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How to Easily Generate Cool Names for Your WoW Characters?

Your name is like a personal gauntlet. A signal which only you respond to when mentioned. A portal into your soul. So it’s no wonder people think long and hard when naming their children. They want the name to fit, to enjoy the name, and make it meaningful.

The same passion and energy should go into the naming of your WoW characters. This is a virtual representation of yourself, and if it’s you or someone else who chooses it for you, it needs to feel right. So where should you begin when generating a cool name for your WoW character? Start with the fundamentals, then go from there.

The Key Things To Try When Coming Up With A Name

  • If it is unique
  • Is it relevant to the character?
  • Is it relevant to you?
  • Is it instantly recognizable?
  • Are you going to remember it?
  • Is it fun and cool?

The overriding factor should probably be how unique it is, because who really wants to be the same as everyone else? You want to stand out and build a real profile and story for your character! 

There are a few main avenues to go down when trying to choose cool names for your WoW characters, and you should consider each one and decide which one is best for you. 

What Would Be The Easiest Way To Generate Cool Names For Your Wow Characters?

At this point, you’re itching to get playing. You most likely don’t want to be wasting time struggling to come up with an awesome name for your character. The guys over at codexnomina.com provide a time-saving method that allows you to input certain features of your character into a name generator. Out the other side pops a list of potential names they think you may like!

The Advantages Of Using A Name Generator

  • It’s quick and easy. More time playing and less time choosing names
  • They use past data based on players like you, making it more likely they will propose something you will like
  • You can have confidence that they have experience in the fantasy games world and understand what you are looking for
  • Rather than spending time trying to come up with just one name, you get to choose from an assortment
  • If you are looking to name multiple players, you can get it all done in one foul swoop
  • You could make a note of the name suggestions that you get from the generator and use them to help name future characters

Using a name generation tool is a super popular route that other gamers use to help them. You can choose which world your character is going to be playing in and be safe in the knowledge that the names generated will be tailored to that fantasy world. 

Given how long fantasy games have been around and the countless names which have been used, there will be an arsenal of cool names to pick from!

Some Other Easy Ways To Generate Cool Names For Your WoW Characters

  • Thinking back to previous cool names you’ve used in the past
  • Writing down some fun options and pick one from a hat
  • Emulating a favorite character from another game, book, or movie (for example Gandalf – the wizard from The Lord of the Rings)
  • Asking your friends and family for some wicked ideas then choose your favorite
  • Mirroring another character’s name and tweak it slightly, given how many players there are
  • Using your own name just for a laugh
  • Using a famous person from history
  • Using the name of a family member or friend and maybe changing or combining some of the features

Depending on what level you will be competing at in the fantasy game, you want to ensure you stand out. This means properly aligning your World of Warcraft character’s physical appearance with the name you decide upon.

Does it fit properly? Will you regret your choice once you’ve started? How passionate are you about the potential name? If you really are struggling, try writing down what the ideal character looks like or the vision you have in your mind. Then try to emulate that when going through the name choosing process. This will help you find what you know deep down is the kind of name you want.

These are important factors and if you can answer them all with a real level of certainty, then chances are you have nailed the name for your character!

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