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Do you sometimes wonder how you ever visited a foreign country without the smart travel apps we have now? You are not alone. A smartphone can now be used for so many other things. You can use it to learn about the city, find the quickest route, book a taxi, order food, and even speak a foreign language. You can say that it has replaced the printed guide.

All the information you need is now just a tap away. This is also true for Barcelona. No problems, even if you do not speak Spanish. Here are a few apps you will want to download if you are visiting the city.

City Maps

You will, of course, get Google Maps in Barcelona. However, you may want to download the TMB App because it will give you more precise information about metro and bus timings, their operating hours, disruptions, maps, and much more. With this app, you will be able to plan to move around the city more easily. TMB means the “Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona”, which runs the city’s public transport.

Check the “Promotions” tab in the app where you can get free tickets to many cultural events in Barcelona. The TMB App is available in English, German, and Spanish.

Finding the Best Places in Barcelona

Download the Miniguide app if you are interested in events. Miniguide helps you find things to do based on personal interests like nightlife, romance, or LGBT. It will help you locate the best cafes. There is even a “Near Me” section to find that café close to you.

You can also use Coolmapp. It will take some time to download but once done, this app will provide information on a lot of events and places. You can even use it offline, so you don’t have to worry about data.

There are more than 400 cannabis clubs in Barcelona and many of them organize special events and competitions. Cannabis Social Clubs are non-profit, social and recreational organizations where marijuana is grown with a donation to be shared and consumed strictly among the members. You have to first get an invitation to become a member before you can enter a cannabis club. You can get your cannabis club invitation here.

Travel Guides

Barcelona Art & Culture is not the slickest app. But it is free and extremely content-rich. It is culture-focused to help you discover the city’s architecture, museums, and a lot more. When you are in Barcelona, you want to see the famous architect, Antoni Gaudí’s work, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Milà, Park Guell, La Pedrera, and more. Barcelona has several stunning buildings and rich architectural heritage.

Download Triposo to buy tickets to the city’s must-see attractions like the Park Güell and Sagrada Familia. And like Coolmapp, you can use this app offline as well.

Ulmon’s City Guide app is also very useful. You can customize it based on your interest, like architecture, history, or landmarks. The app lets you create a list of must-see places, so you can even create your own itinerary if you want.

Eating Out

The city has thousands of cafes and restaurants of all sizes. It is estimated that there are more than 2,200 restaurants. The Fork app will make it easier for you to find good places.

It was acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014 so the app integrates TripAdvisor reviews, which will help you decide. You can also post a review.

It also has many filters. You can use this app to even book your table. Many of the city restaurants often offer attractive discounts. You will receive reward points every time you use the app to make a booking. These points can be redeemed later.


Many locals and even tourists take taxis in Barcelona because they are convenient and affordable. Remember, there is no metro on weekdays after midnight. You can find a taxi easily on the street. But when you use FreeNow, you can book your ride in advance. You can also pay from the app directly.

Citymapper is good. It integrates all urban transports nicely. It even provides notifications about when you have to switch or get off the lines. The app is updated constantly and so it is always relevant. You will never again miss the train because you were following an outdated schedule. It provides current transportation status and transit maps within the city.

You can also use the Barcelona Metro app for the most complete information on the metro lines and stations. It has an interactive map with a route planner. It also maps routes to popular places of interest. You will find it much easier to reach these places.

Language Apps

It will certainly help you if you can speak in Spanish, even a little bit. FluentU will help you get familiar with the language. It will also give you a decent understanding of the city’s culture. The app’s approach is unique. It takes real-world movie trailers, music videos, and news pieces, and creates personalized Spanish language lessons.

It has much more than just videos. You will find vocab lists, interactive flashcards, personalized quizzes, and annotated subtitles. You will be able to learn the local lingo and idioms, which will help you make casual conversations with the city’s residents.

iTranslate, on the other hand, is a dictionary and translation app. It includes many common phrases. The app defines the words and also provides synonyms and translations in female or male voices. It also has a camera feature that translates restaurant menus and city signs. All you have to do is just take a photo. This app too works without the internet, which is awesome for international travellers.


XE Currency is a very useful money conversion app. You will never have to face a problem while converting the currency. Updated rates are stored in the app, so there’s nothing to worry about if you cannot use the internet. You will find this app very useful when you are shopping or buying a ticket. Never again worry whether you paid or received the correct amount.

Barcelona is a major city in Europe. Thousands of tourists visit every year. These smart apps have made it so much easier to visit Barcelona.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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