How To Test An App For Free In Less Than 5 Minutes?


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In a market where over 3000 apps are launched daily, how are you planning to stay above all? In today’s scenario innovations and experiments enhance the popularity of an app, while simple interfaces and extended visuals reach the hearts. So how are you calculating your move? Generally, to catch a top spot, businesses have to hatch everything from accuracy to speed, and visuals.

Considering that you have created an application and are ready to bring it to market, did you test it? There is a varied range of parameters that one application should stand upon, rather than face the harsh competition daring you to enter. That is why it is always advised to go through some basic tests before launching your app into the market.

Three key points are to be kept in mind before you go ahead with your plan –

  • Always use multiple devices while testing 
  • Keep varying screen resolutions 
  • Always pick more than one version of operating systems

Ideally, you are supposed to check your website over a range of different OS, OS versions present in the market. Another thing you are supposed to keep in mind is the resolution varying tendency of the application while working on different devices or operating systems.

You need to make sure that the resolution doesn’t go off the beats for the application. The visuals should remain the same for all the customers. Sometimes we tend to create the applications adjacent to the latest versions of the mobile devices, but make sure your application can run on bare old versions as well.

There are plenty of tools available in the market for testing your application, but the factor which differentiates one tool from another is the fact that how the tool responds and what all the features of the tool can be subdued into the application. Developers get confused while picking the right tool for the application, but it is better to know what you want from your tool, there must be a list or inventory you would have been keeping up with. Make sure that the tool aligns with your list of expectations. Once you have decided on the tool it is time to take up the test.

The general idea about testing remains the same throughout, it is considered as a long time consuming, effort-demanding step of development. The test is one of the most important steps of the post-development block is time-consuming. But with the help of available tools, the work can be minimized. To keep your time in check we have created a 5-minute go-to application testing method that can save your time and efforts all together at once. 

One thing peculiar about this article is, it states that you can carry out a test in just five minutes, and that too for free! How appealing does that sound? Well, the deal is you get your first 100 automation testing minutes for free at LambdaTest. With features curated with tech situations to get an early grip on. LambdaTest proves to be one of the best mobile application testing platforms.

The list of steps you will be following while going through the test is quite an easy one all you are supposed to do is-

Time management 

As you have just five minutes to test your application, it is important to check through all the categories you will be testing your application for. You need to make sure the priorities for your work are specified as you don’t want to rush into things at the end and make a huge mess out of it. There are chances you may face network issues or any kind of defects in your testing, but to slack off, have your lists ready and make a map that you will be following while testing your application.

Clear combinations 

You need to sort the combinations before stepping any further, it is important to know how many available browsers plus the operating system plus the version your application will be running on. With the market of variety and hundreds of combinations available it is crucial to cover all the combinations that you can while using LambdaTest before heading towards the test, there is a step where you have to select the combination you want to test your application for, we would suggest you make the selections wisely.

One rule you are supposed to follow is “select all possible combos.” you cannot miss the combination your targeted audience would be using, to catch all your audience try to create a perfect user environment for them.

Theories of simulators and emulators 

Before heading towards the usage theory of simulators and emulators you need to know the basic difference between them both, and how their use can increase the efficiency of the test.

Simulators create the software setup for you to know how the application will run over a mobile device, generating the same experience as a mobile device. Whereas if we talk about emulators, these don’t just create software illusions, but also incorporate the hardware functionalities for approving a mobile-based replica.

With the help of emulators, you can keep a check on essential factors like the battery consumption, cache demand, and memory management of the application while being on a mobile device.

The general query arises as to how both of these be used under the five minutes testing challenge. LambdaTest ensures the use of simulators and emulators once you enter the test, it incorporates all the basic criteria for the involvement of both the features in the test.

Tap out the bugs 

One of the undeniable steps of testing is catching the bugs that might prove to be a source of defect or lack in your application. There are plenty of ways to tackle the errors, you can do it manually or with the help of machines, you can screen record your errors or design a whole book of screenshots.

But are we talking about completing it in five minutes, we need an approach that is less time-consuming and focuses more on solving the error rather than fishing it out first.

To simplify things for you, our handpicked below platform has the feature of rescuing out bugs so that you can spot them early. The features enable you to mark out the bugs and save the edits. Moreover, you can share the marked-out bugs with your team to diminish them.

This feature makes the testing process faster and more relevant for you and the application. You can save your time in chasing the errors and invest it into other areas which require your due attention.

Look into all possible resolutions 

What attracts the eyes, well you know the format after that. So basically you need to work a lot more on the visuals of your application. The application should be visually exclusive with all the things in a compact form and only relevant information should be presented.

Do not overfill the screen with irrelevant or unwanted content, the screen view is smaller so it has to be clean and clear for the users to get the best of the experience. You can always ditch the navigation bar and go for the hamburger menu, you can link the secondary information and pages into the menu and keep the primary info in the main view. Avoid using pop-ups or downloading advice, the user will not appreciate it.

You have to make sure that the content of your application has the quality to hold your viewers onto the application, with the help of LambdaTest you can vary the many visual scenarios like the view mode, the resolution, or the device settings. Play around with the features to extract the best version of your application.

All the efforts stand for user experience 

It just takes some fractions of a minute for the viewer to decide whether they liked your application or not, the impression and impact you are aiming for should be validating enough to drive you to create more and more updated versions and modifications to your website. Some of the basic factors which ensure the user experience on your application include-

  • The speed of the application.
  • Responsive time of your application.
  • Simple and mapped-out navigation.
  • Layout and visuals of the application.
  • The enthusiast-level it is pumping into the viewer.
  • If the application can cancel out all the above-given criteria then there is no way to stop your application from becoming a success.

Hands-on Conclusion

Use LambdaTest to initiate test your mobile application

Well now that you know what to test, it is time to know how the test will start. The layout and functioning of the LambdaTest Mobile App Testing feature are very simple and convenient, once you understand how to make your way through it, it is no science afterward.

Begin by logging in to the dashboard and uploading your project. Then select the combination of mobile devices, the operating systems, and the version. You also have the feature of locally hosting the application once or twice before launching the test. The hosting is secured by SSH tunnels and offers greater options as well. As you select the combination, it is time for you to start the test. 

In a few minutes, you will be able to test your mobile app and even share the bugs found with the relevant developers via the various integrations LambdaTest offers. Now you can make the required changes and dive into the test again, you can retake the test again and again till there are no better updates left.

As it is now clear how you can get your test done in just five minutes, try jumping into the practical sessions of testing your application with the help of the LambdaTest platform. The application requires you to just fill in the basic details, and it takes on further work by itself. The development isn’t all that’s required to be done. Testing is one of the major requirements and shall be done before bridging your application into the market.

Stay tuned with us for more technology updates!

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