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Sometimes browsing Instagram turns out to be a tedious task when you lack an account on the platform. But that won’t be a problem anymore when you have a web-based application allowing you to read, edit, and archive Instagram content. Platform Picuki is available both in-person and online. It will offer you the service of editing the photos that may be edited. However, you won’t get access to such options to deal with the Moments Stories, Videos, or Moments.

The systematic pattern of working with the posts

The users of the Picuki app like it for the simple reason that it has a very friendly interface. A simple-to-use app lets you enter the names of people you want to find. It will be easily accessible with the help of the built-in search engine. By selecting one, search for the information. Get the best browsing option for the stories, use hashtags, and so on. 

  • Search for
  • The web design implies you enter the profile ID.
  • Read over the possibilities for you and choose your favorite.
  • When you discover the profile, you will notice an intriguing resemblance to Instagram. You will get the widest identification with the post demonstration.
  • Click on a post or story to view or download

Legality and safety to use 

The risk-free app is the finest as it lets you use it safely. But it’s worth noting that it’s still unclear whether this app is legal or illegal. Risk-free lets you browse Instagram posts without logging in. as an app has a good trust rating. There won’t ever be a need for you to log in or provide any personal information. But at the same time, you need to note that there might be some issues when you wish to download a photo that does not belong to you. There will be a high chance for you to get into problems. The most useful feature and benefit of Picuki are browsing without logging in. Browse Instagram anonymously, and you will never have to feel afraid of getting caught.

Requesting access to Picuki API

There will be an option for you to embed Picuki content on the app. For that, you will need to get access to the API. Follow the instructions and get API easily:

  • Open “”
  • Scroll down >>> find “Request access to our API.”
  • Click on “Request API”
  • Enter Gmail; Website >>> describe your project
  • Click on “Request API”
  • You will receive mail once you get the API. Visit official

Final words

Picuki app gives you the option to access stories, profiles, hashtags, and followers. The service that the Picuki app offers is completely free. Also, for this purpose, you won’t require registration or use a social networking account. Picuki is one of the finest portals that will be offering you the widest assistance with editing as well as viewing Instagram posts.

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