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In today’s digital world social sharing is one of the greatest ways of driving more traffic to your business. Your website visitors are the ones that share your content and help you to get more visitors and more links to your site. But, at the same time, nothing is more annoying than watching other people get lots of shares, even when your content is way better than theirs!

To deal with such a problem, you will be more than happy to know that there are some tricks, tactics, and tools that can be extremely useful in increasing social sharing dramatically. These tips will be useful for both a custom writing service and a multinational corporation. Here are a few ways to boost your traffic.

Choose the hot trending topics

There is no better way than to write on a current topic, that is so much in trend. In order to make the most of it, try to funnel out its popularity to get more social media share. Just because you are late by few hours and top authority sites have already written it OR make the content live, remember it’s never too late. However, before you put your pen to paper, think real hard as to what will make people share your content.

An interesting study showing the reasons what made people share was published by The Customer Insight Group in the New York Times. They were:

  • Define themselves to others
  • Give self-fulfillment
  • Bring valuable and entertaining content to others
  • Market causes or brands
  • Grow & nourish relationships

Craft a catchy headline

The truth is that most of the business blog post headlines are absolutely accurate, but are extremely dull and non-compelling. To increase interest, curiosity and share-ability rewrite the headline in a well-crafted way. Because most people judge whether or not they will be reading something based on the headline alone.

That is what summarizes the user’s opinion or awareness of a subject. Therefore, come up with a better headline to keep the audience intrigued and to further entice the audience to read the content, address them individually. If you want your best content to receive more social media share, then start thinking about the headlines in a social context.

Learn to make the most of pictures and graphics

Did you know that social media messages with images or multimedia content have been proven to get significantly more engagements and click-through, compare to only text social media messages?

If you weren’t aware yet, well now you are. Posting photos on social media platforms are the best way to get more attention from your audience, as it is far easier to devour than the text.

However, be aware of the fact that not all photos are created equal. Share photos that are not just only high in quality, but also that interest your targeted audience along with the relevant links. If you haven’t done this already, get going folks you’ll soon realize what you were missing.

Make your sharing easy and accessible

Why would anyone be willing to share your content, if it doesn’t take minimal efforts to do it? If your website already receives regular traffic then do make sure to take the advantage of the potential social media share.

One of the most effective ways to approach this situation is to implement social sharing buttons where your audience can clearly see and access them without having to search around.

Also, design your website and your content with a target to minimize the efforts for the reader whenever a social sharing button is clicked. In addition, ensure that your efforts to make sharing easy are also accessible on the vast amounts of screen sizes as well.

Ask for automatic shares

Haven’t we all noticed that some blog posts, as soon as they get published get a huge amount of shares instantly, leaving everyone bewildered! The truth infect is that they never asked for it, but their audience liked their content so much that they decided to automatically share it.

Since not everyone knows how to set up the automatic sharing of content, why don’t you take the initiative to let your valuable audience know to do that? Online social media tools, such as can be used where all you need to do is specify the source and the destination. This way your site will grow and the number of active social media users who will automatically share your content will also increase.

Always re-share your content

Are you still wondering, what’s the need to re-share the old content again with your audience? Right? Well, technically your entire audience is never going to see every blog post you’ll publish the first time. Therefore, re-sharing the same content over time will open up new opportunities that you might have missed the first time.

So, every time you create a new blog post make sure to schedule it to be shared multiple times in the future to increase your total reach. The more the people will see it, the better will be the chances of attracting and increasing the social media share.

Prioritize your social outreach

No single media platform is the same, so how can the audience be the same? They vary greatly across the social networks and account for a unique demographic that can help you to prioritize your social reach as per your business needs.

  • Facebook – users on Facebook are more likely to share content that affects them personally as their networks typically consist of friends and family.
  • Twitter – After Facebook, Twitter is the second largest user base that acts as the hub for trending topics.
  • LinkedIn – It basically consists of working adults and professionals seeking networking opportunities. Therefore, ideal for demonstrating thoughts on leadership, providing detailed product information and social recruitment.
  • Pinterest – It is a large female user base, popular for more consumable shares.
  • Google+ – It is considered a hub for tech-savvy individuals.

Use these advantages of social media for your business.

Post when your audience is most active

If you really want to give yourself the best chance possible for increasing your social media share significantly, pay attention to your demographics. There is always a certain window of time when your audiences are the most active.

This will help you to target and achieve your goal. Posting during those peak hours automatically enhances your ability to attract more shares and other meaningful social media engagement too.

Traditionally it’s been said that the best time to post the content is mid-morning and mid-afternoon on the weekdays, but it varies based on the social media network and your audience too.

Make the most of the above-given points to increase your social media shares today! If you’ve got something interesting to share, don’t hold back. We’d love to hear it all.

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