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Outsourcing software development projects is a worldwide trend for quite some time now. Moving in-house development to offshore development centers has helped organizations gain greater predictability and visibility all throughout the software development process. How important is the role of an offshore development center nowadays?

Offshore development centers are popular because they not only lower operating costs, but they also raise productivity by leveraging top talent. Offshore development work is initiated in a country with a huge pool of talent, offering services to companies all over the world at more affordable rates. There are indeed a lot of benefits to moving software development requirements to an offshore service provider.

The Benefits that an Offshore Development Center Could Provide

A lot of big companies across the globe opt for the best offshore development partner to achieve their software development goals. The following are some of the great benefits of partnering with an offshore development team.

1. Access to a big pool of talent

Offshore development centers boast some of the finest workforces with skills in multiple technology domains nowadays. The development teams help create powerful enterprise software for any industry. Offshore service providers have a big pool of talent that consists of software developers, architects, and designers.

Furthermore, the members of the offshore development team are highly skilled. They’re highly qualified professionals who adhere to international quality standards. The team provides affordable resources,  thus there is no need for you to invest in training an in-house team.

2. Cost Reduction

The main attraction of an offshore development center for a lot of organizations is the sheer amount of savings. This translates to greater savings when it comes to salaries. The rate of the offshore development team is significantly less compared to having software developed in-house.

Having an OCD will reduce direct and indirect expenses, such as software and hardware licenses, compensation, and so on. You get to save on costs, and you get to decrease the workload as well. 

3. Market Expansion

If you want to reach the global market, then an offshore development center is a way of expanding your reach. Furthermore, partnering with an offshore service provider is a way of boosting your reputation and sales and understanding the needs of customers better. It does not only bring your brand closer to the specific audience, it also helps localize products to meet the changing needs and demands of the customers.

An offshore development center strategically located and has a physical presence in global markets could reduce logistics costs a great deal.

4. Focus on Core Business Functions

A lot of organizations rely on their in-house resources to build software. However, the in-house team typically could be multi-disciplinary and usually spread across different departments. Thus, they spend time on projects that don’t directly contribute to the core business functions.

An offshore development team enables a company to focus on its core business functions. The process of software development is handled by an offshore partner with expertise in software and IT development. The approach provides access to exceptional talent and allows the in-house team to focus on the core business functions that boost flexibility and efficiency.

5. Faster Results

When outsourcing to an offshore company, the team could work on multiple projects simultaneously. This means that tasks are completed much faster than working on only one project at a time. Furthermore, this also means that the team won’t have downtime between projects since they already are working on another project for a different client while working on the current project to be completed.

With an offshore development center, you could keep up with industry standards and deliver projects in a timely manner without having to sacrifice functionality or quality in any way, form, or shape.

6. Dedicated 24/7 Support

With the difference in the time zone, continuous work day and night is possible. This way, the job could be done in a more efficient way. The development work is simultaneously performed with a high productivity rate, and thus software development is accomplished faster.

An in-house development team may have to put in additional working hours. With an offshore development team, however, the time zone difference enables working hours outside your local time.

7. Competitive Edge

Outsourcing software development could give your company an edge over your competition. The offshore team could provide an edge when it comes to product quality and time-to-market. Furthermore, partnering with an ODC could help reduce costs, enabling you to increase profitability.

The software project is handled by experienced professionals trained for the specific task and could provide better results than your in-house resources.

8. Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses outsource to make their operations more efficient. With an offshore development team, companies could access highly skilled talent pools. Furthermore, working with an offshore development company could provide you with more flexibility and scale your business.

You could opt to reduce the team or change positions and roles to a more operational level while still staying on your budget.

9. Faster Market Time

With an in-house team, turning your product idea into a working prototype and getting it ready for market launch could be daunting. Keep in mind that the faster your products reach the market, the better your chance of beating the competition. Outsourcing to an offshore development team helps shorten the cycle by letting you focus on the other aspect of your business.

The offshore team handles all aspects of development, from beginning to end. Furthermore, the team could develop software solutions fast, enabling you to release your product in the market faster.


Having an offshore development team is a tried and tested method that dramatically boosts efficiency and lowers costs. Almost 80 percent of businesses all over the world are outsourcing their software development requirements to offshore development centers located in different parts of the globe.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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