How to fix Apple Watch Series 7 Charging issues till the update rolls out?


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Smartwatches consume a lot of battery and most of them last a day the most. Hence, if there is an issue with regular charging, using them becomes very problematic. When the Apple Watch Series 7 charging issues got reported, the problem magnified. From November onwards, many users took to the Apple forum as well as Reddit to complain about Apple Watch Series 7 randomly stopped charging.

Apple Watch Series 7‌ charging issues first crept up in early November. Apple tried to mitigate the bricked out charging by rolling out watchOS 8.1.1 update. Since the problem continued to bother users, Apple again rolled out another watchOS 8.3 update in mid of December but only for worse. It was expected that the models will charge at the speed of light after the update.

The nature of complaints ranges from Apple Watch stopped charging usually overnight in “nightstand” mode. Few new files were also discovered in the Apple Watch App on iPhone. The S7 sometimes wouldn’t charge or would intermittently charge and stop, back and forth. It starts charging for a few minutes but stops thereafter. Some users have complained while recharging the battery reaches 2% and then stops.

How to fix Apple Watch Series 7 Charging issues till the update rolls out?

Surely, 2% charging is not enough for the users to carry through in a day. In some cases, even restarting the watch did not help. The series 7 watch charging issues came back haunting.

The charging issues post 8.3 update became more rampant. The new ultra-slow charging exclusively for Watch Series 7 has become ridiculous with a 2% charge reported in 10 minutes. For some, it does tick past 2% but burns hot. Some 8.3 updates resolved the charging issue but introduced abnormal battery drain.

How to fix Apple Watch Series 7 Charging issues till the update rolls out?

Users in desperation have tried to troubleshoot the Watch Series 7 charging issues at their end. This includes force reset for a number of times, using the original fast charge USB C cable with a 20W USB C power brick & Apple MagSafe travel charger.

How to fix Apple Watch Series 7 Charging issues till the update rolls out?

After watchOS 8.3 update, a few users have come back and said that the Series 7 charging issues have been fixed. But for many, it has not. Instead, WatchOS 8.3 has killed 3rd party charger. One thing is sure that it is more of a software issue rather than a hardware one. Let us check out what is the root cause behind it and how to fix it!

How to fix Apple Watch Series 7 Charging issues ?

According to reports on the MacRumors forums, Reddit, and the Apple Support Community, it has been noticed that the ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ charging issues are occurring mostly with non-Apple chargers and non-Apple-certified ones. Among them, most are multi-charge devices. They are affordable third-party chargers that are available on Amazon. This has been observed mostly after WatchOS 8.3 update was rolled out.

Apart from restricting charging to 2% only, a few users are complaining of erratic behaviour on their Series 7 Watch after the 8.3 update with a 3rd party wireless charger (Belkin). It includes excessive battery drain, heating up, flashing between screens (charging screen, unlock pin pad, watch face). The watch isn’t charging on 3rd party chargers but charges fine on Apple-branded puck chargers.

Many third-party chargers have notified their customers that after Apple Watch’s firmware update to WatchOS 8.3, Apple Watch may have difficulty in charging. It only applies to WtachOS 8.3 updated watches.

It is a clear indication that Apple is pulling plugs on the use of 3rd party chargers. But users don’t want chargers to become obsolete just because of an update. It is very frustrating. Hope Apple can do something to fix this problem because one can’t just get rid of these chargers.

Apple has yet not acknowledged the issue. In the absence of another update that handles it, the best way to avoid is to charge your Apple Watch with the Apple cable or USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable that came with it or an Apple charger.

If you are using a third-party charging stand, use the charging cable that shipped in the box with Apple Watch. In case the one that came with Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t help in recharging, try a different Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable and another certified USB Power Adapter.

If none of these work, force the Apple Watch to restart. Press and hold both the side buttons and Digital Crown for at least 10 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo. Try recharging with the original cable.

If nothing works raise a ticket with Apple Support without delay.

So far we have these solutions. If any of you has come up with any other solution, please share it with us. We hope the next watch OS update fixes this.

Watch Series 7 claims to last for up to 18 hours on a single charge. That is the same battery backup as the last year’s model. The new Apple Watch also offers 33% faster charging than the previous model. However, users facing Watch series 7 Charging issues would surely mind these figures now until Apple comes with a sure shot fix to the issues.

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