How to Protect Your Kids From Online Bullying?


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Everyone experiences bullying at some point in their lives. Whether it’s the big guy at school, the mean girl that’s in the same girl’s guide troupe, or even just the neighbor kid with the BB gun, we’ve all had someone make us feel insecure or scared. Sad to say, things haven’t gotten any better in the current year. It’s safe to say that bullying might be more of a problem now than ever before. This is because, like so many other things have done since the old days, bullying has gone digital.

How Can You Protect Your Children from Online Bullying?

Bullying isn’t new, and many solutions have been tried, including the swath of awareness campaigns and counseling sessions that seem to have contributed to the decrease in traditional forms of bullying. This has led to increased action on all ends, but only to the effect that was intended; bullies are leaving the classrooms and campuses. What about the online space?

Time and trial have proven that the only way to ensure your kids stay safe on the internet is to take a very direct, hands-on approach to policing their internet usage. But because the internet is such an integral part of current life, this has to be done discreetly. And this is where having a powerful monitoring tool like Spyfer, the free spyware comes in.

What Is Bullying?

It’s not unusual for older generations to ridicule the idea of online bullying, but is there any real weight to this? Oxford Dictionaries define bullying as seeking to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).

It is important to note that there is no clarification beyond this point, nor any reason that this definition only applies to acts of physical intimidation. There’s ample evidence that bullying can be far more subtle than regular rough treatment, and that it might even be more effective in that guise.

Is Online Bullying That Much of a Problem?

In short, yes. While there has been a steady decline in incidents of traditional bullying in the last decade (according to studies published in the Pediatrics journal and corroborated by other follow-up studies), this might be more of a smokescreen than an achievement.

While many tout the statistics, the reality of the situation is still quite dire, and worsening every day. Far from helping the victims of bullying, the decline in traditional bullying has become a crutch for policymakers and even parents, allowing them to lessen efforts despite warnings against doing exactly that.

A cursory glance at newer statistics shows a far more alarming reality. The rates of cyberbullying have more than doubled in the same time frame covered by the above-cited survey, with over half of all students admitting that their experiences seriously impacted their ability to learn and feel safe even outside of the online environment where the bullying took place. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Cyberbullying is directly linked to increased rates of mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and more. Worse yet, about 1 in 5 victims turn to self-harm, and victims are twice as likely as others to attempt suicide.


Spyfer is free and efficient software that will let you monitor all your kid’s online activity. From social media to instant messaging, and even emails and location data so you can act before it’s too late. It’s a surefire and timely solution to an ever-worsening problem. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try at the website today. Also, check this expert’s article about 7 ways to stop bullying and help your child.

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Audrey Throne
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