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Floki Left Fearful As HUH Token Arrives

Floki is a new meme cryptocurrency that has recently entered the cryptocurrency game. You may have seen their latest advertisements sprawled across buses or on the tube. The adverts have the text ‘Missed Dogecoin? Get Floki.’ The creators of Floki presumably think that Dogecoin will be their main competition, however, Floki has started to pick up momentum at a dangerous time, as the highly sought after HUH Token has also just launched.  

What does this mean for Floki? Well, it can mean several things. Firstly, it is likely to prevent Floki’s price from fluctuating as HUH Token may end up drawing attention away from Floki. These are two big new cryptocurrencies on the scene and so naturally investors are going to draw comparisons between HUH Token and Floki. So, to help all potential investors out, this post will go through a breakdown of the pros and cons of each cryptocurrency. First up, we will start with Floki and then go onto HUH Token. 

Floki Pros

  1. Real world usage
  2. Owners of Floki are rewarded for holding
  3. Ambitious Roadmap 
  4. Donates to charity 

Floki Cons

  1. Prone To Swings
  2. Reliant on the support of Elon Musk
  3. Perceived as a ‘copycat coin’ by some 

HUH Token Pros

  1. Unique referral system designed to put cold hard cash straight into your wallet.
  2. Distributes both BNB and Token.
  3. Refer someone and get a permanent sales tax reduction from 20% to 10%. 
  4. Refer someone and get 10% off their first purchase directly in BNB.
  5. You can refer an unlimited number of people.
  6. The system is designed to create generational wealth.
  7. HUH Token has a unique and ambitious roadmap.

HUH Token Cons 

  1. Currently only available on PancakeSwap
  2. Very new to the cryptocurrency world 

So now that all the information is in front of us, what does this all mean? 

Floki Vs HUH Token

The more investors catch onto HUH Token, the worse this will be for Floki. As [r mentioned, Floki and HUH Token will inevitably be compared, and this may end up putting Floki in a precarious position. There are a few reasons why HUH Token presents a problem for Floki.

Firstly, Floki as a concept is not far off coins such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin – so, in some ways, there is nothing new about the branding as it’s all been done before. Without the presence of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Floki might not have experienced the success that they did. 

HUH Token is trying to stand out in an already saturated market, and according to their whitepaper the cryptocurrency aims to:

Revolutionise this, in favour of the social investor, through smart contracts and a fair redistribution mechanism, one that will be easier for the average investor to understand and utilise.”

Cryptocurrency can be confusing to people who are not involved in the community, and HUH Token is trying to change this and open cryptocurrency to the masses. This mindset is likely to draw in a lot of first-time investors which could give HUH Token a big advantage over Floki. 

Something worth mentioning here is that the whole world has experienced a very turbulent few years now. Consequently, anything that might be considered volatile, or as a volatile investment might not be as appealing as it once was. HUH Token has found a way to tread the fine line between stability and excitement. Comparatively, investments in Floki might be deemed riskier. 

A Final Thought

Both cryptocurrencies have their pros and cons, however, the best way to decide where to put your money is to understand your priorities as an investor. If you are hoping for a quick fix for cash or a long-term investment, then you need to narrow down the relevant options for what you want. Investing the time to conduct proper research is the best way to make sure you are making smart choices for your investments. 

Follow HUH Token on their Socials before they Launch:

Website: https://huh.social  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken   

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhToken/   

Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN   

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