How Can Technology Improve Your Business?


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Don’t we love the word “revolutionary” when it concerns our business? The rate at which technology mutates, develops, and adapts is so fast that we can’t help but get swept by the tirade wave of progress whether your business is ready.

Technology has transformed several aspects of how businesses operate. Never has that change happened in history. It has revolutionized its ability to make businesses more accessible, comfortable, and with better ways of interaction.

Your industry isn’t an issue. Technology can make a substantial transformation in how you carry out your business operations. The good thing about it now is, it’s not only for the big brands out there. Even small-scale companies can take advantage of it. 

Here are ways technology can improve your business.

●     Improved customer experience

Your business won’t succeed unless you put your customer first and improve their experience. It would be best if you harness the technology that’ll bring them closer to your business. For example, you can employ chat boxes on your interactive websites and support services throughout the day.

This can improve your business-customer relationship. Having exemplary customer service connections can help you stand out from your competition. Customers love businesses that attempt to solve their problems fast. An increased customer experience will lead to improved results and the achievement of business goals.

●     Increased use of cloud computing

High-tech communications have become possible because of the rise in using cloud computing as a communication resource. Regardless of the size of your company, cloud computing can enable you to move some of your operations onto third-party servers through an internet connection. These servers store, manage, and process data rather than a personal computer or a local server. 

Not only will this allow for variable data packages but also a quick on-demand expansion and mobility without the fear of downtime, crashes, or data loss. In addition, cloud computing enables small businesses to optimize their finances fully. It can help minimize many expenses, including server maintenance, power and cooling costs, software licensing, or upgraded expenses.

Businesses using cloud computing can save on hardware, which might get obsolete within a short time. However, the software this technology deploys offers flexibility. It allows its users to converge resources and is easier to operate. If you’re looking to move your business to the cloud, make sure to use resources like DuploCloud cloud migration tool so all the process can go smoother.

●     Better productivity

Everyone’s aware that technology makes everything move faster. And, in the business world, the situation is no different. Internally, you can speed up your business processes while using the right tools. You can also use it to check how your staff is using their work time. To cut down on waste, you can employ LEAN methods. You can use software and programs to help you do this.

You can also improve the efficiency of your business processes through automation. For example, you’ve seen companies use robotics to do basic or complex tasks. You can also employ the same methods in your production to better productivity and faster turnaround time. If your company has a regular job that drags people down and wastes time, you can introduce automation to improve productivity.

You can also embrace Artificial Intelligence in the whole business setup.

●     Savings on labor costs

An excellent way to save on labor costs and reduce bloated spending is through the investment of service-based technologies and software. In addition, significant emerging technologies are changing how we work, especially in automation and automation learning.

For example, Tesla’s production plant for the Model 3 electric passenger vehicle has few workers who, in most cases, are only there to observe. Whenever necessary, they can change the production process. The machines that communicate with each other do most of the work.

In a report by Toast’s 2018 Restaurant Success, 59% of the restaurant businesses said one of the top challenges they have is staffing, with 42% saying high food and operating cost was their significant challenges. However, they can solve these problems by automating where possible. For instance, you can use tech-like kiosks to automate tasks where possible. Together with these, they can use predictive scheduling tools that provide excellent service while saving labor costs.

●     Effective marketing

To survive in the current digital world and succeed, businesses need to have robust online availability. For small businesses, not having a solid digital presence is a sure recipe for failure. They need to become wise on using digital technologies for optimum impact because of their limited resources. These businesses need to have clear digital marketing strategies that make up the business aims, tactics employed, and performance measures.

Technology such as smartphones, the web, customer relationship management systems, and social media significantly affect modern marketing. Tech helps businesses grow and prosper, strengthens organizations’ effectiveness, creates relationships, enables people to learn about one another, and significantly impacts how businesses interact with their leads.

Currently, every marketer views technology as an essential tool in their growth and development. It increases efficiency, making you stay on top of the competition. In addition, consumers now have access to data worldwide. This is timeless, critical, and verifiable data. With a simple click, customers can find out what the company offers.  They can compare prices and check reviews.


Technology can improve your business and take it to higher levels. Whether you’re a small business owner, a CEO, or an entrepreneur, the above technology solutions can give your business unmatched growth.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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