HBO Max app crash on Roku device haunts users! Here’s how to fix it


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Of late Roku stick is gaining popularity for one simple reason. It offers one of the best user experiences when it comes to providing solutions in streaming movies and channels to your TV. Its software gives access to a wide range of free as well as paid content. At the time of writing, Roku has more than 4000 channels with streaming possible from all major platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.

HBO Max program added in December 2020 to Roku has been reporting HBO Max app crash since October 2021. The frequency of HBO Max app crashes and freeze has become frequent with no permanent solution in sight. The most common issue being reported is that when a Roku stick owner launches HBO max app, it opens up. On selection of a movie to play, the HBO max app freezes with endless loading but sound playing in the background. After some time it boots you back to the top of the HBO max home screen. Trailers have no issue playing on the app.

Another issue being reported with the HBO Max Roku app is that it boots one-off the app if the user pauses it a couple of times. Few users have reported the HBOMax app opening to black and 3 swirling dots at the bottom, and closing after about 20-30 seconds. Some reported that HBO max app on the Roku device keeps saying “unable to communicate with server”. It’s so annoying.

Every time I click on an HBO Max program to play, it pauses for a moment and then returns to HBO main screen. It does not do this on any other streaming channel on my Roku streaming stick. The HBO Max app works on my phone fine so this problem is only with my Roku device, which is only a few months old. Any suggestions?
Roku Community

It is not only the HBO max app crash being reported on the Roku device. There are a few more channel names that have sprung up including playback errors on Disney + and Peacock. The problem got aggravated with mainstream channels like Hulu, ESPN reporting freeze issues after a major update OS10.5 rolled out on the 16th of November.

Initially, Roku was putting the blame on HBO but users found that the apps in question were running smoothly on smartphones. Many users even contacted HBO support but unfortunately, the HBO Max app crash persists.

In fact, there are few user reports that blame HBO app programmers for the issue. They can’t seem to make their app work correctly on all versions of supported devices. This includes the HBO Max issue on the newer Nvidia Shield.

HBO team is also giving it a try because some users have reported HBO Max app freeze glitch on their Apple TV as well. On prima facie, it appears more of an issue at HBOs end. But Roku’s hardware of old devices cannot be ruled out as one of the culprits.

The HBO Max app crash issue on Roku continues to haunt the users with both HBO and Roku acknowledging the issue and giving workarounds. But no permanent solution in the form of a software update has arrived yet. Check out some of the recommended workarounds to HBO Max app crash on Roku devices.

Roku is aware of and sincere about fixing the HBO Max app problem. Roku support has given a few workable workarounds that can be tried and tested. One such is to change the HBO Max app password by visiting the site and re-login to Roku. Another one is to remove HBO max channel from the list of the streaming channels. Restart the Roku device and re-install the HBO Max channel. However ensure that if you have an HBO Max subscription channel billed to your Roku account, cancel the subscription before removing it. In simpler terms, it is uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Some found this workaround to work for them. Maybe you can also give it a try!

I was able to get the HBO Max app to work in Roku.  I downloaded the regular HBO Max app on my phone, logged in with my info and the system worked on the app.  Then I went back to Roku and open the HBO Max app and it worked.  I don’t know if it is an issue with a sync between the actual HBO Max account and then launching Roku but hope others give this a try.

HBO has also suggested its users update with the latest HBO Max app version. It can be checked by using your * button on the channel tile or going to Settings > System > System update >for a System Update. An update to the HBO Max app was released on 22nd December. If this option doesn’t work, delete HBO Max, shut down Roku completely for at least 5 full minutes before restarting and installing the app.

We can understand the frustration of Roku device owners who have taken subscriptions to the HBO Max app. The issue is more grave if we consider the latest figures that say that Roku and HBO Max are the 10 most downloaded entertainment apps in 2021, United States. Share with us in the comments about the workaround that worked for you.

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