How to Erase and Reset a locked iPhone after iOS 15.2 update without Mac or Windows PC?


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iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 updates were released on 13th December by Apple. They are the second major iOS rollout after the launch of iOS 15.1 in September. iOS 15.2 update brings lot many improvements as well as bug fixes. They include new features like App Privacy Report, Communication Safety, Apple Music Voice Plan, Legacy Contacts for data management after one dies. Apart from these new features, there are a few enhancements to existing functions like Find My, Hide My Email and more.

Fortunately, one feature is a welcome addition and needs special mention. It will help majorly all the iPhone users who are eligible for iOS 15.2 update. It is a hassle-free process with which one can now reset iPhone without reaching out to a Mac or PC. It is useful when one has forgotten iPhone Pin.

iOS and iPadOS 15.2 updates have added a new “Erase Device” option to be used when an iPhone gets locked out due to wrong entries of Pin. Earlier the process when an iPhone or iPad model got locked out was very cumbersome. It had to be first put into DFU mode and then connected to a Windows PC or Mac to erase and reset the pin/password through Finder on a Mac or iTunes on Windows.

With the new function “Erase Device” rolled out in the iOS 15.2 update, when the device gets into Security Lockout mode, users are asked to confirm their Apple ID password. Once done it helps in erase and reset of password. Some felt that this could give easy access to stolen parts of iPhones and iPads and also the owner’s information. But Apple would have given a serious brainstorming to it. It is another simple way to reset with Apple ID protected by password and 2FA.

Here is the process to reset and erase an iPhone or iPad, when it hits a Security Lockout mode!

Erase and Reset a locked iPhone after iOS 15.2 update?

The following steps are valid for devices that have been upgraded to iOS 15.2 update. Also before going for steps to erase and reset ensure that your iPhone or iPad was on active Wi-Fi or cellular connection before it got locked out.

Click on the “Erase iPhone” option

After repeatedly hitting the “Try Again Later” button, the attempts to unlock the device get exhausted. Security Lockout mode is activated. The user sees the “Erase iPhone” or “Erase iPad” option at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it!

Confirm Erase iPhone (or Erase iPad) button again

Tap the Erase button once again and confirm

Enter Apple ID and password

On confirming that you want to Erase the PIN, you are prompted to enter your Apple ID and password.
A message is displayed – “The Apple ID password for r**** is required to erase this iPhone”.
The message displayed doesn’t reveal email and also requires you to enter your password before erasing.

Click on Erase iPhone/ Erase iPad once again

On inputting the correct Apple ID password, tap once again on Erase button. It permanently deletes all the data and settings.
Activation Lock gets disabled only if one enters the correct password

iPhone/iPad restarts

The device restarts. Thereafter Apple wants you to
“follow the onscreen instructions: and set up the device again, including restoring data and settings from a backup and setup a new passcode.”

The above steps will completely reset the iPhone or iPad. Once you are able to restart, you will have to again set up the device and set up a new pin. Restore from backup. Well, that is an exercise!

The feature of Erase and Reset in iOS 15.2 update is to help people who forget their passcodes and do not have a computer for the passcode removal. An amazing time-saver for many such people.

What do you think is Apple moving towards a portless iPhone? Share with us your views!

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