How to fix NBA League Pass Playback Error 4-76-2001 affecting iOS and tvOS devices?


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NBA League Pass, a premium streaming service extends live and on-demand access to all NBA games. One can watch games on handheld devices, consoles, TV, and laptops. However, one needs to have a subscription and a reliable internet connection to access the services. Unfortunately, in the past, NBA League Pass has been affected by several instances of error codes making it unusable. One such latest glitch affecting users is NBA League Pass Playback Error 4-76-2001 which is affecting many users on iOS or tvOS devices.

What is NBA League Pass Playback Error 4-76-2001 on iOS and tvOS devices?

The error code “4-76-2001” in NBA League Pass is a playback issue, indicating a problem with streaming the content. Users are reporting the NBA League Pass playback error 4-76-2001 when they try to load any game or multimedia content on the platform. The error is appearing on Apple TV as well as iOS devices. The error code is not account specific.

The error reads – “4-76-2001: Source Error. The operation couldn’t be completed. (AVFoundationErrorDomain error -11800 – The operation could not be completed)

Check out the error message reported in the tweet below.

Users have tried to fix the issue at their end but it has not worked. Most of them have followed the standard practices before reaching out to NBA League Pass support for further assistance.

Fortunately, the NBA support team is aware of the issue. They have responded to one of the tweets with this reply

We are aware of issues impacting streaming for some users on iOS and tvOS devices. Please update your device’s OS to the latest version and try again. If you continue to encounter this error message on the latest OS, please reach out to our team.
NBA Support

Apart from Error 4-76-2001, there are a few common error codes that NBA users encounter.

  • NBA League Pass not working
  • NBS League Pass playback error 4-62-7027
  • NBA League Pass playback error 404
  • NBA League Pass error code 2006

How to fix NBA League Pass Playback Error 4-76-2001?

Some of the following tried and tested workarounds are as below:

  • NBA app up-to-date software on Apple TV and iOS devices
  • Refresh the page or re-login to the app
  • Check the internet connection and try again
  • Clear browser cache and cookies – Settings> Apps> NBA League Pass>Clear Cache
  • Disable VPN or proxy if enabled
  • Try a different device or browser
  • Check for the App server status of the NBA League Pass

As per the NBA support team, the error is likely due to an older version of iOS. It recommends updating the NBA League Pass to the latest version iOS 16.3. Here are the steps:

On iOS devices

  1. Tap on the iTunes/Google Play app store icon.
  2. Head to the Updates icon and tap on it.
  3. Check for NBA: Live Games & Scores app and tap on it.
  4. After the successful update, launch the NBA League Pass app.

On Roku TV:

  1. Head to “Settings” on Roku’s Home screen.
  2. Scroll down and select System Update.
  3. Tap on “Check now”.
  4. It takes Roku to search for the latest updates and update the channel
  5. Once the channel is updated, Roku launches automatically.

On Apple TV:

  1. Tap on Settings of Apple TV by heading to Main Menu.
  2. Select Settings>General>Software Updates.

*You can also keep the settings ‘Update Automatically’ option as Tuned On always for future updates

Any updates to NBA League Pass Playback Error 4-76-2001 fix from the support will be updated here. In the meantime, share with the PhonesWiki team if the option given by NBA support fixed the issue.

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