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Apps are those applications which run on tablets, smartphones and computers. These have become part of our life. Some of the apps have top places in the market. Here is the list of those apps which you should know –

QQ- this app was developed by Chinese tech giant. It provides you to instant messaging service as like of others. It gives you a lot of things such as gaming zone, movies, music and even shopping, etc. it has 76.2% market share. 

It has more than a hundred million of people having account on it. It is so popular in the workplace. It is so easy to use and also have simple features which can easily be understood. Most celebrities use this app to communicate with their fans. QQ is available in play store you can get it from there.

GTA 5 – being released more than seven years ago, the game has remained relevant and is enjoyed by users worldwide Gta 5 Apk was released only for Xbox and Play Station.

Signal-it was developed by Open whisper Systems and signal foundation. It is 100% safe to use. It allows you to send messages and can make calls through internet. It is available for the desktop, Android and iOS. It focuses more on privacy which shows you how safe it is. It supports conference voice calls and video calls. 

It is an open source with no extra cost. Its privacy and security features are regularly checked by experts. To be a part of signal, you will need a phone number and an internet connection. The way to download is as easy that those of other apps that is available in play store.

Viber- it was invented by Rakuten and Viber media S. A. R.L. it was released on December 2, 2010. The free app which is similar to other apps. Its features are also so similar such as you can instant messages, make free calls, send picture and video messages to other users, etc. it has more than millions of people account on this. It works on both the devices smartphones and computers. It is also good in privacy as it is end to end encryption. It always protects your messages to be read by any third person. You can easily have it from play store.

Discord- it was developed by Microsoft cooperation. It was launched on May 13, 2015. It is available in 28 languages. It was created for people to communicate with each other. It has also a lot of features such as send messages, voice calls and video calls, audio and video sharing and even files too, etc. it is available in for both PC and smartphones. It is the totally safe app with good privacy features. You can easily get it from play store and can download it from there.

It doesn’t wonder to know that everyone has social media apps in their phone but use verified apps as listed above in the article. Thanks, readers, for reading this article. Hope you like it!

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.


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