Is Instagram stuck on Black/White screen? Here are some possible reasons and workarounds


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Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, it is estimated that there are around 1520 million users worldwide it comes with its own set of problems. Over time as Instagram has added a plethora of features to the app but it ha become infected with persistent bugs like Instagram filters not showing. The most recent issue that is troubling Android users is Instagram stuck on black screen for many of them. Many have reported getting Instagram stuck on White screen too. Android Users reported that the app gets stuck on the black or white screen when one tries to launch the app in their Android phones.

It depends on the theme of Instagram installed on the phone, that users are seeing Instagram stuck on Black or White screen. When trying to login to Instagram app on the phone, one sees the logo for a second followed immediately by a blank white screen or a black screen instead of the login page. The complaints of Instagram stuck on Black screen are coming from Samsung phone owners.

Instagram users have tried to reboot, hard boot, close and reopen, uninstall, delete and reinstal it, install older versions of the app and installing/reinstalling, rebooting, clear data/cache, switching from on wifi to cellular data, installed form downloaded apk and instander instead but nothing seems to works. Instagram login is all just a black or white screen. Similar issue has not been encountered on any other app on the phone.

However, users have been able to enter into their Instagram accounts on tablet, iPhone, Instgaram Lite and on web browser of computer.

Probable causes of Instagram stuck on Black Screen?

While Instagram has not officially declared anything regarding the issue, the company does usually fix the ongoing issues with new updates it cannot be clearly said when the issue will be resolved officially. The problem is not just limited to one version of the app, users across the spectrum have reported the same issue indicating that this is a major bug and can affect other users as well.

The occurrence of the issue also depends on what theme is applied as users with dark themes started to experience the issue first followed by the users having a default theme. the users who have not turned on the dark mode are experiencing the same issue on the white screen.

Some users also doubted that this issue might be related to the beta testers as well. As the beta testers usually face these kinds of issues. The Beta version gets the latest updates first so as to check if there are any instability or bugs in the app and how people respond to the new updates brought in.

Instagram has yet not responded to the reason behind the Instagram stuck on Black Screen glitch and neither there is any ETA. In the meantime, we have found few tried and tested workarounds that users have tried. They have been able to bypass the issue but a permanent fix is awaited.

Solutions to the Instagram stuck on Black Screen

Solution 1 – Reinstallation

One of the easiest ways to fix the Instagram stuck on Black Screen issue is to uninstall the application and reinstall it through conventional means like the Google Play Store. Or you can try installing the app through an APK source.

Solution 2 – Login from cloned version of Instagram/Dual Apps/Parallel Apps

If your device supports a parallel app feature you can simply toggle the feature on and then install another Instagram app. This won’t affect the working of any other applications and might be the best possible workaround. All you have to do is open the Settings app and go to Advanced features –> Dual Messenger. Login to the cloned version

Solution 3 – Quit Beta Tester Program

The beta testing app gets updated very often and there are high chances that this bug might get fixed very soon but this might go on the other way as well so the best way to get through this problem is to quit the beta program through the following steps

Step 1 – Search Instagram on the Google play store

Step 2 – Click on the application page

Step 3 – Click the leave button to leave the program

Step 4 – Click the leave button mentioned Again

Step 5 – Uninstall and Redownload the App to get the full version

Solution 4 – Instagram Lite

You can download the lite app from the Google Play store. It offers almost the same functionalities as the normal app but is smaller in size and is highly optimized which rules out the possibility of bugs. The app can be simultaneously used even if you have Instagram full version downloaded on the same phone.

However do keep in mind that Instagram Lite is annoying because it lags and the new features aren’t there. However, this is one of the workable option till the time Instagram releases a fix.

Follow the below-mentioned steps on Instagram Lite and users have reported that it has solved the Instagram stuck on black screen bug.

Solution 5 – Instagram Web

Instagram has also evolved its web version to full functionality now and features such as DM can also be accessed from the same. This can be a good alternative to the app as it is free of bugs you can find in an application.


As the user base of the social media platforms constantly increases, it is presumed that issues will also become very frequent. So the best way to get around is either wait for the new update to come out or follow one of the steps mentioned above. We will make sure to update the article with further developments on fix to the bug.

In the meantime do let us know if you are also facing with Instagram stuck on Black screen!

Abhinav Anand
Abhinav Anand
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