membership.

Moreover, Tinder Select subscribers can now directly message individuals they haven’t matched with, granting them the ability to reach out twice a week. It’s important to note that the company’s website mentions that some recipients have the option to decline these messages, preserving their privacy and preferences. In comparison, Platinum members, for a fee of $29.99 per month, can already initiate conversations with people they’re interested in before a formal match is established.

Apart from its exclusive nature, Tinder Select’s array of features is rather limited. Members of Select can initiate direct messaging with another member without a prior match, but this is capped at twice a week and does not include the ability to send a Super Like simultaneously. Furthermore, some recipients can opt out of receiving these direct messages, as indicated on the company’s website. Additionally, the profiles of Select members will remain visible, without blurring, in the “Like You” grid for up to seven days, even without subscribing to Tinder Gold or Platinum.

However, the main promise to Select members is the exposure to Tinder’s “most sought-after profiles,” aiming to provide a higher quality of matches. Although the specific mechanism behind this exposure and the criteria for identifying these “exceptional connections” are not detailed, it is plausible that this includes other Select members or users who have received the highest likes from others.

In addition, Tinder Select users will have the privilege of testing upcoming Tinder features before they are rolled out to the general user base, and they will also be able to hide advertisements and review the Likes they have sent over the past seven days.

It’s important to note that this new subscription can be combined with a Plus, Gold, or Platinum subscription to gain additional features, as clarified by the company.

There’s a caveat: the features of Tinder Select are confined to the Tinder app and are not accessible on

Is Tinder Select Download for free?

Regrettably, there is no legitimate method to download Tinder Select 2023 for free.

Tinder Select is a premium feature that requires a significant cost of subscription of $499 (£409/Rs 41,000) per month or $6,000 (£4,925) per year. Attempting to acquire premium features without paying for them would violate the app’s terms of use. It’s essential to adhere to the app’s policies and respect its pricing structure.

If Tinder were to offer a free version of Tinder Select in the future or modify its pricing, it would be made available through official app stores like the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android. Always use authorized and trusted sources to download apps to ensure the security and privacy of your device and personal data.

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