[LEAKS] GTA VI Story Mode Leaked; Footage shows Pawn shops, Gym, Nightclubs


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The community is highly anticipating the release of GTA VI, which is currently in development as announced by Rockstar Games on February 4, 2022. While rumours suggest a release date of 2024-2025, fans are dissatisfied with the game’s extreme secrecy. If you are here to get some sauce about GTA VI? You’re in luck!

There have been exciting leaks about the upcoming game’s story mode, and we have all the details you need to know. According to reports, rumours about new features in the game, such as pawn shops, gyms, and even a Waffle House, have given fans hope for an immersive and realistic gaming experience. This blog will delve into the leaked information and analyze how these features could impact GTA VI’s gameplay.

There has been no official announcement or confirmation of a release date for Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) from Rockstar Games, the game’s developer.

There have been numerous rumors and speculations about the game’s development, including potential locations, characters, and storylines, but Rockstar Games has not provided any concrete information about the game’s release or development timeline.

It’s important to keep in mind that game development can be a lengthy and complex process, and the COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted the industry’s ability to work on projects. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict when GTA VI may be released. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Rockstar Games for more information.

Is the GTA VI release set for 2024?

The gaming industry’s progress and the development of GTA 6 were disrupted by the pandemic. While the release date of GTA 6 remains a mystery, industry experts predict that it will be launched in the 2024 fiscal year, possibly in February or March. Although the game has been in development in some form since 2014, the COVID pandemic caused a pause in development until early 2022.

The highly anticipated release of GTA VI is rumored for 2024, giving players plenty of time to get excited and prepare for the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga. With new features, new characters, and new technology, GTA VI promises to be one of the biggest and best games of the decade.

Historically, Rockstar Games have never released a game in the same year as its announcement, and many members of the GTA community anticipate a release between 2023 and 2024, with 2024 being the most probable year.

GTA VI: Trailer

Regrettably, Rockstar Games did not release a trailer for GTA 6 when it was announced, indicating that the developer is taking a different approach to unveiling Grand Theft Auto 6 than it did with its previous titles. Both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 were teased with an announcement a few days before the first trailer was released for either game.

However, this time around, Rockstar did not provide any advance announcement or trailer and instead included the announcement as part of a community post. As a result, it is uncertain whether a trailer will be released in the near future.

GTA VI: Every leak thus far

It’s important to note that any leaks or rumors about the game’s development should be taken with a grain of salt, as they may not be accurate or verified.

Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA VI, is known for being very secretive about their projects, and they have not provided any official information about the game’s release date or development timeline. The best source of information on GTA VI will be an official announcement from Rockstar Games themselves. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait for any updates on the game’s development.

However, this does not stop the leaks and rumors floating around keeping one excited about what the game has in store. We’ve been keeping a close eye on everything that’s been leaked so far, and we’re here to share some of the most exciting tidbits with you. From a possible female protagonist to a return to Vice City and even a brand-new game engine, there’s a lot to look forward to in GTA VI. And let’s not forget the potential comeback of some of our favourite characters from the previous games. So, buckle up and join us on this journey as we explore the latest GTA VI leaks.

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A female lead will take the center stage in Grand Theft Auto VI

A female character is tipped to play the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: VI. (Image: Twitter/Okami13_)

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, GTA VI, will introduce a new and exciting character as the main protagonist. For the first time in the franchise’s history, players will have the chance to play as a female lead, bringing a new perspective to the world of crime and adventure.

According to a report by Jason Schreier for Bloomberg, leaked gameplay footage suggests that GTA 6 will feature a male and female protagonist duo inspired by the infamous American criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde, with the female character set to be the series’ first playable woman and Latina protagonist. It also details Rockstar’s efforts to become a more inclusive and progressive company and how the developers are being mindful not to make jokes about marginalized groups in the game. It remains unclear what the relationship between the two protagonists will entail.

Grand Theft Auto VI will keep growing and evolving

The developers of GTA VI have promised that the game will be continuously updated and expanded, with new content and features added on a regular basis. Players can expect a dynamic and ever-changing environment that will keep them engaged for years to come. Earlier, GTA V received significant criticism for lacking DLC from Rockstar, which means that the game’s map and storyline have remained stagnant without any updates for a long time, while the developer concentrated on GTA Online.

However, this could change with GTA 6. According to a report by leaker Tez2 on GTA Forums, the game will feature an expansion that will add new layers to the story, as well as expand the city through DLC. This follows the concept of GTA IV, which had two expansions.

Grand Theft Auto VI is powered by a brand-new game engine

Rockstar’s upcoming game, GTA 6, needs to have impressive visuals to live up to its reputation, and it appears that the game developer is using an enhanced version of their proprietary engine, RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine), according to Rockstar insider Chris Klippel, who has a positive track record.

Having an updated engine is essential for a current-generation game, especially one of the caliber of GTA, to look as good as possible. However, the use of an improved engine could also mean that GTA 6 will have a more diverse mission design, addressing one of the criticisms of recent Rockstar-developed games. With a new engine, the team can introduce fresh gameplay mechanics, hopefully moving away from the repetitive mission design that has been present in GTA games for the past two decades.

Vice City is back in Grand Theft Auto VI

A snippet from GTA Trilogy

Everyone has their preferred GTA setting, and Vice City is one of the most well-liked due to its vivid colours and representation of Miami, Florida. Therefore, it would be logical for Rockstar to include Vice City in some way in a future release. There are several ways to achieve this, such as using a flashback, creating standalone missions, producing an expansion, or even making it the primary setting of the game.

It is possible that this location will reappear, particularly since a prevalent Vice City mod was unexpectedly removed in 2021, indicating that Rockstar has plans to utilize this setting. Although this does not necessarily confirm anything, it is probable that we will see Vice City again. There have also been some leaks that suggest the game’s map will be Vice City, but they appear to lack credibility.

Old favorites set to comeback in Grand Theft Auto 6

gta vi, gta vi leaks
(L-R) Trevor Philips, Tommy Vercetti and Carl Johnson are tipped to join GTA VI.

In addition to the new protagonist, players can also look forward to the return of some beloved characters from previous GTA games. Whether they’re friends or foes, these characters will add depth and complexity to the game’s storyline, making for an unforgettable gaming experience. GTA 6 introduced protagonists in leaked videos, which excited many fans who have been waiting for Rockstar Games to introduce new characters to the series. However, this has also made many nostalgic about previous games and they hope to see some familiar faces, especially with the upcoming game taking place in Vice City.

Here are some iconic characters from previous GTA games that are tipped to make it to GTA VI:

Carl Johnson

CJ is an iconic and memorable protagonist in the GTA series, making it logical for him to make an appearance in GTA 6. Even a cameo role from him would satisfy every GTA fan. It would also be interesting to see an older and wiser CJ, with the possibility of him having a mentor role in the story.


Trevor is the most memorable character from Grand Theft Auto 5, and seeing him in Vice City would provide a new experience that could further develop his character. Fans are excited to see what Steven Ogg, who played Trevor, would bring to the table if he were to reprise the role.

Tommy Vercetti

As Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to take place in Vice City, it is incomplete without the iconic Tommy Vercetti, who is considered one of the greatest Grand Theft Auto protagonists. Even if Tommy only makes a cameo in which he says nothing, most fans would be delighted to see him in the upcoming title.

More details about Grand Theft Auto VI

It appears that GTA 6 will likely take place in Vice City, which is Rockstar’s fictionalized version of Miami, or at least a version of it. The report by Bloomberg, citing a source “close to the matter,” suggests that Vice City will be included in GTA 6, even though Rockstar’s original plans were more ambitious. The leaked gameplay footage also seems to support this, as it showed a “Vice City Metro” train.

According to the Bloomberg report, at the start of development, GTA 6 was intended to include vast areas modeled after both North and South America. However, the scope was reduced to focus on Vice City and its surrounding areas, although the game’s world is still large and has more interior locations than previous Grand Theft Auto games.

Nevertheless, the game’s map won’t be static, as Rockstar reportedly plans to update GTA 6 with more cities and interior locations after release, with updates that are substantially larger than those seen in GTA 5. The idea is to provide more time for developers to create the game’s expansive map and reduce overtime during development. It also means that players will have new areas to discover after the game is released. According to Bloomberg, Rockstar intends to add new missions and cities to the GTA game on a regular basis, which will provide new areas for players to explore while hopefully reducing work crunches at the studio.

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