Hit 19 Songs Of Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’ Album Ranked By Fans


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Travis Scott’s latest album, Utopia, has been receiving high praise from fans and critics alike, being hailed as one of his best works to date. With 19 tracks and a plethora of features, including Beyonce, Drake, and SZA, among others, Utopia has been the subject of much discussion and rankings of the “best songs.”

This album comes nearly five years after the release of Astroworld, and many consider Utopia a true masterpiece. Some have drawn comparisons between Utopia and Kanye West’s experimental album, Yeezus, due to apparent similarities and the involvement of both rappers in each other’s projects.

In the midst of hip-hop’s 50th birthday celebration, Travis Scott’s Utopia has emerged as one of the most highly anticipated releases of the 2020s. Back in the days of Astroworld, listeners were transported to a trippy and psychedelic landscape, immersing themselves in a hallucinatory world where various artists from different genres coexisted.

With the cryptic announcement of Utopia in 2020, Travis Scott’s fervent fan base was already buzzing with excitement. However, tragedy struck during his Astroworld music festival the following November, casting uncertainty over Utopia’s future as the rapper dealt with the aftermath.

After much anticipation and a series of teasers, Utopia was finally released on July 28, offering a mix of emotions and captivating musical landscapes. The album’s lead single, “K-Pop,” had a sleek summery groove, but it stood in contrast to the overall darker atmosphere of Utopia. The album’s potency lies in its more somber moments, and Travis Scott’s intricate backdrops are praised as some of the best of his career.

As with any album, individual tracks resonate differently with listeners, and Billboard has shared their thoughts on every song that appears on Travis Scott’s Utopia. Fans and critics alike are delving into the depths of this compelling album, appreciating the artistry and emotions brought forth by one of hip-hop’s biggest stars.

Is Travis Scott’s Utopia the Album of the Year?

It’s evident that Travis Scott’s album, Utopia, has struck a chord with fans and music lovers alike. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with many considering it a brilliant piece of work well worth the five-year wait.

One of the standout aspects of Utopia is the collaboration with several talented artists featured on the album. Their contributions have added depth and richness to the overall musical experience, enhancing the album’s appeal to a wide range of listeners.

The true magic of Utopia lies in its music production. Travis Scott fearlessly explores uncharted territories by experimenting with random sounds, tones, vibes, and energies. This bold approach gives the album an almost spiritual feel, drawing listeners into a unique and immersive sonic journey.

The time and effort invested in crafting Utopia have clearly paid off, as it resonates deeply with its audience. Travis Scott’s commitment to pushing boundaries and his willingness to create a captivating musical experience have garnered widespread appreciation and admiration.

With Utopia, Travis Scott has not only delivered a musical masterpiece but has also left a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of his fans and the music community as a whole. The album’s artistic and spiritual essence ensures that it will continue to be celebrated and cherished for years to come.

Songs from Travis Scott’s Utopia Album Ranked by Fans

Travis Scott’s album, Utopia, boasts an impressive lineup of featured artists, ranging from The Weeknd to Playboi Carti, showcasing a diverse and talented array of musical collaborators. For a comprehensive understanding of the album’s creative forces, delving into the credits is a must.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the full album yet and are seeking some recommendations, here are some fan-picked “best songs” from Utopia.

One fan passionately expressed, “I just have to say that Carti saved Utopia. He is the greatest rapper alive, and without a doubt, ‘FEIN’ is the best song on the whole album. Thank you for your time!”

Another comment read, “God’s Country and ‘FE!N’ are the best songs on Utopia.

One fan confidently stated, “For me, ‘Meltdown’ takes the crown as the best song in Utopia.”

A third fan shared their personal favorite, saying, “I don’t care what others think, but in my opinion, ‘I Know?’ is the best song on the Utopia album.”

For one enthusiastic listener, they couldn’t resist highlighting two top tracks: “Telekinesis is one of the best songs I have ever heard, and ‘My Eyes’ was also amazing. The album is so great.”

These fan-selected highlights give a glimpse into the diverse musical experiences that Utopia offers. As each listener resonates with different aspects of the album, it’s clear that Travis Scott’s creative efforts have struck a chord with fans, leaving them eager to celebrate and share their favorite tracks.

1. FE!N (Ft. Playboi Carti & Sheck Wes)

“Fe!n,” a highly anticipated release in the Travis Scott fandom, features Playboi Carti and Sheck Wes, with Travis Scott solely handling the production. The track was co-written by Scott, Playboi Carti, Sheck Wes, and Jahaan Sweet.

However, despite the excitement surrounding the collaboration, some fans have expressed that Playboi Carti’s unique flow and drug-related subject matter feel slightly out of place within the context of Utopia. Some critics even liken the track to being more fitting for a B-side of Playboi Carti’s album “Whole Lotta Red” rather than aligning with Travis Scott’s dystopian vision for Utopia. This has led some to perceive “Fe!n” as a track primarily included to cater to Playboi Carti’s devoted fanbase.

Nevertheless, “FE!N” marks a reunion between Playboi Carti and Travis Scott since their previous collaboration on “Love Hurts” in 2018. Additionally, it is one of the few released performances by Sheck Wes, who had not put out an album at the time of Utopia’s release, apart from his project “MUDBOY.”

The unique blend of the three rappers brings a different soundscape to the track, showcasing Travis Scott experimenting with higher pitches in his voice, while Playboi Carti adopts a deeper voice akin to that heard on snippets from his third album, “MUSIC.”

Overall, “Fe!n” presents an interesting and diverse fusion of styles from the artists involved, contributing to the multifaceted nature of Utopia.

2. K-POP by Travis Scott, Bad Bunny

“K-POP,” arguably the lightest song on Utopia, serves as a delightful intermission, providing a joyful romp that allows Bad Bunny and The Weeknd to showcase their talents alongside Travis Scott. The track features a Latin-influenced drumbeat, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

The Weeknd’s closing verse is a standout moment, taking a playful departure from his usual post-apocalyptic storytelling style. Instead, he taps into the carefree and drug-fueled antics reminiscent of his earlier works, such as “Starboy” and the “Kiss Land” era, evoking feelings of nostalgia for listeners.

“K-POP” serves as the first and only single released from Utopia. It brings together the creative efforts of talented producers BNYX, Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet, and The Weeknd’s collaborator Illangelo. The songwriting credits include all three performers, along with BNYX, Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet, Bigram John Zayas, and Carlo Montagnese.

The collaboration of Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, and The Weeknd on “K-POP” creates a dynamic fusion of their individual styles, resulting in a lively and infectious track that adds diversity and excitement to the overall Utopia experience.

3. MELTDOWN (Ft. Drake)

“Sicko Mode” was undeniably a groundbreaking moment when it was released in 2018. The song’s five-minute runtime featured the creative inputs of four vastly distinctive producers, resulting in breakneck beat switches that allowed each producer to shine. Drake and Travis Scott seamlessly navigated through the song’s intricate soundscape with their slick rhymes.

On the other hand, “Meltdown” brings together the talents of producers Coleman, BNYX, Boi1da, Vinylz, Tay Keith, and Skeleton Cartier. However, the end result offers a different vibe, with sedated beats trudging through the mud at a consistent pace. Similarly, Drake’s braggadocious verses take on a slower tempo, featuring hollow flexes and cheap jabs at Pharrell and his longtime rival Pusha T. In comparison to the adventurous nature of “Sicko Mode,” “Meltdown” may come across as surprisingly one-dimensional and disappointing to some listeners.

Despite the contrasting styles, Travis Scott and Drake’s collaboration continues on “Meltdown,” marking their fourth joint effort following previous tracks like “Pussy and Millions,” which appeared on Drake and 21 Savage’s collaborative album “Her Loss” the previous year. The track boasts an impressive production lineup, featuring contributions from Coleman, BNYX, Boi-1da, Vinylz, and Tay Keith. The songwriting credits include Drake, Scott, Vinylz, BNYX, and Boi-1da.

While “Meltdown” may not fully capture the same boundary-pushing essence as “Sicko Mode,” it still showcases the chemistry between the two artists and adds another dynamic track to their collaborative history.

4. LOST FOREVER (Ft. James Blake & Westside Gunn)

One of the most eagerly awaited tracks from Utopia is Travis Scott’s reinterpretation of Check Senrick’s “Don’t Be So Nice” from 1976, now titled “Lost Forever.” Surprisingly, Scott’s lethargic rework provides the perfect platform for Westside Gunn, who delivers an impressive and lengthy verse centered around the luxuries of fame. To add to the eerie ambiance, James Blake contributes ghoulish vocals, creating an unexpected but harmonious blend.

In “Lost Forever,” rapper Westside Gunn and James Blake take on featured roles. The track begins with Blake’s soothing vocals, setting the tone before Westside Gunn elevates the energy with his dynamic verse. The collaboration features production credits from Travis Scott, Dominic Maker, Blake, and the Alchemist. Additionally, Scott, Gunn, Douglas Ford, Elliot Baker, and James Litherland are recognized as songwriters for their contributions to the track.

“Lost Forever” is a testament to Travis Scott’s creative vision and his ability to bring together diverse artists, blending their unique talents to create a cohesive and captivating song. Despite the initial mismatched elements, the track defies expectations and emerges as a standout on the Utopia album.

5. TOPIA TWINS (Ft. 21 Savage & Rob49)

By the time Utopia reaches its 11th track, Travis Scott has explored themes of mortality in collaboration with Bon Iver and Sampha (“MY EYES”) and delved into paranoia alongside Beyoncé (“DELRESTO”). Thus, transitioning from those reflective moments to rapping about “Twin b–hes on a jetski” in “Topia Twins” may indeed feel abrupt and out of place. While the track advocates for summertime fun, some listeners might find that Travis Scott and 21 Savage don’t bring anything new to the table, rehashing themes they’ve touched on before.

However, the saving grace of “Topia Twins” comes in the form of Louisiana rapper Rob49, who adds a playful and enthusiastic presence to the track. His verse stands out as he raps with a sense of wonder: “Travis, what if they twins and they Siamese but they wanna f–k us both?”

On “Topia Twins,” Travis Scott and 21 Savage are joined by Rob49, creating a trio of talent. The track, which combines both writing and production credits from Travis Scott, Wheezy, and Cadenza, showcases the artists’ collaborative efforts and the fusion of their individual styles.

While “Topia Twins” might not be the most thematically cohesive moment on the album, the addition of Rob49’s energetic verse adds a fresh and enjoyable dynamic to the track, offering listeners an entertaining and lighthearted experience amid the broader themes explored throughout Utopia.

6. MY EYES (Ft. Bon Iver & Sampha)

The first slowed-down track to grace the Utopia tracklist features the talents of melodic crooners Sampha and Bon Iver (also known as Justin Vernon, who is also credited in the production). This emotional masterpiece was written by Travis Scott, Sampha, and Bon Iver, alongside Buddy Ross (known for his work on Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” and “Endless”), Dua, Ebony Oshunrinde, Vegyn, and Wesley Glass. The production credits include Travis Scott, Bon Iver, Wheezy, WondaGurl, Vegyn, and Buddy Ross.

This soul-stirring track stands as one of the deepest emotional cuts on Utopia. Bon Iver’s oozing synths and buried vocals create an atmospheric backdrop that sets the stage for emotional epiphanies from Travis Scott. Despite his fame and riches, he finds himself yearning for childhood nostalgia more than ever. While Sampha’s vocals sound amazing, it’s Travis Scott’s grace as a rapper that truly carries the song. Every word feels thoughtful and deliberately chosen, even when the beat switches to a more upbeat tone. The track offers space for Travis Scott, the human being, to express his inner thoughts and emotions, making it one of the few direct references to the Astroworld Tragedy in the entire album.

In this deeply introspective and powerful collaboration, Travis Scott, Sampha, and Bon Iver combine their talents to create a poignant and evocative musical journey. The track serves as a testament to Travis Scott’s artistry and vulnerability, making it a standout moment on the Utopia album.

7. MODERN JAM (Ft. Teezo Touchdown)

One of the most exciting moments on Utopia is the revamping of Kanye West’s decade-old rendition of “I Am a God” in the form of “MODERN JAM.” The track delivers an exhilarating experience, with a relentless and gritty beat courtesy of Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Mike Dean. It creates a sensation akin to a chaotic and disorienting trip on bad molly, as Travis Scott takes on the role of a charismatic pastor, proclaiming himself as a “roof shaker” and “annihilator” to a packed dancefloor. The result is a Travis Scott who sounds like he’s thoroughly enjoying the time of his life.

Adding to the electrifying energy of “MODERN JAM,” Teezo Touchdown delivers one of the best verses of his career. His contribution brings a coked-out André 3000 vibe to the track, further amplifying the chaos and excitement.

The song’s driving force is its bumping drumbeat, masterfully crafted by Travis Scott and Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. The collaboration also features contributions from Aaron Thomas and Mike Dean in the songwriting process.

“MODERN JAM” exemplifies the creative brilliance of Utopia, as Travis Scott fearlessly experiments with sounds and collaborators to deliver a mesmerizing musical experience. The track’s intoxicating energy and unique blend of talents make it a standout moment on the album, leaving listeners enthralled and craving more.

8. SKITZO (Ft. Young Thug)

The collaboration between Young Thug and Travis Scott has always been an intense and menacing duo, showcasing a dynamic reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. “SKITZO” stands out on the project with its exceptional production, but one minor drawback is that Young Thug’s presence is limited in the track. However, even with Thug’s limited appearance, the song still impresses with Travis Scott elevating his lyricism and carrying it through to the finish line.

Despite Young Thug’s unfortunate incarceration due to RICO charges as part of the YSL trial, he is featured on “Skitzo,” leaving his mark on the track. The production credits for “SKITZO” go to Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet, Nik Dean, and Coleman. In terms of songwriting, the credits include Travis Scott, Douglas Ford, Ebony Oshunrinde, India Arie Simpson, Sweet, Jeffery Williams (Young Thug’s real name), and Matthew Samuels.

While it would have been incredibly rewarding to hear Young Thug and Travis Scott trade-off even more flexes in the track’s latter half, Scott steps up and showcases his lyrical prowess, making “SKITZO” a standout moment on the album. The song exemplifies the seamless chemistry between the two artists, leaving listeners craving for more of their electrifying collaboration.


In “God’s Country,” Travis Scott takes on the role of both a solo performer and the songwriter and producer. Dez Wright also collaborates with him in the writing and production process, while 30 Roc contributes to the production. Additionally, Kanye West and Samuel Gloade are credited as songwriters.

The song is driven by a disorienting loop of haunting children’s voices, a signature touch from Kanye West, which adds an eerie and haunting atmosphere, characteristic of many Travis Scott songs. However, despite the promising elements, “GOD’S COUNTRY” is quite brief and fails to leave a lasting impact. While the term “GOD’S COUNTRY” could carry various meanings, Travis Scott chooses to focus on partying instead, expressing lyrics such as “Wakin’ up, I see the light, I been drunk and it’s all right,” which might come across as slightly disappointing to some listeners.

The track hints at the potential for a deeper and more profound exploration of the concept of “GOD’S COUNTRY,” but due to its brevity, it doesn’t fully realize that potential. Nevertheless, the song’s haunting production and Travis Scott’s signature style make it a notable addition to the album, even if it leaves listeners wishing for a more substantial exploration of its themes.

10. THANK GOD (Ft. KayCyy)

Following the disorienting opener “HYAENA,” “THANK GOD” finds Travis Scott firmly in his comfort zone. The track benefits from KayCyy’s tightly wound trap beat, which seems to elevate the rhythmic drive reminiscent of 2018’s “Butterfly Effect.” With the grinding bass of “THANK GOD,” Travis Scott reflects on his past faults and celebrates his personal growth since the release of Astroworld. He raps almost wistfully about how he and his team have evolved and overcome obstacles, finding the journey outrageous in its magnitude. While expressing gratitude for his past experiences, Travis Scott uses “THANK GOD” as an opportunity to embrace the necessity of moving forward.

“Thank God” features contributions from Kenyan-American artist KayCyy and American rapper Teezo Touchdown. Interestingly, the track includes a heartwarming line from what appears to be a young child, likely Scott and Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, who chimes in with a sweet “That’s right, daddy” after Travis Scott sings about minor storms and living majorly.

The collaborative production efforts for “THANK GOD” include Travis Scott, Kanye West, Allen Ritter, BoogzDaBeast, WondaGurl, and FNZ. On the songwriting front, the credits go to Allen Ritter, Ebony Oshunrinde, Isaac Boni, Jahmal Gwin, Kanye West, Mark Mbogo, and Michael Mule.

“THANK GOD” exemplifies Travis Scott’s signature style and showcases his journey of growth and gratitude. The combination of talented artists and producers creates a compelling and resonant track that adds depth and emotional weight to the Utopia album.

11. TELEKINESIS (Ft. Future & SZA)

“Telekinesis” serves as the epic conclusion to “Utopia,” boasting a near-six-minute runtime and featuring powerful performances from SZA and Future. The track also stands out with the longest list of songwriters on the entire tracklist, including Travis Scott, SZA, Future, Edgar Nabeyin Panford (known for his work on Kanye West’s ‘Donda’), Jahaan Sweet, Jahmal Gwin, Kanye West, Nima and Paimon Jahanbin, as well as Detroit-based soul and folk artist Victory Boyd. The production credits for “Telekinesis” go to Travis Scott and BoogzDaBeast.

“Telekinesis” pushes Travis Scott beyond his comfort zone with Kanye West’s beat, challenging him to explore new musical territory. However, it’s Future’s verse that truly shines and steals the show, arguably surpassing anything from his recent albums. In his verse, Future reflects on his past relationship with Ciara without resorting to pettiness and opens up about his inner struggles and paranoia with raw honesty, offering a candid portrayal of himself as King Pluto that audiences haven’t seen in years. Future’s emotional depth in his performance resonates deeply with listeners.

Adding to the emotional impact of “Telekinesis,” SZA delivers an equally emotive closing verse, further enhancing the heartfelt atmosphere of the track. With powerful performances from all three artists, “TELEKINESIS” leaves a lasting impression and has the ability to evoke a range of emotions, leaving listeners moved and possibly teary-eyed.

12. DELRESTO (ECHOES) by Beyoncé & Travis Scott (Ft. Bon Iver)

There’s no denying the greatness of “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” on the Utopia album. It’s a richly layered song, featuring a multitude of elements that come together seamlessly to create a mesmerizing musical experience. The track is adorned with backing vocals from Bon Iver and boasts production contributions from a star-studded lineup including Allen Ritter, James Blake, Mike Dean, Hit-Boy, and even Beyoncé herself. With so many elements at play, “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” could have easily become a cluttered mess, but instead, it soars to new heights, thanks in large part to Beyoncé’s remarkable Renaissance-era groove.

Beyoncé’s captivating performance fits perfectly within the dystopian vision of Utopia, and she takes the lead, guiding the song with her commanding presence. Travis Scott willingly lets Queen Bey take the reins while offering his own hazy Auto-Tuned speculations, allowing the song to strike a delicate balance between their respective styles.

Though not listed on the streaming credits, Hit-Boy and umru are credited as the producers for “Delresto (Echoes),” adding their creative touch to the track. The song was penned by Travis Scott, Allen Ritter, Beyoncé, Hit-Boy, James Blake, and Mike Dean, showcasing the collaborative efforts that went into creating this exceptional piece of music.

“DELRESTO (ECHOES)” stands as a shining example of the artistic brilliance and ingenuity found throughout the Utopia album. The song’s combination of talents and its ability to seamlessly blend diverse elements make it a standout moment that leaves a lasting impression on listeners.


The opening track of “Utopia,” titled “HYAENA,” is a showcase of Travis Scott’s unmatched ability to captivate listeners from the very beginning. Unlike many other tracks on the album, “HYAENA” features Scott as the sole performer without any featured artists. Additionally, Travis Scott takes on the role of the sole producer for this particular track.

The song boasts a unique and attention-grabbing sample from Gentle Giant’s “Proclamation,” a British prog rock band from the ’70s known for their sophisticated musical structures and ahead-of-their-time sound. By incorporating this sample, Travis Scott sets the tone for a distinct and innovative musical journey that awaits the listeners.

Adding to the artistic complexity, “HYAENA” also incorporates a closing sample from Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain,” further enriching the song’s texture and depth. With this daring amalgamation of diverse musical influences, Scott creates an electrifying fusion that stands out as a unique flex, garnering praise from fans who appreciate his boundary-pushing approach.

As Travis Scott spits some of the best bars of his career on “HYAENA,” the track serves as a powerful statement of his prowess as an artist and a testament to his ability to create chaos in the most artistic and captivating manner. With bold choices, enigmatic ingredients, and a braggadocious comparison to Chelsea Handler, “HYAENA” sets the stage for the enthralling journey that unfolds throughout the rest of the “Utopia” album.

14. CIRCUS MAXIMUS (Ft. Swae Lee & The Weeknd)

“Circus Maximus” features Swae Lee and The Weeknd as the featured performers on the track. Travis Scott, along with Noah Goldstein, takes on the role of the producer for this song. The track’s songwriting credits include contributions from the featured artists, Swae Lee and The Weeknd, as well as Jahaan Sweet, Mike Dean, and Goldstein.

As the namesake track for Travis Scott’s Utopia companion film, “CIRCUS MAXIMUS” successfully captures the hustle and bustle, keeping listeners engaged throughout the final half of the album. While Travis Scott’s rap skills shine brightly on the track, it’s The Weeknd’s uplifting and mesmerizing hook that truly elevates the song to the stratosphere.

The combination of Swae Lee, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott, along with the production talents of Scott and Noah Goldstein, creates a dynamic and immersive experience that aligns perfectly with the overall vision of Utopia. “Circus Maximus” is a standout moment in the album, leaving a lasting impression on listeners with its engaging energy and powerful vocal performances.

15. PARASAIL (Ft. Yung Lean)

In “Parasail,” comedian Dave Chappelle provides the monotone introduction, setting the stage for the track’s unique atmosphere. Alongside Chappelle’s contribution, the song also features Swedish rapper Yung Lean. Travis Scott, Jahaan Sweet, Buddy Ross, Vegyn, and Noah Goldstein are credited as the writers and producers for the track. Additional credited writers include Anthony Ruiz, Chappelle, and Jonatan Håsted.

Sonically, “PARASAIL” takes a drastic departure from the rest of Utopia. The song is driven by a muddy guitar loop that adds a raw and gritty quality to the music. Dave Chappelle’s compelling speech further enhances the mood and sets the stage for Yung Lean and Travis Scott to deliver an Auto-Tuned performance that complements each other perfectly. In their verses, the duo delves into themes of self-loathing and the struggles that come with seeking forgiveness, painting a poignant picture of the harsh realities of human existence.

The inclusion of “PARASAIL” on Utopia adds a welcomed change of pace, taking the album from celestial heights and grounding it back down to earth. This track stands out as a powerful and introspective moment that brings depth and vulnerability to the album, providing a poignant contrast to the grandiosity and extravagance found in other tracks.

16. I KNOW?

On “I KNOW?” Travis Scott takes on the role of the sole performer, as well as a songwriter and producer. In addition to Scott, the track’s songwriting credits include Buddy Ross, Kobe Hood, Ozan Yidlrim (aka OZ), and Scotty Coleman. OZ and Coleman also share the production credits for the song.

“I KNOW?” serves as a refreshing change of pace, providing a welcome transition following Beyoncé’s emotional catharsis on “DELRESTOS (ECHOES).” The track acts almost like an interlude, seamlessly connecting to the latter half of Utopia. With its laid-back vibe, “I KNOW?” feels like an invitation to Scott’s loyal fans to just vibe with him for a moment, reassuring them that the polished autotuned crooning they know and love is still very much alive in his music.

As a solo performance by Travis Scott, “I KNOW?” showcases his signature style and musicality, allowing listeners to connect with him on a personal level. The track’s mellow atmosphere and Scott’s distinct vocals create a sense of intimacy, making it a standout moment on the album that resonates with longtime fans and new listeners alike.

17. TIL FURTHER NOTICE (Ft. 21 Savage & James Blake) 

As the closing track of “Utopia,” “TIL FURTHER NOTICE” features the vocals of James Blake and 21 Savage, who join Travis Scott over the Metro Boomin and James Blake-produced track. The producers, Metro Boomin and James Blake, also contribute to the songwriting alongside Scott, 21 Savage, and James Litherland.

While “TIL FURTHER NOTICE” is undeniably a great song, some listeners may find that it doesn’t quite fulfill its purpose as the closing track for an album that is filled with so many emotional highs. The kaleidoscopic production by Metro Boomin and James Blake provides a stellar backdrop for Scott and 21 Savage to ruminate on their complicated love affairs, resulting in a galactic beat that adds to the song’s allure.

However, the track may not provide the strong emotional closure that some might expect from a closing song. Despite this, the fact that Travis Scott listens to Coldplay, as implied by the mention of him listening to Coldplay on the track, feels significant and adds a personal touch to the album’s conclusion.

Overall, “TIL FURTHER NOTICE” stands out as a powerful and musically compelling moment on “Utopia,” showcasing the artistic talents of all the collaborators involved. While it may not serve as the ultimate emotional climax of the album, it leaves a lasting impression with its hypnotic production and introspective lyrics.


In track six of “Utopia,” Travis Scott takes the spotlight as the sole performer while receiving production assistance from Jahaan Sweet. The songwriting credits include contributions from Scott, Sweet, Isaac Mpofu, John Fannon, Keith Kawambe, and Noah Goldstein.

With “SIRENS,” Travis Scott brings his signature vigor to the forefront, rapping vigorously about “juggling” sexual urges over a sample from New England’s “Explorer Suite.” The chaotic and glitchy drive of the song, accompanied by its disorienting nature, showcases the Houston polymath’s ability to deliver a compelling and captivating performance.

For fans of Travis Scott’s unique style and energy, “SIRENS” will leave them dazed and satisfied, offering an enthralling listening experience that captures the essence of his artistry. The song’s hypnotic and energetic presence, coupled with Scott’s commanding presence on the microphone, is sure to leave listeners captivated and ready to embrace the captivating chaos that has become synonymous with Travis Scott’s music.

19. LOOOVE (Ft. Kid Cudi)

In “Looove,” Travis Scott collaborates with Pharrell Williams and Kid Cudi, and all three artists contribute to the songwriting. The track, spanning nearly four minutes, brings together their signature sounds, accompanied by a synth-imbued bassline. It’s worth noting that “Looove” was solely produced by Travis Scott.

Although the joint venture between Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, known as The Scotts, never fully materialized beyond one self-titled song, “LOOOVE” gives listeners a glimpse of the potential magic that could have been. Both rappers rise above Pharrell’s suffocating beat, delivering a lively and engaging performance that results in a bouncy and fun track, weaving flawlessly between their verses.

The combination of Travis Scott, Pharrell Williams, and Kid Cudi on “Looove” creates a compelling and musically rich experience that showcases their individual talents and chemistry as collaborators. The song stands as a testament to what could have been if The Scotts project had fully taken flight, leaving listeners with a sense of excitement and curiosity about the potential future collaborations between these talented artists.

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