The next “Dogecoin”- Can Sanshu Inu Coin be the largest meme token of 2022?


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Meme coins are the new vogue in the cryptocurrency market, but can the Sanshu Inu Coin be the potential opponent for the ‘Dogecoin killer’ SHIBA INU? Although giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still dominating the top positions, there is no doubt that meme coins like Sanshu Inu will inherently climb up the ladder with the way it’s blowing up.

Dogecoin (DOGE)- the predecessor of all meme coins started out initially as a joke in 2013. But the parody of Bitcoin soon grew much larger than intended. Recently many Dogecoin-based ERC-20 tokens like Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu, Leash Coin have hit the crypto market. The success of this decentralised meme cryptocurrency soon landed itself the nickname of the “Dogecoin Killer”.

What is Sanshu Inu Coin?

Sanshu Inu is a small cryptocurrency, making its first appearance in May 2021. The coin is the latest gossip among crypto investors as it is reputed to be the potential rival of SHIB.

In its own right, Sanshu Inu is mainly a community-focused transaction network. The working of Sanshu is in very similar lines to the Dogecoin-based meme coin Hoge. Both Sanshu and Hoge operate on a deflationary token model. What this means is that Sanshu Inu pays its holders for every transaction that is made on its network.  

Even though Sanshu Inu is a recent contender in the cryptocurrency race, the development team has definitely made their distinguishable mark. The team has given up control of the protocol along with burning the whole Liquidity Pool (LP) and development wallet. This has rendered Sanshu Inu completely rug pull-proof.

What are the best features of Sanshu Inu Coin?

There are 5 amazing features that the Sanshu Inu Coin offers which can interest you.

  • Community Focus – They want to include the entire community of Sanshu Inu coinholders to make decisions that will benefit everyone.
  • Token Burn – Almost 58% of the total token supply has already been burnt.
  • Fair Launch – They launched fairly without any team tokens.
  • Flexible management – They stay very flexible and open to suggestions from the community. This helps them to achieve their goals much easier.
  • Redistribution – Each transaction triggers a 1% redistribution of funds among the holders of the token.

How to buy Sanshu Inu (SANSHU) Coin online?

Many investors are gradually starting to invest in meme coins. If you want to know how to buy Sanshu Inu Coin, a cryptocurrency exchange is undoubtedly the best place. Some top exchanges would include Binance, Kucoin, etc. Once you’ve decided on which exchange you prefer, follow the next steps.

What is the fast and easy way to buy SANSHU?

Step 1: Sign up account and add funds

To be able to use a crypto exchange, investors need to have an account first. Fill in with the required contact details and ID to verify your account. After the verification process is over, fund your account with the necessary amount using credit or debit cards or even bank transfers.

Step 2: Find the right Crypto exchange

To buy a Sanshu token, one needs to shortlist and create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. The best exchanges which support a majority of coins and tokens are Binance and Kucoin

Step 3: Purchase Sanshu Inu (SANSHU)

After the search and account creation for Sanshu Inu tokens on the appropriate exchange site is complete, look for the sticker ‘SANSHU’. Once you find it, you will be able to see all possible options to pay for the coin. There is no way of using fiat currency at the moment. So instead, you have to use other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to execute a trade.

Step 3: Keep coins in a wallet

Users can opt to keep their new coins in their exchange account itself. But if you are a long term investor, the best way to keep your tokens is to use a crypto wallet. Crypto wallets are very similar to banking apps and you can use them to manage all your coins using your phone or online. We recommend Trust Wallet to keep your precious Sanshu Inu coin.

What is Sanshu Inu (SANSHU) Price Prediction?

After the initial launch of SANSHU, the price took an upwards flight that made many holders of Sanshu Inu coins rich. The SANSHU price reached an all-time high of $0.00000001 in May.

However, there was a huge dip following this peak. Recently the price of SANSHU has started to increase again. The current price is $0.000000000722 updated at the time of writing this. Sanshu Inu coin price in India is about ₹0.00000005 in INR.

According to Sanshu Inu Coin price predictions, there are potential chances that the price could climb by 300% by 2028. With the current price of the tokens and a market cap of approximately 37 quadrillions, SANSHU definitely has huge room for improvement.

It will be nothing short of a miracle if the Sanshu Inu Coin can reach the $1 mark.

Can Sanshu Inu beat its rival SHIB?

If one had to provide a blunt answer to this question, the immediate response would be no. Sanshu Inu coin is far from reaching its potential high which can overtake the success of SHIB.

Although SANSHU has shown occasional signs of rising, there are very slim chances of it taking over Shiba Inu’s spot currently. The former coins don’t have any worth at the moment, but meme coins are unpredictable and we might witness substantial growth if the demand for SANSHU increases.

Sanshu Inu is the newest member of the Inu family of cryptocurrencies.  A careful analysis suggests that a price of $0.01 is indeed possible for SANSHU due to its burning mechanism and deflationary price. If the supply of the coin ends up burning with the simultaneous rise in the hype for meme coins, Sanshu Inu coins can easily go over 100x.


Can Sanshu Inu (SANSHU) reach 1 cent?

Sanshu Inu Coins are worth nothing at the moment. But if we are talking about the long run, then the price of the token can definitely hit the 1 cent mark. This would require a steady rise in demand for SANSHU along with burning the supply.

Is Sanshu Inu Coin on the rise?

The meme coin has recently started to grow again. Cryptocurrencies like Sanshu Inu have a tendency to be unpredictable, depending upon contemporary trends. These coins can increase 100x overnight. But as of now, the growth rate is very very low.

Is Sanshu Inu cryptocurrency a good investment?

SANSHU Inu price is very unpredictable. It can skyrocket overnight while also falling prey to massive drops. If you want to invest for the short term, then these coins can definitely earn you money.

Long term investments rely on a lot of factors, and we’re yet to see how Sanshu Inu coins perform in that regard. We will suggest you never invest a big amount of money into new coins because of the unpredictable nature of the market.

If you expect SANSHU to grow over time, you should pick an exchange and get some coins asap! A short term approach focuses more on the technical factors so make sure to analyze price charts and trends before getting the coins.

Will the price of Sanshu Inu (SANSHU) increase?

Sanshu Inu definitely holds the potential to reach unimaginable heights. The 21st-century meme culture has definitely created a lot of hype and demand for these types of tokens. But according to current predictions, we are not expecting to see massive changes in the price of SANSHU coins.

Should I invest in Shiba Inu or Sanshu Inu?

There are no proper predictions of which coin will eventually survive and have a higher price. Currently, the Sanshu Inu coin is a relatively small token when compared to other cryptocurrencies in the market. SHIBA Inu investors can relax for the time being as it will take quite some time for SANSHU to hit the 1 cent mark. However, things can change very quickly just like they did for DOGE and SHIB.

Which exchange to buy Sanshu Inu (SANSHU)?

Here are the topmost Sanshu Inu exchanges that have been ranked by liquidity and the number of SANSHU markets. One can buy/sell/trade SANSHU on Uniswap (V2), LBank, XT.COM, Hotbit, BKEX, and WhiteBIT exchanges,

Share with us in the comments box below about your experiences in the Sanshu Inu world.

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