How to preorder Apple Watch Series 7? Limited Stock, Be Quick To Grab!


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Apple has confirmed that the leaks are true via a press release. Preorder of Apple Watch Series 7 will begin from Friday 8th October and will be available in stores on October 15. The preorder Apple Watch Series 7 can be done on the official Apple website and all the major retailers, including retail partner Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 7: Order starting at 5:00 a.m. PDT on 10.8. Available starting 10.15.

Unfortunately, due to the delay in mass production, it is speculated that the availability could be very low due to limited stocks. One will have to be real quick with all the configurations and settings if one is planning to pre-order.

Jon Prosser, the famous Apple products leakster has confirmed from his sources that the inventory is pretty limited because Apple started mass production last month. The delay has impacted the availability at this hour resulting in not many units available for immediate shipment starting from next week.

How to preorder Apple Watch Series 7?

Apple Watch Series 7 will debut in more than 60 countries and can be pre-ordered on Apple’s website, phone carriers and channel partners starting at 5 am PDT on Friday, 8 October 2021.

With Apple revamping its upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 by including a larger display size and greater durability, the wrist is bound to feel elated. The new design promises softer curvature that blends the screen with 40% thinner bezels. 

The watch series will be launched with new 41mm and 45mm dimensions with nearly 20% more viewing area. In terms of sturdiness, the display is much more resistant to shocks, breakage and water (WR50), as well as to dust (IP6X).

Here is the Apple Watch Series 7 Price in the USA (few confirmed and few speculated)

Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminium)41mm, GPSmidnight, starlight, blue, red, green$399 (£379 / AU$599 approx) (confirmed)
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminium)45mm, GPSmidnight, starlight, blue, red, green$429(£399 / AU$629 approx) (Prospective)
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminium)41mm, GPS+ Cellularmidnight, starlight, blue, red, green$499(£459 / AU$699 approx) (prospective)
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminium)45mm, GPS+ Cellularmidnight, starlight, blue, red, green$529(£499 / AU$729 approx) (prospective)
Apple Watch Series 7 (Stainless Steel)41mm, GPS+ Cellularmidnight, starlight, blue, red, green$599(£559 / AU$799 approx) (prospective)
Apple Watch Series 7 (Stainless Steel)45mm, GPS+ Cellularmidnight, starlight, blue, red, green$629(£599 / AU$829 approx) (prospective)

How to preorder Apple Watch Series 7 from Carriers?

Majorly all the US phone carriers will be offering cellular-equipped Apple Watch Series 7 for preorder. Apple has confirmed that one can buy Watch Series 7 from its store and get it activated via a monthly instalment plan on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint / T-Mobile. Additionally, the carriers offer cashback of $100.

It is expected that soon the carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile will start offering all the variants of the cellular Series 7 models at the price offered by Apple.

Share with us whether you are going for a pre-order or order from the Apple store o you are waiting for offers from phone carriers.

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