How Much Do Forex Traders Really Earn?


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The question of how much a trader earns is broad and controversial. Everything here is similar to any other business – no one will tell you your salary in advance. All income will depend for the most part only on you. You need to be determined, patient and analyze everything carefully. There could be a period when you cannot earn a lot of money and be in losses, but even in such times, you should recover.

Truth About Salaries in Forex

In monetary terms, people with higher or specialized education can earn as much as the average trader earns, that is, about $10,000 a month. In order to understand how much traders earn worldwide, it is worth knowing the principles of trading and all its elements that affect the trader’s profit on an individual basis. The quantum of earnings and profits made by a trader mostly depends on his skills and abilities. But the net profit earned is governed by the amount of money invested. If there is no good starting capital, then the trader’s income will be very small.

As mentioned at the beginning, psychology, a set of human qualities in trading, is very important. Successful work in the markets requires the cold functions of the stock market – mentality, perseverance, poise, and the ability to analyze. Also, according to statistics, people who use a Forex trading strategy have more stable incomes than the ones who do not. But nerves and greed are enemies with which a trader does not get along.

How Much Can a Trader Earn Per Month?

As a result, out of 10 trades – 7 will be profitable and 3 unprofitable. In the end, there will still be a positive result. The main point of traders’ work is to make money on the price difference in the market. I bought it at the same price, sold it a little higher, and put the difference in my pocket. Also, a trader can make reverse transactions, sell what he does not have at high prices, and then, as prices go down, buyback assets (short positions).

How Much Should I Earn To Be Successful?

Of course, there are exceptions in the form of scalping, but even there 100 trades per day will indicate that there are problems with the psychological state of the trader. If there were no people who know how to trade and teach people to do it, then we would have lost famous personalities. Any person who has mastered some skills can apply for a managerial and mentoring position, and only advantages can be traced in this. Nobody cancels out deceivers and people who fake their achievements in the market, but this is not 100% of the sample.

There will be no such problems as a brake manager, fake shares, etc. On the exchange, every transaction is standardized and protected. They trade in the market from several days to several weeks, preferring to follow strong “long-term” trends.

How do they earn?

Failure to come to terms with this reality is one of the reasons people become disillusioned with trading. We trade because we want to make money. But how much can a trader actually earn per day, week, month, year? Of course, the simple ratio “money that I am willing to lose” is roughly equal to “profit”, the total income of a trader is not limited. In the financial market, there are many factors that determine income. Experts usually refer to amateurs as traders who have already managed to pass the break-even point.

It can be noted that 9 out of 10 traders in the first year completely drain the amount on the account. About 30% of them end up abandoning the idea of ​​trading forever. Only 10% of newbies end up reaching the level where they can boast of their first profit. A trader cannot become an investor in any way. In 1993, Soros made another $1.1 billion in transactions in various markets.

What Percentage Of Traders Make Money?

There are many examples in the world when a successful company suddenly found itself on the brink of bankruptcy. Or its quotes fell sharply by 2-3 times, although yesterday everyone believed in its further growth. Day traders trade only within the day. By the evening, the Exchange rate closes all transactions, no matter if they are in a loss or in a profit. Their goal is to capture the mood of the market, to understand in which direction it will go today and to go with the flow with it. Long-term traders – they rarely enter trades.

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