How to fix watchOS 7 issues plaguing Apple Watch Series 3?


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The update watchOS 7 was unveiled for Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5 was unveiled in Apple’s Time Flies event a few days ago. Along with watchOS 7, the 2020 models of Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE also made a debut. The latest OS introduced novel features like a watch face, sleep tracking support, to name a few.

However, the latest watchOS7 update has run into rough weather, unexpected from the tech Cupertino giant. Apple Watch Series 3 users have run into issues after installation. The latest OS has ruined their watches.

The most annoying one that people are reporting is “hard random reboot over and over”. The others range from “go dark”, “battery drain” to a decline in performance, and more. Few are getting iMessage notifications which don’t clear even after reading them. Frustrating, isn’t it!

The issue can be read in detail on Apple’s support forum’s thread. It was reported around 9 days ago by Apple Watch Series 3 owner and was later on joined by many who installed watchOS 7 and encountered issues.

Apple has released a hotfix(watchOS 7.0.1) earlier this week, but users did not find a solution in it. The restriction imposed by Apple has added to the woes. Once the watchOS 7 updates have been installed, it cannot be reverted to the previous stable- watchOS 6.

On prima facie, it appears the hardware of Apple Watch Series 3 is outdated to support watchOS 7 and more updates. However, for the time being Apple has no intentions to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3.

Honestly speaking the Series 3 has been plagued by issues whenever a new update gets released. It has an anemic amount of storage support for it and should now be dropped.

Some of the persistent issues do have simple workarounds. They can be checked till the time a final update arrives from Apple. Take a look at them!

How to fix WatchOS 7 issues?

Battery Drain Issue

Users have been reporting an unexpected behavior of the watch. After the update, it started heating up and battery dropped to 20% in an hour.

The battery drain issue can be improved by unpair, set up a new watch, and then pair the watch again. Prior to unpairing, make sure under iCloud settings, it’s backing up health info. Though it is painful but it can resolve the discomfort to some extent. It is assumed that the new feature related to sleep tracking might be eating away battery resources.

Bluetooth/WiFi Connectivity Issues

Head straight to the control center and relaunch the options for WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, etc. as per requirement.

WatchOS 7 Installation Issues

Many users can be seen reporting installation issues. Many found watchOS 7 could only be installed after a complete reset. An issue somewhat similar to the older version of iPhones, people resorted to deleting everything on watch before going ahead. Although it didn’t help much, maybe temp storage not getting cleared.

Some tips to handle installation issue – keep battery at 50% at least. Before installing ensure a stable and fast internet connection. Delete any beta profiles installed earlier.

Performance Issues on watchOS 7

Slow Apple Watch issues after the OS update can be fixed by doing the hard boot of the Watch. It can be done by pressing the digital crown and side button concurrently for 10 secs.

Though it has been around 10 days since the issue surfaced, it is not clear how much rampant and critical it is. Although there is no official word, be assured that the Apple team will be working on it.

Share with us any watchOS 7 issues you are facing on your Apple Watch Series 3 after the upgrade in the comments box below.

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