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How to bypass Snapchat’s “..your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled” error?

For the past few days, many Snapchat users are facing “..your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled” error when trying to log in. The message appears weird to most of the users as they have not tried repeated attempts to log in. In spite of entering correct login information, an error message flashes “Due to repeated failed attempts or other unusual activity, your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled.”

It is not a fresh complaint as one can see that users have observed and reported it in May 2022 itself. Though the “..your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled” error got fixed in subsequent builds but it has surfaced again. This is frustrating a lot many users. Users are reporting to Snapchat support and even contacting them on Reddit and Twitter.

Luckily the message says it is a temporary ban. Users tried to fix it by creating a new Snapchat account but the app did not allow them to enter on the same device. Many feel that operating multiple accounts might be the root cause of the glitch.

People have tried reaching out to Snapchat support but the issue is yet not acknowledged. The response of the Snapchat team to one of the users shows that they are not completely aware of the “…Snapchat is temporarily disabled” issue yet. They need more inputs to sort it out.

How to bypass “..your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled” error?

While Snapchat dev support is looking into the issue, few users have an interesting revelation. While switching between accounts on different accounts, they found that they can log in using the temporarily banned credentials on a different device. On prima facie, it appears that it is their devices that have got banned rather than the Snapchat account. Sounds interesting that users can access their banned accounts from another device or even a PC.

The Snapchat Device ban appears frustrating to the affected users who can no longer access Snapchat accounts from their ‘locked’ phones.

Many have tried to bypass the device ban by logging in on a different device, but few are scared to do as a safety measure against a permanent ban.

Here are a few tried workarounds by means of which you can bypass the “Snapchat is temporarily disabled” error

  1. To avoid a device ban, use a new phone that is not already associated with a lot of accounts. Also, avoid using a lot of accounts from the new phone.
  2. Use the forgot password feature and log in from the email verification code

3. Another tried workaround that has helped to fix the problem has been posted by a user. Unfortunately, it works for Android devices since iOS device users will need access to appdb. This workaround aims at installing the last stable version of Snapchat from repositories like APK Mirror.

However, this should be undertaken by experienced hands-on Android phones. Also before installing the previous Snapchat app version on Android, clear the cache and then uninstall the last used Snapchat version.

Do share with us which workaround worked for you

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  1. my account has been temporary diaable plz fix my problem i face this problem since 3 days mny peoples have to face this type of problems plz fix moi acc..

  2. Hello Snapchat, I don’t understand why my Snap account was temporarily deactivated, and because of that I had to change my Snap account several times, but now I can’t understand myself anymore.

  3. Hello Snapchat Team,

    In My Snapchat I Can’t Access My Account When I Log In It Shows Due To Repeated Failed Attempts Or Other Unusual Activity, You Access To Snapchat Is Temporarily Disabled Please Fix This Problem As Soon As Possible.

    Thanks Snapchat Team


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